What happens to weapons sent to Ukraine? The US doesn’t really know

The US has few ways to track the substantial supply of anti-tank, anti-aircraft and other weaponry it has sent across the border into Ukraine, sources tell CNN, a blind spot that's due in large part to the lack of US boots on the ground in the country — and the easy portability of many of the smaller systems now pouring across the border. #CNN #News


  1. The irony of all of this is that suddenly we care… when we left an arsenal in Afghanistan as if it was no big deal.

    1. Miley said it would be too expensive to ship them back and keep them out of the hands of the Taliban. Always pinching pennies our military.

  2. “The administration views a failure to adequately arm Ukraine as a greater risk.” Considering whose job it becomes to stop Putin’s army if Ukraine falls, I would agree with that assessment.

    1. ​@DeltaFoxNonsense. Do you even know what “authoritarian” means? Ukraine clearly wants to join the free world. Hungary and Poland, on the other hand, are headed in the opposite direction.

    2. If ukraine loses, keeping the peace will be more difficult, at least with a russian defeat, it will be an internal affair, tho the nukes are a risk, much lesser in a russia collapses scenario

  3. We have seen this same propaganda in Syria. Syrian resistance were fighting against the same enemy but the arms supply stopped because of the same concern i.e. the weapons would fall into the wrong hands. Do not fall for it in Ukraine. These people gave up nuclear bomb, so it is the responsibility for the whole world to support the Ukrainian resistance. Weapons are falling into the right hands.

    1. @Prof so all the taxes and manpower Ukrainians payed all throughout cold war to pay fr those Nuckear weapons didn’t count?

  4. News anchor brings on expert guest, and then talks over them entire time about stuff they know nothing about. Thankfully that did not really happen here even though she kind of wanted to and he was just able to talk and share a good information.

    1. American interviewers have a list of questions that they feel must be asked, so they constantly interrupt their guests to ask the next question. This makes for bad interviews.

  5. Get Col. Andrew Milburn on EVERYDAY! This man tells it like it is! NOT A YES MAN! THANK YOU SIR!!!

    1. he’s got better things to do then re-assure the comforts you are getting from hearing him what is happening in Ukraine “every day”

    2. I want to convey to you a few thoughts regarding the sanctions pressure and the economic situation in Russia and the United States.

      On March 8, Bloomberg reported that analysts at the financial corporation Morgan Stanley believe that by April 15 Russia will be unable to fulfill its obligations, that is, there will be a default in Russia.

      It has already become clear to everyone that there is no default and never will be. Rather, a default happened, but not in Russia, but in the United States on their dollar obligations.

      Everything is very simple. Debt repayment requires the efforts of three parties:

      1. The issuer of bonds (Russia) must pay the debt.
      2. The issuer of the currency (USA) must allow the payment to go through.
      3. The lender must accept payment.

      Russia fulfilled its part of the obligations, sent a payment order to the bank. The United States did not fulfill its part of the obligations, refused to make a payment. This is a default on the dollar. The dollar no longer performs the main function of the currency, that is, it is not a means of payment.

      The dollar exchange rate in Russia has already returned to the pre-sanctions period. The main blow of the Americans has already been neutralized, so the Central Bank of Russia is rolling back temporary restrictions. Exchanges are working again, the refinancing rate is gradually decreasing, from today banks are allowed to sell cash to citizens. Now gold and foreign exchange reserves amount to more than 600 billion and are gradually growing. Approximately half of Russia’s reserves were stolen in February by the Americans, and the Central Bank has not yet written them off the balance sheet, but the remaining 300 billion is quite enough to protect the ruble system from external chaos. Even taking into account dollar inflation, this is an order of magnitude more than in 1998. Russia’s external debt is also declining.

      I repeat, the refusal to fulfill obligations under the dollar is a full-fledged US default, and in a very harsh version. This is not a technical default like “we delayed the paperwork, we will start payments in a week.” This is not an ordinary default like “we have temporarily run out of money, but be patient a little, we will now earn and give everything back.” This is a specific fraudulent default: “we robbed you, and what will you do to us?”.

      Lenders do not forgive this. If, after a normal default, reputation is restored in 10-20 years, then open fraud will be remembered by Americans until the current generation of investors fully retires, that is, at least 40-50 years.

      The modern US management elite is incompetent and selfish, but America was still not going to default on the dollar openly, there was another plan. They believed in their own propaganda about the weakness of the Russian economy and decided that Russia would choose one of two losing paths:

      1. Refuse to pay at all, after which it will be possible to pretend that Russia has declared a default.
      2. Will, wiping tears, pay creditors with other dollars – not those that the United States stole, but new ones that Russia will begin to exchange for rapidly depreciating rubles.

      Russia went the third way, unexpected for the USA. She ritually tried to pay her debts with stolen dollars in order to fix the guilt of the Americans, and then calmly began to pay her debts in rubles. Well, the trap has been closed. Russia is honestly paying its debts, while the economy is functioning normally. The ruble is strengthening, you can freely exchange it on the stock exchange for any currency. It is impossible to blame Russia for the default. Not inside the Western world, since investors are not stupid, and even more so outside it, where the US has long had a reputation for cheating.

      What awaits the US economy after such a default, I think ordinary Americans know better than me.

  6. I understand his anger. He’s there, he is coordinating, he finds the remarks offensive because he experiences every single day how brave the Ukrainians are fighting against a much bigger army while they don’t get the gears and medical supplies to the front. Maybe Lviv makes sure they have more than enough while the soldiers who are fighting the barbarians, don’t receive important shipments from Lviv.

    Is this because things are stolen to sell on the black market or because Lviv is less interested in making sure that those fighters who need the shipments the most, will get it?

    I believe that president Zelenskiy should solve this immediately and exterminate all corruption.

  7. War is messy and I am sure for the Ukrainians and some top-ranking Pentagon officials putting an Amazon Prime tracking number on these weapons is the least of their concerns right now (including me). Let’s take care of the urgent task on hand and worry about the rest later. Is a relevant issue since we do not want these weapons to fall in the wrong hands but again prioritize first.

    1. Do you hear yourself, what are you talking about? About weapons or humanitarian aid? If you had sent humanitarian aid, instead of weapons, I would have bowed to you. No. You’re sending a weapon. A big chess game is underway, and those who break their hands (only 1 billion “ubermenches”) are not known to us, 6 billion living beings, as chess players, but as thugs. Chess is a strange and complicated game, in which the greatest bully does not win, but the one who has the most intelligence. How can you think that there is only one side of the world – the west? There are three more. Open your eyes if you are human. If not? Then you are truly a “higher race.” He has one Adolf, and his DR. Goebbels (your medium), who thought the same as you. You chose American poker instead of ancient chess. And in Poker he lies and bluffs. In chess, there is none. Poker players are not exactly chess players. THE TRUTH IS JUST ONE. AMITABHA BUDHHA😉 All the best

  8. Why do we keep asking over and over what they need? The message has been relatively consistent as far as I can tell. I think I heard President zielinski the other day saying that he was frustrated with repeating himself. And I’ve seen two videos since then where we keep asking them the exact same thing. Am I the only one that is confused?
    When I encounter a starving person that tells me they are hungry, I don’t keep asking them “what do you need” day after day. Do we really have no better questions to ask? Is there some other reason to keep asking this? Someone please tell me there’s a reason.

  9. At the time it leaves our hands and enters Ukrainian representatives, that’s their responsibility to stop. We accept that risk, because it’s that important to give them weapons.

  10. the us likely has agents on the ground who facilitate the transfer of items to the party in question. the govt is likely saying this so they won’t have to disclose the location or methods being used. this is some serious monetary value, i highly doubt this operation would be done unless there is a way to make sure these items are going to the right places.

    1. Im inclined to believe him. This has ALWAYS been an issue with every army for all time. the commands in Lviv and Kyiv have to sacrifice their own security to forward those weapons to the front. its not an easy thing todo if you have a choice.

  11. I couldn’t help but get the feeling this man had a lot more to share. Incredibly sad to hear about soldiers dying because of a lack of tourniquets.

  12. If we knew exactly where and how those weapons are used, so would the russians, and I don’t think we would want the russians to know exactly what the Ukrainian tactics is looking like ahead, right?
    The best indicator of how well those weapons are used is the performance the Ukrainian Army is providing and to be honest, if they just keep it up then I couldn’t care less where exactly those American weapons are right now, just keep the supply going.

  13. That would actually be a classic Soviet problem, where the rearline troops grab much of the kits when it is the frontline troops who should get almost all the kits. Need to impose discipline at the logistics base.

  14. It doesn’t matter. Should we stop supplying Ukraine?
    If the odd weapon falls into enemy hands, that’s part of the reality.
    It won’t be a lot of weapons, and once they’re used, they’re used.
    Without the tech, components and ability, they’re pretty hard to reverse engineer for 99% of countries.
    If China got one, they could probably make a decent replica but that’s a whole new thing…

  15. The Brits ae doing rather well at logistic support. They have delivered an enormous amount of equipment and training to the guys at the front line.

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