What I learned from Donald Trump’s second impeachment hearing 1

What I learned from Donald Trump’s second impeachment hearing


While the outcome of former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment hearing seems likely, there are still considerable stakes and questions at hand. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza analyzes the implications of the Senate hearing so far.


Democrats begin impeachment trial with stunning riot video

Meet the House impeachment managers

Trump unhappy with his impeachment attorney's performance, sources say

First on CNN: Trump's impeachment defense team leaves less than two weeks before trial

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Allison Gordon
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Steven Sevilla

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    1. @GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS Oh it was, we clearly saw peaceful protests get attacked by cops with tear gas and bullets, leading to riots.

      Its just most of us understand WHY they rioted after that instead of lying down and taking it, and are not stupid enough to equate it to a armed insurrection attack on democracy.

    2. @RainbowDemon What part of 128 dropped inquiries and 6 failed investigations that you fell for over a 4 year period while never looking up did you miss?

    1. Imagine if we used the same standard to prosecute Democrat governors who allowed police stations to burn, government buildings taken over and destroyed, business owners killed and businesses burnt to the ground…..

    2. Then you are also a russian spy like your boss….follow the money and you see, that your Boss got russian money since the early 2000s for buying and then later more expensive selllimg american houses and buildings to russians which could not buy it with their official money ( money laundering)…..then they gave him data ( not from Hillary) but from rep. Senators the russians got from Edward Snowden. With this data he is blackmailing the reps….! So they have to obey him…! This is not patriotic this is treason !

    3. Hey Jax Twogaiporn,
      Republicans are the ones burning churches, killing cops and running down women in V8 muscle cars.
      @Philip Abeyta


    1. @Philip Abeyta when violence started as a result of their chanting, it was no longer protected speech under the 1st Amendment.

    2. What I learned is that most people hear look at Trump as a vile man throughout his 4 years and since they and the media hate Trump, everything that went wrong during his 4 year is his fault

      Conveniently, most people here think that Antifa is just an “Idea” of peace but forgot that idea took over a building in Seattle during the Summer of love and killed anyone in a three block radius.
      The riots resulting from the death in May was tragic but it was Trumps fault they decided to kill people/loot/ burn down homes

      Honestly I know you all aren’t going believe me because I’m not bashing Trump but to think Antifa/BLM aren’t at fault either is also stupid

    3. @Philip Abeyta Thanks… Just another day in the boat yard. I appreciate the well wishes. You have a safe day,and good health to you, and your family. Capt.Bob

    1. @Maggie Ahrens I just googled and found out that DT extended secret service to his 4 adult children, 2 of their spouses and 3 top aides for 6 months at 0 cost to them. Only DT, Melania & Baron are entitled to secret service detail.

    2. @James Harmon there were 86 K people protesting, around 100 of those people decided to break the law. He was talking to the peaceful protesters and this is exactly why he won’t be convicted of a crime. There’s no way to connect what the 100 did to Trump when the 86 thousand were peaceful. You would have to conclude that the 86 K who were peacefully protesting were also doing what they felt Trump had called them to do.

    3. @Philip Abeyta It would be more accurate to say that so far only 100 have been charged. This number is going to go up at least one order of magnitude in the coming months, and quite possibly two.

    1. He was smart enough to know he was beaten the very first day. The rest will be an exercise in futility and yet Trump and White Supremacists everywhere will still win. No accountability, no justice, no integrity and no future for the United States of America.

    2. Haha, good one. The point is, Trump could have hired My Cousin Vinnie’s pet rock to defend him and this crop of GOP Senators would still be found hiding behind his skirt voting to acquit. They are truly bewitched.

    3. @rwhunt99 If he were truly smart, he would have known he was beaten when he took the job. Indeed, he was stupid to take the job. Trump never pays his bills.

    4. @Nancy Ross Sometimes notoriety is the payment he prefers. Just speculation there, why anyone would risk their reputation by defending the President when he clearly lies on a daily basis, when his M.O. his stiffing his contractors, his supporters, and throwing them under the bus at his discretion is ludicrous to me.

  1. Trump will not be held accountable by his fellow Republican thugs. So when they come up for reelection in two years we’re going to do our part to get them out of office.

  2. If Satan testified that Trump sold his his soul and they planned the insurrection together, Republicans would still acquit Trump.

  3. Americans finally saw that the Republican Party is a party that loves the party and does not take the U.S. Constitution seriously.

  4. “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”
    not Abraham Lincoln

  5. I feel the Senate coverage would be hugely improved if we were also allowed to see how the Senator audience is responding in real time. We have heard, but not seen, that several prominent Republicans are doodling, distracted or ignoring the proceedings. They’d be less keen to flaunt their haughty disdain and complacency if the American people and the rest of the world could watch them. Who knows, they might even pay attention.

  6. ” When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.” – George Carlin

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