What impact are anti-vaccine protesters having on Trudeau's campaign? Nanos weighs in | TREND LINE 1

What impact are anti-vaccine protesters having on Trudeau’s campaign? Nanos weighs in | TREND LINE


The small but vocal groups of protesters that have dogged Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau at his political rallies are disrupting his messaging, according to pollster Nik Nanos.

“It’s been a distraction for Trudeau. He's not been able to get his message out,” Nanos says. “These folks are punching above their weight.”

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    1. @Nadine Christie I didnt say you were complaining, work on your English comprehension skills. I wrote that if you arent happy with the amount of English debates, go complain to the English networks for not hosting them.

    2. @SusieX I understand English quite well. You said to go “complain” therefore insinuating that I am complaining in which case I was not. In fact, I only asked a question. If you don’t have the answer to the question, then maybe you should have typed nothing. If you want to complain go right ahead. I have nothing to complain about as I only asked a question. Furthermore, no where in my question did it sound like a complaint. Definition of complain: expression of dissatisfaction or annoyance of something. Show me in the question where I did that for your reply to read “complain”. It’s you who needs comprehension and definition of the words you use.

    1. waiting for this debate? there is no debate, they would have to be telling the truth for it to be a debate

  1. So more they push it; so less I want it. I’m pro-vax, but never has something pushed/forced this hard like this one.

    1. the main problem is, they went STRAIGHT to the vax at the beginning of this virus instead of looking into alternatives either holistic or existing medicine which are just as, if not, more effective than the vax. it’s just downright scammy from the government to mandate something that is untested, causes so much injuries, on its populace.

    2. ​@Dylan Rimmer have you heard of inherent immunity system? you know the thing that you were born with pre-vax or pre-PCR test? which is 13 times more effective than the vax itself? how about vitamins A,B,C,D, zinc, magnesium, supplements, exercise, and being well rested?

  2. what if they are not anti vaxx and just anti turdeau ? this is like calling someone that wont vote for biden a trump follower , could be true, but it just speculation.

    1. Agreed. Im not antivaxx. Im glad we no longer have polio and dont want to see the return of the iron lung. I just hate Trudeau.

  3. I don’t think they are anti-vax as at this point no one is forcing them to vaccinate. It is much more accurate to say they are anti-lockdown and anti-passport.

  4. I’ve never been political so I’m pretty surprised that my neighbors, co-workers, and everyone I talk to hate Justin Trudeau. Recently, as I follow the news, I’ve come to dislike him too. I don’t know anyone who likes him right now.

  5. You are misleading with this title. It should be called The Anti-Passport Protests. If passports weren’t being demanded there would be no protests. Major difference.

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