What Is Felony Murder? Officers In George Floyd Case Face Charge Used On Gangs, Drug Dealers | MSNBC

The four officers involved in the death of George Floyd now face murder charges, including an assertive prosecutorial tactic rarely deployed against police defendants — felony murder. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the charges and explains how “felony murder” operates, and interviews former Federal Prosecutor Maya Wiley, who says prosecutors could win this case by telling jurors “wearing blue is not a defense” and given the video, jurors simply need to “believe your eyes.”(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 6/3/2020.
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What Is Felony Murder? Officers In George Floyd Case Face Charge Used On Gangs, Drug Dealers | MSNBC


  1. Officers never get charged because they cover up for each other!! Thank you for smart phones

    1. @Mitch184 I guess that explains why they also have been going after reporters. That and Trump claiming the media to be the enemy of the people which goes against Freedom of the Press which protects the media from the government.

  2. glad he was charged but why is no one talking about the fact they the killer and Floyd worked together and knew each other.

  3. When in prison place them with the general population.Prisoners love ex-cops who brutalize blacks.

    1. You guys don’t read the news, unless it’s about the “peaceful protests”. He’s in solidarity already, the other 4 cops have been charged for assisting.


  4. I love that sign language chick so is so passionate about it when she signs she should be signing for this guy talking then I could make it all the way through the video

    1. thats how evvery SINGLE ONE of them act, did you never havve them at your school growing up? google videos of sign language interpreters, shes not special.

    2. @Bofa Sofa she is special if she held my attention and no sign language at my school Vegas did not have that when I went to school would be great to see her argue

    3. I took asl and it’s not American sign language if there isn’t emotion it’s not proper without emotion

    1. @Russ Gaar Texas Training and Bodybuilding Like they tell us see something say something! Be held accountable for you and your blue brothers actions.

    2. @Russ Gaar Texas Training and Bodybuilding how do you figure that if more police are convicted? Wouldn’t the bad cops have to change their behavior or they will be thrown in jail which would leave the good cops on the street?

    3. @Fractured Truth Cops would be hesitant to respond to calls for fear of being held responsible for murder if things went south. This is a very tricky and interesting case. I’m almost certain if there weren’t this mass outpouring of emotion, these three would never been charged.

    4. @Brad Suarez then they will lose their jobs. Are firemen scared of their calls? What happens to the military scared to make that call? I’ll wait. If you cant do your job correctly, then you need another career field.

    5. @Fractured Truth Firemen don’t get charged with murder while doing their jobs. The military are paid killers, facing consequences only in clear violation of their objective. Both face death. Officers facing an unruly suspect do too. But with the precedent being set by this case, officers not only face death but may face murder charges even if they’re not the ones committing the lethal assault, which seems to have never been done before. If this is the change people want to see then I will go out on a limb and say the police profession would become much less enticing, leading to the problems I mentioned before. However time will tell the outcome. In my opinion these guys have their fates sealed due to public outcry, and a guilty verdict is inevitable. People forget quickly however and it may be the reality that in future cases with different circumstances, with no public outcry we will revert to the staus quo.

  5. I’ve said from day 1, if they lock up Tom, John, Pookie etc for standing by while their homeboy kills somebody and they don’t intervene,, then they can lock up those Criminal cops who did the exact SAME thing!

    And the other 2 on his back pressing down were actually hands on with it! The Asian BIL was the look out keeping the crowd at bay! All ACCOMPLICES period!

    1. Only one guy was standing by but other three were holding him including Derek Chavin and they are all European Americans!

  6. The killer cop looked like such a punk with his knee in Floyd’s throat while he had his hands in his pocket like it was a casual thing. Cold as ice!

    1. @WaterspoutsOfTheDeep Every action whether good or bad has a reaction wether its good or bad. Do the right thing and you never have to worry about backlash.

    2. @Nicole Jessica Funny 3 years of Trump will do that to you. Dictator Trump is no President.

  7. Good luck finding a jury. Everyone in the world has been witnessing a live murder on camera.

    1. Nessuno Dorme

      If they get off on a technicality, America is doomed. As much as I hate to say it, the riots will return with a vengeance.

      Even the National Guard will not be able to stop the tsunami I see coming.

    2. Blackface

      To further reveal how the “black” race label is used by racists (who labeled themselves with the pure, clean, and innocent “White” label) to scrutinize, criticize, and antagonize those whom they gave the label to, we can simply look at how racists are known to use the disrespectful practice of what is called “Blackface.” Can you imagine how less of a putdown it would be if they actually used our true colors (Brown face, Tan Face). Well, since most racists actually sunbath to become tan in color, that practice would not make sense. Even well known persons today who have been labeled “white” (which no person is) are known to artificially enhance their color to appear Brown (showing that brown and tan are most definitely beautiful colors in the eyes of even non-brown skin persons).

      So the trick of racists (which their victims sadly fell for) is to label their victims with a derogatory label, get their victims to accept that derogatory label, and then tease their victims for having the false label which they (the oppressors) placed on them. This is all included in the now-critized “systematic or systemic racism.”

      Fight Back

      The victims of the racists must fight back by rejecting and refusing to accept the false and derogatory label that racists put on them.
      Without realizing the history of the label or just not putting it all together, many oppressed brown and tan skin people simply accepted the label and used/use it in accordance with protests against racism (i.e. Black Power ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 and now the widely used Black Lives Matter). But it’s time to still show that we have Power (from God) and that we Matter (to God, most importantly), but to also give their evil title back, and say “Our colors are brown and tan, Not ‘Black.'”

      Jesus Christ loves you.  Call on His Name and be saved today.
      The blessed Lord died for you and rose again and He’s coming back again.

      Apostle Thaddeus
      The Ministry of Pure Truth

      All glory be to God forever 🤗
      Praise Christ Jesus forever 🤗
      Hallelujah Holy Spirit forever 🤗 Amen.

      Learn more here ⤵️


    3. barack the composer I was checking out what Obama said about the 90% of protesters out there. If you want to check out what he said, just google “Obama 90%” exactly and it should have the article somewhere on the first page 🙏🏿

    4. @barack the composer I agree with you. I doubt they’ll get off and I say that because of the people in Minnesota and even specifically in Hennepin county. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been there but the massive numbers of very motivated, dedicated protesters gives us an idea of who lives there. Those are the people who will make up their jury and rightly so. Their chances with a judge are statistically no better. I think Keith Ellison is an excellent choice in this thing.

  8. A memorial needs to be built in memory of George, along with every innocent death committed by police. Remember our history to not repeat it.

  9. CORRUPT X-Minnesota PD Officers Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng those orange 🧡⛓ jumpsuit suits you guys well!  👏🏻

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