What Is Going On With Infrastructure Legislation? Sen. Warren Explains 1

What Is Going On With Infrastructure Legislation? Sen. Warren Explains


Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about how the bipartisan compromise infrastructure deal fits into a much larger infrastructure package that Senate Democrats intend to pass.
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  1. whats going on is theyre going to make the working class pay for it through new taxes, rather than cutting pork spending.

    1. @Nicky Krystals Mayor Pete is a DINO lol, of course that would be something to go in the “bipartisan” pack lol

    2. @1littlestunner It looks to me more like all senate democrats want to do is negotiate. They literally went from $2000 in stimulus to $1400 to try to get some republicans to vote for it…they got not a vote in the Senate from them. Yes they’re loading a lot into this plan but the way things are it’s the only way to get them done. They’re not trying to pad THEIR pockets tho, the media individual income in this country is only $38,000 a year, they’re trying to jumpstart the economy by making a lot of jobs that pay more than that people without a lot of skill can do.

    3. @James Puso You must be in High School……?
      Scaling back my Intelligence is the only way for people like you to understand.
      Your denial that the “Politicians” aren’t trying to pad their own pockets, says it all.
      That’s all they ever do……Especially the Marxist Communist Democrats.
      The best way to jump start the Economy is for the GOVERNMENT TO GET THE &^%$ OUT OF THE WAY !!!!

    1. McConnell needs to vote for this…those adds showing the infrastructure in his state, Kentucky. Appalling apathy.

    2. @CRAM MARC
      I think you meant Katrina. There’s seems to be an abundance of them in these threads. And Karls too….trolls.


    1. @Christian Voros yes let’s go back to horses and boats. Our economy will be the best in centuries smh

    2. @kosta1987 Usually, Bankruptcy is not an end of operations for businesses of this scale. It will wipe out existing shareholders and bring in new investors/shareholders. The new board will replace the executive management and maybe, just maybe, the new investors will run the business more conservatively and reserve cash for future crises. There’s no better example of this than Apple/Steve Jobs. Once reinstated, he refused to bend the knee to shareholders and reserved cash. Now, Apple is nearly immutable.

  3. Work more pay more at the end of your retirement still get nothing! Can’t afford a single surgery! Great system!

    1. @Niall Flynn The GOP aren’t the ones collectively raising taxes/causing mass inflation, and I think you know that. Ignorant

  4. All of a sudden you hear on the news of building collapsing when they are trying to push a tax bill. Okay okay I’m reading too deep into it.

    1. Anything is possible with our government. They stole and election and tried a Coup D’Etat. The Soviets and Chinese do not have anything on the Democrat Party.

    2. My take on it is another case of fear. I’m too fearful to live in a building with multiple apartments. I need reparations in a single-family home

    3. Now there’s a conspiracy theory trumps’ cult can sink their teeth into!

      Or maybe….you can come up with a suggestion or policy that could improve your lives to rally for. What do you need?

      To hurt ppl is easy. To heal is true greatness.

    4. or maybe yknow…buildings are freakin collapsing and we actually do need infrastructure hehe, entropy is not yer friend 😉

  5. just like the “covid relief” bunch of nonsense that costs more built around what they’re pushing. They have to be pocketing this money. Can we see all of their taxes? Or no because orangemanbad?

  6. For 15 years they have robbed us to pay for “Roads and Bridges”. No work on the roads or bridges, still robbing us for roads and bridges.

  7. “Infrastructure” “Reparations” “Tax the rich” All campaign promises made by our “representatives” until they enter office and then it becomes less about what we the people want and more about their special interests. How much did you make off of kickbacks through the multiple stimulus bills Warren? Speed boats for Sri Lanka, more like a money laundering system.

    1. Reminder Operation Mockingbird is still imbedding literal C.I.A. agents in corporate media outlets to spread controlled-opposition propaganda and divide/distract the public from establishment interests.

      You can watch the Congressional hearing here on youtube with the testimony on the former president of CBS. Can also read up on the declassified documentation on Senate(dot)gov.

      Congress is an inherently corrupt swamp of career shills, plagued by a mass dual-citizenship epidemic and can ultimately vote on their own Congressional term limits, lobbyism regulations, salaries, audits, etc… Don’t expect much.

    2. I voted for bernie. None of this should be any surprise. Your number one issue was getting rid of Trump and you did that. If you cared about issues Bernie would have won. You wanted someone to defeat Trump, so don’t pretend you now suddenly give a crap about actual issues

  8. All I see is they think they know best, even though the majority doesn’t want all the extra pork in that bill. Trying to force something on someone never ends well

  9. What happened is democrats put a ton of things in the bill that has nothing to do with infrastructure and Republicans won’t vote for it.

  10. “Enforce tax laws” that let people like Warren B pay only .01 percent tax while we all suffer a high tax that will likely rise due to this administration.

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