‘What Is The President Afraid Of?’ : Tester Calls For Witnesses In Impeachment Trial | MSNBC

‘What Is The President Afraid Of?’ : Tester Calls For Witnesses In Impeachment Trial | MSNBC 1


    1. @Michael Teeple ….. Australians needed our help and though I hate Trump with a passion, so many lives and endangered species are at risk. These honorable men and women professional firefighters lives are in the line no matter if they are fighting blazes here on American soil or overseas daily and periodically they give the ultimate sacrafice such as this not by choice . As much as I hate Trump, it is the choice of all of them if they wanted to go or not. The firefighter had lost his life in honour which is unfortunate and both the Australian and American government will assist the family for his dedication. But I can’t blame Trump for this at all. The Australian Government is not a fan of trump and inniatially they rejected the American offer respectfully. Who could blame them? But with so many lives on the line and endangered species, they came around and accepted the offer. I don’t blame his death on anyone nor either Government and I thank him and his family for his service. My condolences and prayers are with them all.

    1. @Harold Moore ummm let’s see. Joe when you were in charge of the Ukraine how did Hunter gets his job? Any promises made?

    2. If GOP wanted the Bidens, they are the majority and can vote to call him. Democrats don’t have to agree!

  1. Our Democracy was over when corporation became, “We The People” and money became “Free Speech.” Now just bow down and take your mark, so we can end the rule of your 1% owners.

    1. Roosevelt called them “The Business Class”, today they are the Corporate Class, the Billionaires; they prefer fascism over socialism and currently they own the Fox propaganda network and their ilk, pushing for the idea that people who have money should control the rest of us.

    1. @Mr.D Simpson no matter what Trump does its either not enough or absolutely wrong. Heck, this impeachment bs has been going on from day 1 and how ironic the real criminals/crybullies do what they accuse Trump of. The left side of the isle are hypocrites of the highest order who will use violence or any other means to achieve their ends. Case in point…they call for open borders because they want cheap exploitable labor as well as future voters who they believe they can manipulate and if women and children are exploited along they are fine with it

    2. @Mr.D Simpson go back and look at the HD video of Biden bragging about what he did in the Ukraine . ..but according to the left nothing to see

    3. _ Oly _
      I think they’re gonna have to amend the constitution and take “crimes” out of “high crimes and misdemeanors” to impeach Trump🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Hmm Should I believe someone willing to testify under oath? Maybe i should believe someone that isnt willing to testify and that has lied over 15k times in 3 years and committed fraud scamming ppl with a fake university! This is a tough one!

    1. I would definitely believe everything Bolton says. Dems hated him for years. Now hes the most trustworthy guy in DC.

    2. If Liar-in-Chief Donald Trump were to decide on doing the RIGHT thing, – testifying in HIS Senate impeachment trial, for as long as it takes, under oath, teleprompter and notes-free – Liar-in-Chief Donald Trump would totally crash, burn and melt like the Wicked Witch of the West did in “The Wizard of Oz”, within the 1st ten minutes…

  3. Corrupted Trump go and pay Tax
    Go and pay your Tax even people with disabilities paying Tax whatis wrong with you ?

    1. Webfoot Trucker just because you were dishonorably discharges does not make you a bad person. Being a Trump sycophant does.

    2. Webfoot Trucker —SSDI recipient DO pay taxes. The only reason your brother doesn’t file income taxes is because he already has taxes deducted from his monthly disability check. FACTS!

    3. @Sicklady wrong. My dad never paid after he went blind. And his net worth exceeded one million dollars. Never filed again after blindness took over. Only people who have other income other than social security disability has to pay taxes. That’s a fact

    4. Webfoot Trucker—Google —If you do not make more than $25,000 a year and file as an individual or your household income is less than $32,000 per year and you file jointly, you will not have to pay taxes on your Social Security Disability benefits. If your income exceeds those limits, a portion of your disability payments may indeed be taxable.
      http://www.disabilitybenefitscenter.org › social-security-disability-taxes
      Filing Taxes When Receiving Disability Benefits

    5. Its True Can some leftist tell me what Trump did wrong? It seems Democrats Impeach Trump for Biden’s corruption.

  4. Yeah, more pay-offs to cover misdeeds. If it can be determined that the WH massaged the marginal senators to gain their vote then they should be charged with bribery.

    1. So true, Republicons want Biden. all they have to do is vote, they have the majority. The Republicons don’t really want anyone!

    1. N Gup ………….    True . To answer Sen. Tester’s question, trump and his loyalists / cultists are afraid of the TRUTH  .  IT’s WHY these crooks engage in secret diplomacy and cover-ups in the first place . Their illegal schemes and plots can’t work in the light of day where honest people could openly witness their criminal activities .

    2. Bruce P he doesn’t know anything. Protect Trump at all cost in Trumps cult members feeble little minds.

  5. He’s beginning to understand he won’t be re-elected and cuffs are in his near future. Or we can increase the bounty. Either way is fine by me.

    1. TH
      And the democrats have despised it since November of 2016. That’s one reason their gonna lose again in 2020 …

    1. Nothing burger before and nothing burger now. Perhaps we should accuse you of a crime then keep changing the nature of the crime because the mindless mob can’t seem to find one..

    2. He would convict himself in 5 minutes and if he had Rudy as his personal Criminal Attorney, , you could cut that 5 minutes in half. What happened to Rudy on being his “Personal Criminal Attorney that is a warrior” ? More like his personal Criminal Attorney that had him Impeached officially. I don’t think I would call that a warrior but I would call him the grenade that is blowing everyone up that Bolton is pulling the pin. Rudy may as well pull out his insurance plan as Trump’s real Attorneys have been throwing Rudy under the bus today.

    1. Senator Tester of Montana is absolutely correct: the vote in the Senate should be 100-0 in favor of calling all relevant witnesses. This is the 3rd presidential impeachment trial in the history of the United States, yet Republicans are unwisely and recklessly attempting to minimize this major U.S. historical event to the status of small claims court…

  6. Put the fat orange clown on the stand! Get the circus started. Limited time engagement. He’s a walking, talking guilty verdict!

    1. @Randall P. McMurphy Are you sure about that? They spent almost a whole day yesterday showing how the corruption in Ukraine ties into corruption here. Remember that Schiff was living in Eastern Europe at the time Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Slovak Republic all gained their independence. There are five Bidens tied directly, not indirectly, into the corruption in Iraq, Ukraine, Costa Rica, China, and here in Vermont. Don’t you think that President Obama knew about some of these things? And if so, what did he know?

    2. @Spok What someone else did at some other time and some other places has nothing to do with this. Not hard to understand. Open a separate investigation where that would be pertinent.

    3. @Randall P. McMurphy It does if they are guilty of what they are accusing another of and if they are using this as a ruse to cover their tracks, or as a distraction from their crimes. Right?

  7. We definitely needs witnesses in a trial without COVERUPS. On top of Bolton, we’ll need Don McGahn, Mick Mulvaney and Lev Parnas at the very least. If Trump is not guilty, which he knows he is, when witnesses were allowed to testify, he’ll be dead meat. Why are the Republicans so afraid of this bully. Enough is enough! Let the truth be told.

    1. Rudy G should be the primary witness. And Barr needs to answer why trump told Zelensky to talk to him.

    2. $$$$$$ maybe some have been blackmailed or Russia scammed them for their silence .
      remember Helsinki- that’s a crime and very impeachable- wait and see if that doesn’t come out .

    3. I don’t think you know the law, or the history. MANY Presidents have said “go pound sand” and “get a warrant”, that’s what Obama said, what Clinton said–but when Trump does the same thing, you cry foul, you really can’t have it both ways. AND Victor, the Congress is supposed to sent their package TO the Senate for the hearing–the Senate has NEVER been tasked with gathering evidence–never. But only now, for Trump? Think man, think. And…uh oh, now the GOP is saying “OK, let’s go gather that evidence BUT it apples to everyone, even to the “he did nothing wrong Biden’s”, so I”m with you buddy, lets roll the dice, get all the info–first time in history the Senate will go on their hunt, BUT don’t dare try to exempt the Biden’s, lets roll them dice, I agree–roll the dice, see what we can find in this righteous fact finding mission.

    1. With all those pd assassins behind him pretending to cheer. When all is said and done well find out he doesnt have a y real supporters but one himself and Lindsey.

  8. He fears the TRUTH and REMOVAL from office! In fact, what he fears most is seeing the rest of his extended Crime family ending up behind bars!

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