What Is Vladimir Putin Up To Now? | The Last Word | MSNBC

As Russia-backed troops amass near a key border in a contested region of Georgia, there are new questions about Vladimir Putin's plans for the region. Russia expert Evelyn Farkas joins Lawrence to discuss Putin’s moves and what it could mean for the U.S.
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What Is Vladimir Putin Up To Now? | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. Tovarish (comrade) Trump is busy. He reports his activities in written to Russian embassy and waits for further instructions. Please do not disturb

  1. Well he does have a powerful ally. No need to mention a name. We are in a very precarious and perilous time. We must remove him.

    1. I love all the Fake News predictions. Nuke War with NoKo, Expanding war in Syria, war in Venezuela, pulling out NATO, Trump going to jail for Conspiracy… Not one prediction RIGHT!

    2. @Dave Schultz OH… I would be so sure about the conspiracy. That was only bc “not enough evidence found”. Wait for the tax returns.
      Don’t forget: Mueller was a Repuplican installed by Republicans. He did no interview, wasn’t looking at the money.
      He had one goal: “If I could exonerate the president, I would say so.”
      Trump was only so guilty of obstruction that he couldn’t.

    3. @Daten Schutz , Ha ha! MUELLER didn’t interview anyone. He got his money and went back to the Villages! It over, let it go man… You look foolish.

  2. Sounds like Trump has been “outsmarted” by Putin on Georgia just like he claimed Obama was on Crimea. The irony is that Stalin was from Georgia.

  3. Trump only knows the Georgia just north of Florida… he won’t do anything unless his master tells him to.

  4. We already know what Traitor Trump is going to do. First he will blame President Obama, then he will say something like ” Well I don’t see any reason why it would be Russia.”
    Past is prologue.

    1. Add the anti-government right wing hate machine of Fox and the right wing hate radio talkers, they created Trump; Putin is merely exploiting it.

  5. Puty sees the handwriting on the wall, he had better bully now on Trump’s watch as all indicators point to a loss for Trump.

    1. Dann, that’s a great point, makes me VERY WORRIED ABOUT RUSSIA RUNNING FREE REIGN OVER TRUMP, and trump and the GOP doing nothing ✌

    2. Push for massive, long-lasting and effective economic sanctions for putin’s regime. Arrest his assets in banks worldwide so this kbg thug goes to oblivion.

  6. The republicans need more in their quiver than impotent “thoughts and prayers”. It’s just such a throwaway phrase.

    1. Fake News needs more to assure their viewers than just saying: ” If true.. ..”. And DEMOCRATS need a better message than: “Everything is FREE!!!!”, Or: “Anyone but TRUMP”. Count on another FAIL👎💦💦

  7. Putin is laughing at the US and Chump. Russia is also amassing military in Northern Canada waterways now everything has melted. I live in Belleville Canada that has one of the biggest military bases and I have military guys come in every day telling me they are leaving for northern Canada to protect that area from a Russian invasion. They have their eye on our water, lumber, and other vast natural resources. Scary!

    1. Russia is dying. Their gdp is smaller than Canada’s. Their men drink themselves to death at 50. They are a Potemkin superpower. They can’t afford their own weapons. Their navy is a rusting ruin. We should pity them, not fear them.

    2. Actually Putin is laughing at the Media and DEMOCRATS. They are his accomplices in causing chaos and division. Dims are destructive to democracy.

  8. Trump: “I won the state of Georgia during the election, so there’s nothing to worry about. I just spoke with the Governor of Georgia, and he assured me that there are no Russian troops on the border of Georgia. This is all just more fake news by the lame stream media. MAGA!!!”😂

    1. Meanwhile: China is stealing us blind of intellectually property, buying up AMERICAN property and virtually blocking us out of their market. Way to keep your eye on the ball DEMOCRATS!

    2. @Dave Schultz Meanwhile the sheep trolls are still delusional and narrow-minded to the orange buffoon lies. Way to go MAGA T

    1. @Shirley Brown , Fake News predictions, just like: TRUMP starting Nuke war with NoKo. TRUMP going to invade Venezuela. TRUMP going to start huge war in Syria,. MUELLER is going to put Trump in jail for Conspiracy. Russia is going to invade Baltic States. O’DONUTHOLE just had to apologize for lying about a loan he said that was co-sign by Russian oligarchs. Aren’t you tired of being FOOLED just to fuel your TDS?

  9. How quickly Putin was able to destabilise America is shocking and even more shocking that America has not protested in millions! 😔😢

    1. America has been destabilized for many years; the right wing fascists at Fox/etc. have been profiting mightily by peddling hate, division and toxic conspiracy theories; Russia merely poured gas on the dumpster fire they started.

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