What Jamaica's Doing Now is Not Working - Crawford | Jamaica to get More Vaccine - March 25 2021 1

What Jamaica’s Doing Now is Not Working – Crawford | Jamaica to get More Vaccine – March 25 2021


Consultant sociologist and university lecturer Georgia Crawford Williams is urging the government to use alternative measures to help contain the spread of covid19.

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  1. Thank God for a voice of god given reasoning . Whoever are advising the prime minister should listen to this woman, dr williams . Brilliant analogy, anything else is idiology

    1. @vermary explain? if you cant think on the level of the poor then you cant lead… take note no politics intended.

    2. @Winsome Jones She doesn’t need to propose anything, that’s not her job, she as a Citizen already hired someone to do that, that someone is the Prime Minister and if he cannot do the job we as the Citizen of Jamaica needs to fire him.

  2. The ministers are busy eating there steak and vegetable with wine, still collecting a pay check and does not have to worry about bills. On the other hand we can’t tell JPS NWC and FLOW that we are not working due to covid measures implemented from the government. Then how are we suppose to find money to buy those exorbitant high price vegetables to boost immune system

    1. The Jamaican public has been fed a lot of crock ! The public is told to commit economic suicide to protect the nation from Covid. High price to pay , people. No job , no money, suicide next?

    2. @dy persaud I sometimes wonder how far removed those who govern really are.

    3. the government don’t want you to boost your immune system; they want to poison us with their vaccine. You would never hear them telling you to eat up fruits an vegetable and drink herbs to boost your immune system, you would never hear such word from your crime Minister or the Health Minister instead you will hear “go take the vaccine, it’s safe” how do they know its safe, when since Andrew and Christopher start making vaccines. people need to wake up and go read revelation again and again.

  3. What sense does it make being safe from covid DEATH but DIE by hunger? Dead fi hunger hotta dan covid. If you know wat hungry feels like

    1. Not to mention the amount of people that’s suffering from lack of water, and all dem talking about is covid if you no go for a test you don’t know say you have it and they have to be forcing people to take the vaccine for this virus that is so deadly am not understanding it, i believe people would be fighting to take this vaccine to how bad dem say it’s and the amount of people dem say dying in Jamaica, something is not right with this demonic virus vaccine not even the 10 thousand dollars people no want to take this vaccine that is so mighty full

    2. Those$15,000 a bottle that spend on Hennessy at party a night time,would really come in handy now

  4. Finally…..dem nah listen to me so hope dem listen to Georgia……what work fi Merka nah go work fi we…..government always a look north and the people a look south….them back always turn to we….we never see eye to eye

  5. Georgia I love you speech the government should listen to you not because of your brother is mp but what your saying make sense I knw you very well you never say politic

    1. Poor people was always suffering and that will never change, the only way it can change is if this vaccine is going to kill dem out ina few years from now and save dem from their suffering

    2. @Apple bug the rich can’t survive without the help of poor people,rich and poor both need eachother

  6. Holness give Jamaican people some money to spend from March you lock down poor people hustling on you only give 100 people ten grand through a did election time

  7. Look at this road in Marvely drive in St thomas being constructed no side walks no drains so how long will it last, I hope, it will be asphalted.

  8. Me know say Jamaican people never voted for this I hope that they got good memories next couple of years

  9. I agree with Crawford 100% , what about the man who has to hustle every day to bring food on his table to feed his children. How is he going to coop. Memba anuh everybody rich enuh

  10. When Mr prime minister lock down 80% 0f the job.and don’t want people to go work what do expect to happen Mr prime minister.

  11. How are poor people like we are going to manage with food , when we of to go out on the road everyday to look our little food because we can’t buy groceries

  12. The government has taken a hard-handed approach toward this situation and I’m waiting for the backfire.

  13. Since the Prime Minister loves us so much and want us to be safe he should have ordered 3 million bulletproof vest and helmets for every Jamaican to have instead of vaccines I would actually say he is getting some good advice. riddle mi dis, riddle mi dat, guess mi dis riddle and perhaps not outa covid-19 an glack-19/guns, which one kill di most people ina Jamaica?

  14. People of God and Jamaica, GOD words said wi fi pray. The PM shudda call a national fasting and prayer fi di nation. But anything weh foreign seh a dat tek place inna Jamdown. Help Jesus wi saviour we need u ya now GOD in Jamaica. Heellppp

  15. The government is the one who started this, he opened the country for election day
    Now he wants to close the country the people are not fool’s .
    He should take all the blame
    Here in the U.S.A school are open because they know children need to learn jams don’t believe in education.
    If they are educated then they will too smart for them.
    Government please open school

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