What Joe Manchin Needs To Know About The Deficit | MSNBC 1

What Joe Manchin Needs To Know About The Deficit | MSNBC


Ali Velshi talks to Stephanie Kelton, author of “The Deficit Myth,” about why Democrats should not let fear of the federal deficit stop them making a much more costly mistake—not making investments in the future.

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  1. Rich, angry, old white men… seems their not making them, or as many of them, like they used to. Brace yourselves.

    1. @Maja-Danmark Wrong; you do not do a massive spending bill when the worst inflation in 30 years has happened. You take a step back and put the brakes on, so I agree with Manchin. Many people are having trouble eating 3 meals a day because food has exploded in cost, so you don’t do a massive bill that sends food even higher. We should only do the $1.2 trillion physical infrastructure and maybe a few parts of the $3.5 trillion dollar bill, but most of it should be scrapped or we will have $4+ gas for the next bunch of years and as gas rises so does food and everything else being transported. Biden asking OPEC and Russia to increase oil and gas supply so we can spend $5 trillion is wrong

    2. @888strummer GTF outa here! Manchin campaign is funded by the Repugnant millionaires! He had a fundraising party on a end of last month & you don’t need to guess who paid for everything! He’s a russian asset, they all are. She’s also getting paid We are keeping up with politics to try & save American Democracy! The goal is stop POC from voting. WAKE UP!

    3. @888strummer Inflation has nothing to do with gas! Remember last year Saudi Arabia’s gas fields blew up. Covid food was not being delivered, some stores are gouaching, 6 pk toilet paper $20! Wall Street, JPMORGAN, Chase…said it will go up before it stabilized! Wherever you’re getting this bogus information, STOP

    4. @888strummer OMGGG! Step back, long lines at food banks, some parents only had enough for the kids! Families put out on the streets, business shutdown for good…! This conversation is above your pay grade, you have no clue. Plus these are alternative facts,

    5. @888strummer We don’t look at the 3,5 trillion dollar bill the same way. It’s not a plan to stimulate the economy. It’s an investment bill that needs to happen in order to advance and make up for past failings.
      Biden asking for oil. What is the alternative? He is trying to lower the prices for you.
      I respect your opinion, and I enjoy our conversation.

  2. Strategic investments ,in deferred maintenance, addressing poverty… sounds like we’re just trying to fix what republicans have been taking away since the Reagan years

  3. Joe Biden is the most influential white man wielding power in my lifetime. He will get 8 years…God willing.

    1. @one love reading comprehension is important. Notice how I didn’t proclaim any of the things you allege. It still doesn’t negate the fact that he’ll be one of the most influential white men wielding power in my lifetime.

    2. O man, I’m not sure what to say here. The Constitution trembled at the thought of Power. Democracy is supposed to be all about the “We.” Biden has gone the long road around trying to find consensus. I’m not sure if it will be the right thing to do or not but we know how the other side plays the game.

    3. @bearlytraincot Exact, I wish people paid more attention to the ideas than to the persons… I’m & tired sick of the “political star system”.. Besides, considering his age, I’m not so sure about the 8 years but I certainly hope to see some of the policies that he recently promoted & implemented (the 15/H minimum wage, the pro-act, police reforms..) go on and gain momentum…

  4. Why aren’t Republicans always crying in their beer about the deficit when money is being spent to help people. Huge tax breaks for rich people didn’t make them break a sweat.

    1. @chi shad hey, don’t shoot the messenger. They pay tax on the sale of stock and also the dividends. So that is something. But there are also off shore accounts and shell companies. There are a lot of ways to hide money, ask the Donald.

    2. @Enyo Theios yeah, everybody can be bought. I like to think of it like this, on the day of reckoning my poverty will shield me from a lot of vengeance, lol.

    3. @Enyo Theios well I doubt I will ever be in a position to know that about myself. We all like to think our character can withstand any test.

    4. @bearlytraincot I have been, so I know how hard it is. And yes, the vast majority are so weak willed as to sell their soul for a dollar. Been watching people worship a golden calf for years.

    1. Exactly I’m so Sick of mainstream media making excuses for him. Sinema as well. Exxon Koch and Fox nees paid Manchinto do what he’s doing. Obstruct so he can go back to minority. I guarantee if they looked at all he’s been ensuring all along that No chin Mitch can stay the grim reaper and block any and all progress in America. Time to throw out all Corp owned politicians

  5. Republicans even poor ones just hate seeing poor people being helped, I’ve seen poor white Republicans vote against measures that will help them just because they believe it’ll help poor black people also.

    1. Very true as long as the rich white have the poor white to wipe their feet on there will never be any unity of people by social economic income it has been this way since the end of the Civil War

  6. Eisenhower developed the interstate highway system to facilitate rapid transport of troops and supplies across this country when needed. The ability of people to travel the country and see the sights was secondary.

    1. Have you ever seen videos of bridges swaying in a strong wind. I don’t know where you live but you sure must be well insulated.

    2. corporations need a functionning infrastructure too… & that includes human infrastucture..

  7. Republicans when they’re in office: “What Deficit? ” . Republicans when they’re out of office ” Oh the Deficit !!!! Oh the Deficit !!!!!!”

    1. The deficit agruement from the right only comes up when ppl recieve benefits and magically disappears when corperations or the top 1% recieve benefits. Does not matter who is in power/office, does not actually matter about the deficit, it’s an age old talking point to keep the working poor oppressed.

    2. @bearlytraincot We only owe China 5% of it. 6% comes from Japan. Over half of the debt is still from American Bonds.

    3. @Enyo Theios well all of that depends on the strength of the dollar. But the Federal Government hauls in who knows how much. The eagle flies on Friday.

  8. Everytime he cashes his paycheck he contributes to the deficit. But that’s ok with him. But doing something for the average citizen is a problem for him. The only reason he wants to keep the deficit down is because super rich donors don’t want to pay taxes.

  9. Joe Manchin has only 2 priorities: his financial ties to the Koch brothers and his upcoming honorary membership of the criminal GOP syndicate … nothing else matters.

  10. The infrastructure bill is good for people, it’s good for the country, and it may help Democrats stay in power. It is Joe Manchin’s worst nightmare.

  11. Vote Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema out. Those two are willing to let Republicans strip us of our voting rights.

    1. @Laurent Saint-Laurent umm.. Those 2 r the only 2 dems in the Senate who are unwilling to do a crave out for voting rights

    2. @the real Hutter Tube those two are the two we hear about the most, probably the worst but they’re certainly not alone … I would start by checking the other Dems who were aboard the houseboat when Lindsey Graham caught Covid last week… And also I would check the voting record of my local representatives before the next primaries, for example..

    3. @Laurent Saint-Laurent I agree other must be voted out.. But other then Manchin and Sinema every single Senate Democratic say when it comes to voting right it deserve a crave out

  12. Look at it this way. You have a home. The floors are falling apart. So you replace the floor so you don’t fall into the basement. You have to keep your house maintained or the whole thing falls apart.

    1. if you look at human being like a seed, they won’t grow if they aren’t given nutrients. This is what republicans try and do to population they think are inferior and it needs to change.

  13. It has to be viewed as an investment. A real investment, not day-trading. This is designed to stretch out over eight years and is to build an economy for our future, not stimulate the current one. The next couple of generations will need a much better road to get past climate change.

    1. Precisely! Any “Democrat” that goes against the moderate legislature that Biden’s been pushing is certainly not a Democrat, and more right wing than Romney or McCain.

  14. Part of the eternal grift is that future generations will have to pay for money spent on helping the poor climb up, while money spent on making billionaires even richer will trickle down. Nothing has ever trickled down. Meanwhile, the rich keep getting richer and the rest keeps sliding down the scale. Biden is the first one in decades trying to do something about that.

  15. What is the problem with everyone having healthcare being able to get eyeglasses being able to have their teeth fixed come on

  16. Joe Manchin isn’t a Democrat therefore he could care less about the well being of the countries people or his constituents in need.

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