1. So when are elections scheduled to be held in Gaza? I’m being sarcastic, they did away with elections in Gaza in 2006. Elections are for democracies, not terroristocracies.

    1. We aren’t doing to well with our elections. Sounds to me like Hamas and Democrats have that in common!

    2. @kevin15776 Right now? Hmmmm. Gaza is having a massive party right now…….. might be fun.

  2. “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” — Malcolm X.

    1. @Andre Rivera of i forgot to mention this. the ww2 was about three political ideologies that wanted to conquer the world. one is facisim , second capitalism and finally communism. facisim lost and then cold war started between Communism and Capitalism. Communism lost the cold war temporary not entirely as Russia is still is the USSR, but dissolved temporary. Russia by dissolving the USSR can now have international trade and influence. Russia has entered the region ( middle east ) so that they can install their own puppets to face off America and the west. and to make the refugee crisis so that the refugee go to Turkey and Europe and weaken their economy and make the left fight the right and Europe will go far right and by that the left won’t have a choice only to go far left ( communist ) and by that Russia will regain the USSR and accuse the west of being facist ( which they already are ,but with democratic masks ) and attack Europe and have international support ,but we will never support Russia because we will have our own raising and Turkey will lead things in the middle east and the Islamic world.

    2. @AHMED FRHAN now days it seems like everything is backwards. Men are women and women are men and if you say otherwise then you’re cancelled. You can’t speak out against anything and if you do you’re a Nazi or racist. People are at odds over the dumbest stuff. Fighting over politicians and left or right like the people in government care about it’s citizens. People are fighting over who’s lives matter like one life is more valuable than another. Nobody even talks about what is happening to our children on all levels because they are to busy fight over how orange Trump is or isn’t. Thanks for the response. I appreciate your input and information

    3. Love him or hate him “Malcolm X“ did not pull any punches and always told the truth to the best of his ability he would be ashamed of the Democrat party today

    4. @Andre Rivera you’re thinking is bassackwards. People are like this because of racism, racist systems, no help for poc, no consideration for children born in to poor families, and no support from the government. You’re forgetting that. And children at all levels are not affect. Children born in to affluential families have nothing to worry about. Stop acting like people are all equal. Everyone is not equal and that’s why people are fighting.

    1. @hounddog2952 The like the heir masks and don’t want to take them off. That’s who we are dealing with.

    2. @Cameron Monzon giving our tax money to them was long started before biden and started with republicans. Go kick rocks.

    3. Enlighten us, what do you think is really going on? Go on, spread the truth. Don’t hold back now.

    4. People have been hoping for that since the beginning of time if I were a betting man which I am I would bet they don’t

  3. Every living person has a right to defend themselves; thus every country has the right to defend itself.

    1. And one side is lobbing rockets at innocent people and hiding behind human shields. I’ll let you figure out which side that is.

    2. Who invaded who and has the right of self-defense here? If someone took your land and home and killed your family and friends, how would you feel?

    3. @Stan Current And the Palestinians never took the land from anyone else in the history of humankind? They should evolve with the times instead of launching rockets like Nazi Germany.

  4. What actually made this different from all the previous times is that more of the world has turned against Israel.

    1. Donald Trump’s going to build a golf course there in everybody’s going to get along its but they cheated on the election the Democrats

  5. What made it different is that the world was able to see the mentality of “If I don’t steal it, someone else will” with no thanks to MSM

  6. Boy
    You sure do know how to avoid the question
    How it all got started?
    Sounds to me like there was a surrender on Judast part.After realizing disturbing HOLY SITES
    Probably is not a very smart thing to do.

  7. Remember when lesbian Waldo said that Russia was going to turn off the power to Fargo?? 😄

  8. It is sad whenever you have to call upon Richard Engel. He is fantastic at what he does, but one could hope we would not need his talents.

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