What Makes Ron Klain The 'Nerve Center' Of Biden White House | MSNBC 1

What Makes Ron Klain The ‘Nerve Center’ Of Biden White House | MSNBC

New York Times Magazine reporter Mark Leibovich discusses his new reporting on Ron Klain, President Biden's chief of staff, and why Klain is the most influential chief of staff in recent memory

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What Makes Ron Klain The 'Nerve Center' Of Biden White House | MSNBC


  1. “Don’t forget our hoods from the dry cleaners on the way home” – typical republiKKKan voicemail

    1. No matter how many times you say it the democrats will always be the party of the kkk, slavery and Jim Crow. Obviously you went to history class in china.

  2. Jared Kushner was not the prime minister. He was a cross between Little Lord Fauntleroy or the spoiled crown prince (rather like the prince in “The Prince and the Pauper” by Mark Twain).

    1. On December 17, 2020, Laura Loomer reported on how Hunter Biden had Facebook executive Adam Connor remove and ban unflattering accounts.
      From the email exchanges, it is clear that Adam Connor deleted the Facebook accounts at Hunter Biden’s request.

    1. @Josef Would you like a link to a video collection of all of trumps misspeaks, fumbles, stumble, and times he has spouted pure gibberish? It’s a very, very long watch.

    2. @Josef Yah, and you fools we’re too dumb to stop it. Even though your lordgodführer said in 2016 the only way he could lose was when everything is rigged. Try “Do nothing republicans”.
      This one is on you.

  3. Trump: “I alone can fix it. Now can someone please help me close this “deep state” umbrella that Obama intentionally left behind in the White House to make me look bad!!!!”

    1. If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black, joe Briben. You can’t go to 7 eleven without having an Indian accent, also Briben. You traded someone you were told was racist for an actual one who eulogized klan leader Robert Byrd. So you are a racists. Also brainwashed Marxists.

    2. @Matt Thompson I know people that would pay good money to eulogize a klan leader LMFAO
      “Joined Jun 20, 2021” oh what a surprise. You do get you aren’t anonymous on youtube right? Anyone can check you join date, post history, viewing history, and with a little effort your ISP. Admit it you puckered just a little bit after reading that didn’t you? You know youtube is going to start banning IP addresses? That would be your actual computer, not just your account.

  4. Remember folks what
    “The next Pandemic is right around the corner!”

  5. I never understood the appeal of hiring (electing) a president with no governmental experience. Would you hire a surgeon, who had never operated, or a plumber who has never held a wrench? Now, we have a president with training in governing, who appoints genuine experts, rather than toadies, things are running more smoothly.

    1. I never understood why anyone would elect someone who has 7 bankruptcies and has hookers suing him for money.

    1. Very skilled hands. They are human beings. They make mistakes. But they are trying their best.

  6. President Biden. Keep the sound boyz up the road at Aberdeen on speed dial after today’s rioter ruling. It will happen again sir. I’m worried

    1. Like when biden threatened to fight that united auto worker member at the car plant who challenged him?

      Classy indeed

    2. @shad rox not as classy as calling women pigs and pointing out “shthole countries”, right? Thats the rethuglican idea of classy.

  7. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
    Sergeant Robert Justin alford green
    Where are my daughters karee and Jahmela and my 7 grandchildren.

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