What Newly-Released Michael Cohen Hush Money Documents Reveal | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

The unredacted search warrants tied to hush money payments by President Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen to porn star Stormy Daniels were posted online Thursday. NBC News' Tom Winter reports.
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What Newly-Released Michael Cohen Hush Money Documents Reveal | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. Letter to my Senators (Yes, mailed)

    “Deplorables” is too kind’a word. Trump has found a way to tap into the morons, and now they steer our country. The biggest flaw in the concept of democracy? No IQ or morality or constitutional tests are required. Burn the planet up around your very ankles, you greedy, oil-burning, opiod snuffing and profiteering simpletons — burn it up around you until your own tapwater catches fire and your father drops dead before your very eyes. Watch your own grandchildren screaming in pain and loss, you simple morons, you utter deplorables. Reap what ye sow. And get your chickenshit, store-bought representatives to stand by and cheer you on, and drop the very ball they have vowed to uphold. Aside from temporary job security, bet you got your golden parachute handy, too — don’t you, “Senator?”

    1. poor melanoma. the thing that makes me laugh (and cringe) is the fact she works on against bullying projects. didn’t she know who was she marrying? i do understand power and mostly money are indeed a big pull but there is a limit to decency right? or lack of it. she probably moved back to slovenia and built a tiny cottage next to her statue…apparently she wants to do palm and coffee grounds’s readings.

  2. Michael Cohen needs to being investigated for any links to Jeffrey Epstein.Β  Also, any non-disclosure agreements that may have been arranged with Faith Daniels.Β  Faith completely dropped off NBC and all other news outlets after her NBC interview with Trump was aired. Hopefully nothing nefarious has happened to Ms. Daniels. Remember the famous book title by Rick Wilson, “Everything that Trump Touches Dies.”–hopefully not Faith and hopefully not our nation.

    1. Indeed, Fox News is scrambling to get ahead of this story with their ‘alternative facts’. At least you came to the right place to hear the truth.

  3. America has the death penalty, and must be abolished, but then I remember Drumpf and his son Fredo may be charged with treason and decide that actually it’d be rude to interfere with local customs.😜

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