1. @moya kiska Free what ? What are you even talking about ? You want China to fail in Taiwan like Russia failed in Ukraine ?

  1. Obviously one of the biggest problems they face , is more and more the UA advance. the more local help they will get on the way , this move will try and suppress that help !

    1. Putin will send the evacuees that he doesn’t consider sufficiently loyal to him to Siberian campes.

      Putin was trained by the KGB and old habits die hard.

      Ethnic cleansing seems to be a habitual trait among Russian despots.

    1. @Matt Jones If everything is finished and destroyed, and “Zelensky is wasting his time”. Then why did Putin Annexe a wasted land? Seems its not a waste of time….right?

  2. If your in a situation where you strategically lost then trying to doubling down is always a strategic mistake. This is a case of pride over reason of sound mind

    1. @sirdiealot53 Allied countries beat the Nazis. They all helped each other until the end when they tried to get as much of the remains for themselves.

  3. In order to double down, it’s usually smart to have a 10 or an 11 as your starting hand. Putin is keen to double down on hard 16’s.

  4. Amazing that one man’s depraved ego is able to cause so much suffering for everyone on the planet, including his own people.

    1. The good thing is that they usually won’t admit to themselves that they’re losing until their power has disappeared.

  5. ” In America, you can always find Party. In Russia, the Party always finds you.”- Yakov Smirnoff. “Here we go again!”- President Reagan. Hey! It’s the 80’s again! Now all we need is a Stock Market Crash! Wait, yeah..it’s the 80’s again alright.

  6. Jens Stoltenberg “We are not going to talk about exactly how we will respond, but this, of course, will fundamentally change the nature of the conflict.” “Any use of smaller nuclear weapons would be very dangerous,” he added. But he made it clear that “the circumstances in which NATO may have to use nuclear weapons are very remote.” And with any nuclear test by Russia, it will lead to dire consequences for Moscow.

  7. It seems to me that Putin must have spent some time reading a well-known book written by another former ruthless dictator back in the 1920’s. That infamous “Z” symbol speaks volumes. Therefore, the West probably needs to expect fairly similar moves to those of that former dictator, whose life ended inside a bunker (a favorite final hangout for dictators when the going gets tough, it seems…hmm). Imposing martial law implies total control of the freedom of movement of a population by means of a strict police state: one of Putin’s special skills since his dodgy days inside the feared former KGB.

    The main reason for such a move could well be his increasing awareness that most of his citizens do not support his war, and would like to see the back of him: they are a threat to his position of power, and he probably feels them breathing down his neck. I hope we can all switch on the radio one morning soon, and hear some really good news from Moscow. The sooner Ukraine wins this war after reclaiming all illegally occupied territories, the sooner we shall see a major much needed change at the Kremlin.

    1. The Z is for Zelenskiy.

      Z is not a letter in either the Ukrainian or the Russian alphabet, but Zelenskiy has always used it, he’s always nicknamed himself Ze.

      So I find it very hard to believe that Russia’s Z symbol is not for Zelensky.

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