1. Wait you do realize everything that you didn’t like about Trump Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have committed Kamela Harris is shitty to her staff she literally told immigrants to go back home as a way of her oversight and the border Joe Biden is literally shooting missiles off on anything foreign so how the hell is this administration good at all period

    2. Yes. I wonder how many traitors to this country we have working within. I have never in my life seen so many Republicans whine, duck, and dodge questions because they don’t want the truth of the January 6th insurrection on our Capitol to be known, and who may be involved. Let the truth be told.
      Also, why is McCarthy whining because Cheney accepted when asked to on this committee? He need to step up and select the other fice to the committee and move forward.

    3. @Von Dred Wait…do you realize no one cares what a Republican troll think or says? We will never forget January 6th. Never.

    4. @Augustine Abram insurrection is blowing it waaaaay out of proportion, it looked more like a LARP convention

  1. republicans are just fine with the insurrection… and they’d be just fine with it happening again, too.

    1. Well not Biden encouraging democrats to riot in the Capitol. They wouldn’t put up with that. I’d love 4 Biden to stir up supporters like trump did and c how fast Republicans condemn him.

    2. @Sanju Pun they can tear down every Confederate statue we have and idc. Antifa. . . not really a thing. Turn ur tv on 2 any channel but Fox “news” and u may learn some truth.

    3. @Diana Ewashko it could a been when 150 police officers where injured that day and 1 killed. Don’t forget the 2 cops that committed suicide afterward either. I thought u guys where a part of the blue lives matter party. I guess not.

    4. @Sherry Woods What’s wrong with Confederate Statue than that’s the government property and statue people’s aren’t alive anymore. Even Flags.

    1. Absolutely Jimbo and it’s not even close. The only true thing Mike said in his statement is that this has been a partisan issue from the beginning. That’s absolutely true, but it unfortunately on the right. Again, their on the wrong side of the argument. People died and they don’t care because Blue Lives do not Matter to them in this case because it crossed the intersection at Trump Street and Trump Blvd (figuratively obviously for those in the back) . I don’t want to hear it!

    2. @UCnuGN-nt2_3Prfak_vhGbGQ Pssst… White people are not indigenous to the Americas. I noticed you left that little factoid out of your little whine.

  2. I don’t understand why the GOP don’t want to look into what really happened on January 6th? They were convinced and tried to convince us that this was antifa and black lives matter so what on earth could they be so afraid of? The GOP needs a reality check and WE need to give it to them at the ballot box!!!

    1. @thegags thanks for your thought filled response. If only it were rooted in reality. Most of the political shenanigans is awash with lies – unfortunately you’re falling for it.

    2. @J s rioting was what our country was based on. It was an extremely well thought out rebuttal. We wouldn’t be a country if not for at the very least the Boston tea party. That was also destruction of property. You must not know history very well.

    3. @J s CNN isn’t responsible for keeping the streets safe. You have completely lost your mind

  3. It’s unbelievable. If it were Obama who had refused to concede for 2 months and then held an anti-democracy rally the day Congress was confirming the next President and then they stormed the Capitol with Obama flags, we wouldn’t be a country anymore.

    1. @C W “bUt ThE kKk wErE dEmOcRaTs. DiDnT yOu KnOw??”

      While your point is dead accurate and perhaps it could be used to inform someone in the comments who genuinely didn’t know about the parties effectively switching, it’s probably best not to feed the trolls and bots. All it does is provide them with more life to continue their crap…

    2. @Tommy Devine There’s a blog entitled “The Suits of James Bond” you might want to check out. In warmer climes 007 himself has no problem with tan suits. Of course, his are custom made.

    3. @queen samara It wasn’t hundreds of years ago moron, your first sentence shows how ignorant you are because the Klan is only 145 years old. Since you aren’t well educated I’ll do my best to explain this to you without crayons. Hundreds is the plural of hundred, a plural means more than one, therefore you just said they were behind the KKK at least 200 years ago which is wrong. Robert Byrd, a Democrat that served in the US Senate until 2010 once uttered this lovely quote: “The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation.” It may surprise you, simpleton, but nobody deserves reparations. Bad things happen in history, every race and religion has been enslaved by another throughout history, if black people care so much why don’t they worry about the estimated 10 million slaves in African, that’s 2.5x more than when slavery was abolished here in 1865, which by the way is the same year the clan was formed (which by YOUR LOGIC would mean slavery ended HUNDREDS of years ago). Never once have I heard a black person on TV talking about that and you know why? Because most don’t care. Black people aren’t owed anything for the bad things that happened to their ancestors by people whom have all died a long time ago. If we are going to play that game then I want reparations since Jesus was black because it’s Jesus fault that my pagan ancestors were murdered and had their lands stolen by the Catholic Church in the name of black Jesus.

      Dems are still the party of the KKK because they manipulate the black voters whom they use to get elected and stuff their wallets, and they also teach that white’s are the superior race otherwise why would black people be victims and not be capable of succeeding with effort like anyone else? Dems want to tell blacks how much harder things are for them because they don’t consider them as capable as white people, that’s why just last year Biden said in a speech “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” because in his mind black people are a lower class, two of his political mentors were the last open members of the KKK before it went underground. It never switched to Republican and it’s not even really a thing anymore. It’s a boogeyman created by the media so gullible idiots have an excuse for their antifa and BLM riots. It’s abusive to teach kids their white peers have an easier life and start them off early with a victim mentality. Research shows that an extrinsic locus of control leads to a higher chance of learned helplessness and lower self-esteem. CRT is just Marxist theory with a racial component because it’s easy for grifters to sell to morons and people looking for a free ride.

  4. Make sure to go out and vote in each of your local, state, and presidential elections.
    Also, don’t reply to the Russian Trump Bots in the replies. It only fuels them.

    1. @eric tyson That’s what Trump convinced his GA base to believe. And then he and Republicans LOST big time.

      “Vote for Trump! Don’t vote!”

    1. dude the 2022 midterms are in the bag for replublicans..one its historical that the other party always wins after presidential election and two the country is in disarray right now with the border…covid…economy..etc…I dont know how people arent scared more now than ever with the way the president is acting..I legit think he has dementia and might be time to swear the vp in.

    2. You people need to crush the vote the next 2 years. Then get ready to fight a civil war so you don’t become Gilead. Good luck!

  5. Kevin McCarthy should be removed from public service he doesn’t serve the American people. Americans want accountability it’s going hurt midterm for republicans. Even with cheating with voting rights . This guy delusional out of touch with what people want.

    1. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ LOL socialism is already here but it tends to benefit the rich much more. If you’re so against socialism stop driving on the highways, relying on the fire department and police departments, the library and so on. But seriously if that is all they have their future does not look good. Thank you for trying to explain but I think the Republican are more about culture wars, restricting the right to vote, and keep Americans fighting with each other so we don’t notice them picking our pockets. Be best.

    2. @J C I’m not offended by your comment and am sorry for wording my reply badly. I still think term limits are a bad idea

    3. Very few Republicans give a damn about this country. They rather serve the rich, starve the poor and proclaim their faux Christianity.

    4. @murray jeffery That’s totally fair, and no offense taken. It’s hard to convey tone in text form, and I try not to let comments bother me too much on social media.

      So just out of curiosity, would you like for term limits to be removed for president as well? I get this is a bit different, because someone could turn into a bit of a king, but the same can be said of a long serving senator as a duke and duchess.

    5. @J C I’m a lot like you, I never considered myself Democrat or Republican and I gave Trump the benefit of the doubt even though I knew his history I truly hope he would prove me wrong. After seeing all the Nazi and Confederate flags brought on by his rabid base I was completely turned off and disgusted. I thought the Republicans would have a spine and put a leash on their dog but they all just fell in line. As much as I hate to be categorized I choose to be a Democrat because I will not stand with a party of hate. You made some really great points and wish you a happy 4th of July weekend.

  6. We must remain strong… we must remain focused.. we must keep the house in 2022.. screw the republican party.. they’ve made their beds..

    1. Yeah, OK.

      The House is GONE. That’s why Democrat partisans are desperate to pass divisive legislation now now now…

    2. @B L Still trying to MAGA, make America gross again. White supremacy is gross and disgusting.

    1. @Roxanne Hale . It’s nothing to fear. The 2 party system has obsolete for some long time now. Reps don’t represent anyone save their donors, who own them. Even Princeton says the US has ceased being a democracy. A senile pedophilic plagiarist self-advertises as a return to normalcy “restoring the American soul.” He doesn’t understand that politicians like him helped America lose its soul for good over forty years ago….

    2. @Jeffrey Loveless they were armed.
      Those weapons included baseball bats, chemical sprays, a captured police officer’s riot shield, a crowbar, fire extinguishers and a metal flagpole.

      Thomas Webster, a retired New York Police Department officer, was charged with attacking a Metropolitan Police Department officer with a metal flagpole. The federal complaint says he struck at the officer “with the flagpole numerous times.”

      Before and after the storming of the Capitol, NBC News reported, police seized a dozen firearms, including an assault rifle, and thousands of rounds of ammunition from seven people attending the rally for President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. Other weapons included a crossbow, a stun gun and 11 Molotov cocktails.

    3. Jeffrey Loveless – If the show was on the other foot, you’d call it an insurrection. I don’t know you and I’m SURE of that. You’re pathetic.

  7. McCarthy: “We demand to know exactly what happened on Jan 6”. McCarthy: “We refuse to vote for a bipartisan commission to look into it even though the Democrats exceeded to my demands”. McCarthy: “If the Democrats hold this commission I will punish any Republican who joins it”. McCarthy: “The Democrats are holding a partisan commission not allowing us representation and so any conclusion will be one sided”.

    1. it was his plan all along, make the democrats look bad for even suggesting a commission

    2. They have run this playbook several times now. It’s so sad and flimsy in that It fools no one…except for their ignorant supporters

    3. @Gambit2483 that’s the entire playbook. Continue to gaslight and fool their mouthbreathing base while subsequently doing everything in their power to subvert democracy and consolidate more power. The question is whether or not they can accomplish the logical conclusion to those goals before Democrats can counteract it. Sadly, with the likes of people like Manchin and Sinema on the left that are too dense/bought/delusional, I’m not terribly confident that they won’t get their way in the end…

  8. Kevin McCarthy and the entire Republican party only care about one thing: POWER. at any and all costs.

    1. Such a wise point! Dey don’t remember wat dey r dear 4,dey just want 2 stay dear even if it’s hurting us,d people!

    2. and yet it is the democrats wanting to stack the courts…remove election powers from the states…give 6 dollars to everyone dollar raised for campaigns…allowing 180k in a month from the border and shipping them to red states to change the voting population…this is happening seriously…what is it that you are seeing that im not?

    1. They really think because they have made it harder to vote will give them a win not thinking that those law could affect their voters too.

    2. You don’t want to hold China accountable from their responsibility of killing millions of humans in whole world by spreading of Covid 19 from Wuhan Lab.

  9. I’m really disappointed in the anchor for not pushing back on this guy even harder. Stop being so gentle with these pathological liars!

    1. And uber giga Spiritual Hug n a Smack to You Miss Peppy Preppy Blake Babe( n be shur – uber happy for Her Spouse – now that’s sum kinda karma – all things assumed. Best B.

    2. There are not 2 sides. The one political party is protecting the truth. The truth is that powerful people cannot be held accountable for knowing about the externalities and completing a contract without renegotiating. CNN has to protect the same donors that this strategist represents.They need strategist to tell the victims of bad politics that they are fine and the benefactors that they are protected. Just having a strategist on and not asking:
      “Why does anyone in political office need a strategist?”
      “Does truth matter more in politics than money?”
      “How much of McCarthy’s (paid for by tax dollars that the wealthy somehow avoid) goes into a strategist pocket?”
      “Why does CNN want to ask a Strategist questions about the thinking of McCarthy?”
      “Does CNN have a dog in this fight?”
      “Can CNN earn money in advertising for companies that also pay this lobbyist/strategist?”
      “Can CNN expose this lobbyist/strategist donors and force them to give money in advertising to stop the persecution of bad politics?”

      There is only one party.

    3. Usual Republican talking points… “Remember when Scalise was shot??” Yeah… I remember when Abraham Lincoln was shot too, let’s go back to 1860, might as well. These are terrible people . The spin never stops.

    4. @Simon Sez what’s with the random word generator? Your comment is literally unintelligible…

  10. The attack on the Capitol was perpetrated by Republicans. We’ll see where it gets them.

  11. I hate to hear people talk in circles, deflect and lie…the Republican party is all that..the trumpublicans!!

  12. Translation: “If a person is a Republican, they cannot be a part of anything truthful, they need to lie and toe the line of our corporate overlords until we destroy democracy fully.”

    1. @J R How far do you want to go back! You think either party is perfect – they are not! People parties grown and learn – your country is no different – no progress is made by pointing out past mistakes! What is happening today for the people is what counts – going back to slavery is a foolish comparison trying to justify what the republicans are doing with voter suppression on people of colour! Try to have an original thought in your head and quit the whataboutism bullshit! The republicans under trump have fallen apart and they did nothing for the America people just the rich! The people who carried the water and kissed the ring of trump are either in jail indicted or about to be! What does that tell you the level of corruption in the Republican Party!

    2. @B L if he did what you say he did he would be on trial…2 impeachments..really?…they went after him like no other president and if he had something to really do with it you actually think they would let him get away with it.

    3. @Maureen Peterson no party is perfect but the democrats have always been on the side of racism always…you name it and it was them and yet you can defend it still

    4. @Maureen Peterson learning from the past is essential so as not to repeat mistakes.
      I am sure you r full of yourself (my way of not getting censored) but preach elsewhere

  13. Mike Shields studied in detail the speeches of Joseph Goebbels! Lying is an essential requirement for any job in the Republican Nazi Party.

    1. Why say such things? It really just leads to a conflict eventually especially with the way Biden admin has doing things which is really close to what the nazis did themselves…we need obama back

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