What should our response be to the noise? | Willie Geist | MSNBC

Willie Geist urges Americans to focus on truth as illegitimate and false claims of election fraud cloud the airways.

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What should our response be to the noise? | Willie Geist | MSNBC


    1. @Craig Mitchell Lol. I hear you brother. It is exhausting to put it mildly. Asking open-ended questions can sometimes cause someone to consider that they have not thought about “why” they are thinking something… Many are just blinded at being told what to think, and are sheep. But, neither you nor I is the true Shepherd. Glory be to the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the Christ, Jesus.

    2. @Musket Merve there are very few of us that see that this is what is happening. Divide and conquer will be the demise of the US as we know it. Both sides peddle hate. A nation of hate is what we will be.

    3. @Musket Merve unfortunately it’s tuff people are so set in their ways and convinced by what they hear. I just try and point out to people that everyone is different and have different needs. They need to be open to those needs and understand that working to compromise helps everyone. For one person to get 100% of what they want means someone else will get nothing.

    4. @Craig Norris How do you compromise though on certain hot button things? Take abortion for instance?

  1. On one hand I would like to see the republican party continue on this losing path. Like lemmings behind their golden boy former president trump and stay lost forever. On the other hand I would like to see the Republican party step up and tell their poster boy he actually lost and can get lost now while they seek s new path to actually win over new voters instead of trying to cancel the votes they didn’t get.

  2. What you do is,ignore him,do not give him airtime,concentrate on bringing him to justice,his taxes,rudy cruz ect.If he has no money he has no stronghold,bankrupt him delete him from all forms of media, as long as people talk about trump,then trump will keep coming back.His sons have to be brought to justice too

    1. It is time now to plan for 2024,making sure everyone has the correct identification,we also need to plan for the mid terms,we need to take more seats of the republicans

  3. Well ,what do you say to a madman , he doesn’t have a functioning brain to reason with in the first place,so the best answer to his noise is—- ignore him but watch every of his move like a hawk and never take his actions for granted ,plan and get ready to act on his actions if necessary cos he can hurt someone or the nation and claim that he is mentally unfit—-so be on the watch.

    1. 1k + comments on this channel alone, quit your caps lock crusade and go outside for once

  4. Even when they had it all they wanted to do was have big gatherings and bark at the moon.

  5. Trump: two divorces. 3 bankruptcies. One Einstein visa wife who went to high school. A true conservative.

    1. @Jona Doe …I cannot believe what a pass this fraud of a First Lady got.
      She lied to get into the country.
      She lied about her architecture school degree.

      Remember when the First Lady was a Harvard law school graduate?

  6. I really wish that the media, would quit tripping over themselves, to report Trump’s every move. He is no longer the president. The simple truth is, the media has played a role in giving the Trump Monster a voice. He dictated the whole scenario long before he was president. Quit feeding the monster. The swamp dwellers feed on all the free press. Cut their voice.

    1. Thees aren’t Republicans they formed a cult they need to loose to have the normal Republicans back, don’t forget that supremacy is they’re main idea

  7. Sincerely I don’t know how is it that Republicans denying the election results and fabricating Trump supposed triumph are not guilty of a criminal conduct. Why the justice system can’t reach them and punish them. Is it that 4 years of chaos wasn’t enough?

  8. The only thing I’m interested in hearing about concerning trump is, Justice has been served! This evil must be stopped and punished.

    1. Don’t want to hear T**** lies, or his noise! Other than him in orange jumpsuit, don’t want his images on tv.

    2. @TMC CLIFFORD he will be on TV for at least 4 more years. Democrats won the election on hate. They need to keep the hate alive until next election to retain voters.

  9. The first three letters of the CPAC operation are CON. As in CONman, CONdone, CONspiracy, CONviction and CONfinement.

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