1. @Donald Pump

      Which is why they have to buy “prosthetic butt babies” in order to experience what birth might be like from the colon. Because no-one with XY chromosomes can give birth, naturally. Your make believe bullshit isn’t reality.

    2. @Donald Pump

      “Swyer syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by the failure of the sex glands (i.e., testicles or ovaries) to develop. Swyer syndrome is classified as a disorder of sex development (DSD), which encompasses any disorder in which chromosomal, gonadal or anatomic sex development is abnormal.”

      It’s a disorder, not some “extra gender”. Stop being anti-science.

    3. @Eternal Truth

      “Yup, Republicans believe that Kennedy Jr. will come back and will restore Trump’s presidential powers”

      And YOU believe the insurrection was on 1/6 and not 5/29. You also believe in make-believe fairytale genders, pumping children with hormones and mutilating them, and that pedophilia is a valid sexuality, not to mention that gunning down cops and burning down black owned businesses is “peaceful protesting”.

      Utterly hilarious.

    1. Exactly. Manchin & Sinema put their foots on the brakes several times. Especially Sinema thumbs down on wage raises

    2. @jo mamacita you didn’t know that? Of course. I work for a Temp agency that allows us to pay our warehouse, construction employees & office workers 16- 25 an hr for 8-10 hr days & get paid weekly. They work hard, & have families to feed. Going back to 8 – 10 bucks an hour would be a maaaaaajor setback.

    3. @Ruben Reyna govt can set min wage but the result of increasing it is what u have now…market always ALWAYS sets price in the long run…enjoy your excess money, you’re gonna need it if you like to eat

    1. obviously the major development is the fact that it’s confirmed. You don’t announce the results before you know for certain what they are

    2. @Ian Bartley doesn’t matter! Now the investigations of the real criminals are going to happen and no longer will the crimes of the Biden’s be hidden like they have in the past. Instead of wasting more millions of taxpayer dollars on investigations on Trump like in the past where they found NOTHING the tide is shifting towards exposing the many crimes of the Biden’s and how they’ve gotten millions! I say hurray. Maybe now you will see how desperate the left is to get a man that’s not guilty of anything they say he is. According to your comment, I see you support the criminals! Too bad! You’re in for a lot of surprises. AND I CANTVWAIT!!

    3. Well… Ehm, they wanted a red wave. That didn’t happen. Republicans counted themselves rich by listening to MAGA supporters. Screaming red waves, while moderates don’t like chaos and lunatic loudmouths. Well, ignoring moderates is never a good idea, whetter it’s right or left! After all, the majority of the people are moderates.

  1. Now we have a Congress with one foot on the gas and the other on the brakes, while simultaneously fighting over the steering wheel and wanting to drive the country into opposite directions. 🙄

    1. @dave mitchell No that it will work, Newsom hitting brakes. He is better at Running to bunkers when MAGA supporters are attacking Congress.

    1. @Probie The Tank, If you don’t believe Biden, his press secretary, the news reports or researched what his administration has accomplished, you won’t believe me either. As for high prices, it has nothing to do with either Trump or Biden. Inflation is worldwide, even worse in Europe than in U.S. It’s a result of interruption in the supply chain & logistics, caused by 2 years of the co-vid pandemic & Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It means the supply of consumer products doesn’t meet the demand for them. When supply doesn’t meet demand, prices go up. They also go up when businesses get greedy by exploiting the supply shortage to make customers unnecessarily pay more, or in some cases businesses that lost profits during the pandemic from lack of sales, try to make up their losses by raising prices. Prices also go up when wages go up. Workers were already demanding higher wages when Trump was still president, but by the time employers began to increase them as they experienced labor shortages, Biden had become president. If you want to blame Democrats for higher wages, then blame Republicans for when they were lower. If Democrats didn’t do anything to help you, it’s bc Republicans obstructed them from doing it.

    1. @Dj Jackson I’m betting now. Gavin Newsome becomes potus in 2024. The entire nation completely collapses a number of years later

    2. @Dj JacksonExplain to me how we’re going down for the next 2 years. We’ve been going down badly for the last 2 years. Biden administration is a failure. Massive inflation, increased govt spending, stopped our energy production and continuing to do so, was about to increase taxes (house can stop that now), no border control, child and drug trafficking increase, and sending billions overseas when we should be taking care of our own. And all democrats care about is which gender can use which bathroom and dragging our children to pride.

  2. Now that the Republicans are in control of the House they deal finally with Greene’s concerns about the super-secret laser satellite starting California wildfires. 🤣🤣

  3. “What the (Trumpian) GOP taking control of the House means” so let’s otherwise “Convince It Forward” and Laus DEO

  4. In countries that aren’t as divided as the US, having a certain party be in control doesn’t necessarily mean that national agenda would grind to a halt. But since there are only two parties and both consider the other as enemies, this might mean nothing will get done. They’ll be too busy fighting each other instead of doing the work they were put there to do.

    And this on top of the fact that American Congress was never the most efficient organization to begin with even under better circumstances.

    1. better a standstill and taking time to consider than to go ahead with plans that would be destructive..the beauty of the united states system of government

    2. I would rather they kept fighting with each other, over Biden deciding he can confiscate firearms and nullify the 2A on executive fiat alone. Kind of like student loan debt.

    3. @Mikko Skousen I would agree, if that’s what they were doing. In reality, they just can’t stand the other side getting credit for a good policy and would instead choose to derail or sabotage. The pettiness when it comes to policies happens more often on the GOP side, but both are guilty of it to a certain extent.

    4. @Chris Albertyes this kind of pettiness is destructive. Advancement requires analysis which requires time and effort, and when people are more interested in food, sports, liesure, being high, wearing designer clothing and driving expensives cars, etc..etc…then of course the system fails. Luckily, the designers of the US political system set it up to be in a state of limbo (or declining standars of living) until the people take the time to educate themselves enough. A president or top leader cannot so easily make an important decision without first finding agreement from enough of the other parties. It is all based on access to information, and unfortunately there has been a tendency to filter out information from one side or the other and thus making it more difficult for those that are actually interested in the issues rather than the parties.

  5. This country would be in far better shape if it established term limits for all members of congress and added 2 more legitimate political parties.

  6. In the meantime, what’s wrong with New York, Southern Florida, and California who are traditionally Democrat states and regions suddenly electing Republicans into the House of Representatives.

    Historically, the Republican strongholds are the rural and “Bible Belt” states, not urbanized counterparts like the US Mid West region, California, New York State, and Southern Florida.

  7. Remember back when when dems and republicans disagreed with each others views but still managed to find a common ground for the American people?

  8. This is also something that effects independent voters. You know those of us who are not happy with this 2 team nonsense with NO representation for the rest of us.

  9. Secretaries should refuse to attend the committee hearing…”what is good for the goose is good for the gander”

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