What The Latest Weak Jobs Report Means For A Post-Covid Economy | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @YouTube Moderator dont blame laws preventing slave wages for your unsustainable business models.

      If fast food can’t pay its employees fast food should not exist.

      Its called capitalism.
      Sorry you can’t compete without an underclass.

      You want capitalism were you dont have to compete, it’s called oligarchy.

      Move to russia,where the economy you believe in already exists.

    2. @jeremy tee I grew up inner city, no college. I ow3n a nice house. Maybe you are just lazy?

    3. @jeremy tee So so so lazy and privileged and white and frail. Ever get your hands dirty? You are an embarrassment to the working man.

    4. @YouTube Moderator oh look an extra post just to call names.
      You are just so hard.

      Get a hug princess.

    1. @K Cooper If Democrat Mayors and Govnors weren’tcomplete idiots we wouldn’t need to bail them out. their murder rates wouldn’t be skyrockrting, the Blue cities wouldn’t have burned all summer and there wouldn’t be a war on police.

    2. @David Eby There isn’t a war on cops, if they want to be considered professionals behave that way, in every occupation there is transparency and accountability. At every so-called burning and looting the proud boys were there, can you tell me why?

    3. @Apep What would your solution to the pandemic have been? Drinking some bleach? Going about your daily life as usual? Then what? What would have happened if EVERYONE had done this? Right….the bleach would’ve killed them.

    4. @K Cooper Ibet the “K” stands for Karen!!! There is a war on cops. Obama declared the war on cops. Demonrats have continued the war to this day. Police do a great job and when you watch the videos of the abuse they endure from lowlifes all day long it’s no wonder they snap once in a great while.

  1. I got an idea. Pay Congress and Senators minimum wage, like those GREAT jobs being offered out there without benefits and exposed to disease carrying no-maskers.

    1. @Luis Rubalcava you really think anyone would even take the time or trouble to be a politician if they got minimum wage ? If I got paid minimum wage at my job it would
      Be easier life stacking shelves at Walmart for the same money , you just wouldn’t put yourself through the stress of a high responsibility job for minimum wage , nobody would Do the work

    2. @N W high responsibility? Those people dont care about policies as long as they get reelected. And it would be a great thing to only have people willing to ACTUALLY work for the people instead of trying to remain in power and trying to get rich.

    3. @N W the only people that would want to be a politician would be true patriots and not a money hungry leech

  2. Almost all of the places claiming they “can’t find workers” put this out: Wanted, min wage, fully bilingual xyz with at least 6 years experience and bachelor’s degree; Oh and no benefits. Gee, I wonder what’s going wrong.

    1. @Randall H. –
      15 dollars an hour is not livable in booming areas,
      -Booming areas have fewer employees available.

      Even if any your points were valid.
      It doesn’t support your strong conclusion that people are avoiding work to obtain unemployment.

      It’s been a talking point since the beginning of the pandemic.

      You and business owners purporting this nonsense,have been circling the arrow with a target from day 1 on this issue.
      All it tells us, is that youre chronically comfy and have strong presumption concerning your politics

      The premise ignores the fact that it is not legal to avoid work and receive unemployment in most states.
      These agencies can and do perform audits.
      The same business owners that are hyperbolically whining about this can and in fact do, call unemployment to tattle when they offer a job and it’s not taken.

      Plenty of unemployment fraud,its illegal,and there are already systems in place to deal with it.

      If you know people commiting fraud,report them.

      Otherwise, stop worrying about poor people in need getting overpaid and mind your super comfy bussiness.

    2. @jeremy tee Everyone has to start somewhere. I joined the company I’m with now in 2009 at $10/hr and have worked my way up to a six figure salary. Before 2009 I had a less than glamorous job at a company that paid 100% tuition reimbursement if you carried a B average for five years while I got thru college completing a Business degree. There is a big problem with entitlement these days. Even when I was doing interviews with applicants by the dozens 95% of them don’t know how to interview, they know nothing about the company they are interviewing with. How does that happen when you have a super computer at your fingertips that will tell you anything about anything or anyone in seconds? Because people are lazy and expect things to be given to them without putting in any effort.

    3. @Randall H. you didnt start at 10 dollars an hour .
      You started as an embryo.
      You discount the support system that got you to and beyond 10 dollars an hour.
      You didnt do it all yourself, no one did.

      It’s not surprising when people dont understand the poverty in our culture,
      However somewhat sick that the comfy believe that they do.

      Also we are In a pandemic, this isn’t about where anyone started,
      this started a year ago,while it’s getting better it’s not over.

      In the end your statement is digression and only illustrates your ignorance to the nepotism that you believe to be your success.

      Lots about you, not a single point that I made was addressed.

    4. @Randall H. also,
      You dont have to post monoliths,
      That was a lot to read only to find nothing of value.

      Your “95%” claim does sum it all up simply,
      Your conclusions are completely made up.

  3. Low employment numbers
    Republicans: See, your stimulus money is making people lazy

    High employment numbers
    Republicans: See, the economy is healing on its own. Your stimulus fund was not necessary.

    1. @Apep Of course nothing yet. You think presidents can just pull out magic wands to do that? The first push was for stimulus to keep everyone afloat. THE SECOND PHASE IS THE AMERICAN JOBS PLAN! That’s what will provide the investments to generate more jobs and not just bring back the lost jobs.

    2. @Apep -OMG! You can honestly sit there and say that Obama didn’t pull us out of the recession? You should spend a little more time reading instead of watching videos.

    3. um low unemployment numbers mean everyone’s working, so that would indicate low benefits not high ones

    4. @Me Here No, low unemployment numbers mean few are looking for work. Some could have just given up, and stopped looking. Some could consider it too dangerous to be among the public, when so many are unwilling to abide by simple public health measure, or get vaccinated, especially when they are getting decent unemployment pay. Some could be willing to work, but have school age children they don’t want to put at risk, in schools full of other unvaccinated children.

    5. @Deborah Freedman in some cases yes it can mean that, but lets remember it also means these people are incomeless & not even attempting to rectify that, so that does NOT apply to the majority! $1,400 is not enough for people to pull out of the workforce for months! Low unemployment is therefore NOT a sign that stimulus money has made people lazy, cause they dont’ get any unemployment if not in the unemployed figures

  4. So like always we as a people are suppose to except that the New York hob snobs will strong arm us so that they win?

  5. If the Infrastructure Bill goes through, there will be thousands of good well paid jobs, building back America and making it a great place to live in the future.

    1. Last year when Trump proposed a $2T infrastructure bill democrats didn’t want any of it. So what changed? Like when democrats filibustered Covid19 relief packages for 6 months. They want a D on the bill, not an R.

  6. Theres so many jobs here where i live nobody wants to work there making more on unemployment nobody believes in fixing our country😞

    1. so employ immigrants to work the jobs then. Not rocket science! That’s what we did in my country for the jobs people refused to take even with an extra $6,000 in government benefits for anyone that did them for 6 weeks (in addition to all wages they earnt & without any loss of benefits). Less than 100 people here took up that $6000 offer, so we just imported workers from tourism focused developing world locations & let them send most of their income home

  7. People don’t want to go back to work when they found other ways of making money that don’t involve arguing with cult45 about wearing masks and potentially getting sick? I’m so shocked that minimum wage workers don’t want to come back, especially when a lot of those jobs also want fully open availability and also the ability to force you into work when someone calls in suddenly. Our job market has evolved, and employers won’t grow with it…

  8. US added just 266,000 Jobs in April, far below expectations. Welcome to the Biden economy.

  9. gotta love business & gop complaining “people arent taking our sh*tty jobs anymore because they realize they deserve better”

  10. One of the BIGGEST problems is that companies like Dollar Tree & Dollar General are hiring at 8, 9 & maybe 10 an hour if you’re lucky here in Texas, but will only let you work 30 hours so they don’t have to give you health insurance, which is total BS!!!

  11. I work for a big airline company for the last 14 year’s. They lay me off last year. My pay was 25.00 hour,. My current mortgage is 1350.00 monthly. How can I survived with 10.00 an hour or a part time job?? I had apply for several jobs like American Airlines, Discover, Wells Fargo and others. No one call me back. I wanted work but how can I live with 12.00 per hour when I was making 25.00?? 12.00 can’t pay my mortgage. I’m a single 60yo lady and I’m single! On top age seems to be a problem nowadays.

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