What To Expect From Biden's First Foreign Trip And Summit With Putin 1

What To Expect From Biden’s First Foreign Trip And Summit With Putin


Biden's national security adviser says Biden will communicate U.S. values at Putin summit
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  1. Im betting it wont be alone one on one with Putin with Biden asking for his translators notes after the meeting. Im also going to say Biden wont come back saying Putin wants to make a trade of some sort for Bill Broder that he is considering.

    1. @steve woodward And your point? Which president doesn’t have more leverage in their second term? I guess you really have no clue and just repeating right wing media talking points. That’s all you guys do….no thought behind what is being said just repeat it like a parrot and then tell is fake news.

    2. @Ryan R Only a conspiracy theorist would still be pushing Russiagate. If there had been something substantial against Donald Boogeyman, it would have been revealed by Robert Mueller.
      Am I a Trump supporter? No. He’s odious along with the rest of the GOP. But so is MSDNC and the Dems.
      Time for a 3rd party

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Nope, it was a report paid for by us about our elections and I want to see it. I want to know the truth, unlike you.

    4. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson It hasn’t been debunked and their were multiple convictions for felonies. You are living in an alternative reality.

    1. Biden will tell Putin to give the former mayor of Moscow’s wife a big hug for the million dollars she gave Hunter a few years ago.

    2. You also won’t see Biden and Putin leaning over when the press isn’t looking to whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears

  2. “Not much” ….. Biden is not ‘sleepy Joe’ or any of the other stupidities that some post …. But he is a man of reason in an unreasonable world and he seems to be missing that …. When you are VP, it’s OK, because the buck passes you right by … But not now, now it is his problem and he needs to grasp that as the USA collapses rapidly into the far right.

  3. Me. President, The Republicans are threatening our democracy. What are you going to do about _that?_

    1. That’s why he’s going to Russia! To learn from Putin on how to CRUSH your political enemies! Haha! It will be a GLORIOUS event for the Democrats! Thanks to Putin!

  4. Hacking group Anonymous has warned Elon Musk to “expect us” in a video that accused the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX of ruining lives by manipulating cryptocurrency markets.

  5. Now Finally today, 6/7, the VP shows up in Central America, and tells them ” do not come to the US. We will enforce our laws” WTF didnt this administration say that months ago?
    Why isn’t Harris or Biden at the border talking to our border patrol and local law enforcement? Answer= they don’t want to hear the truth. Incompetent.

    1. @James Smith Do all the other patients in your psych ward feel the same way about mush for brains Biden?

  6. Here I’ll

    Putin: Biden shut up I’ll tell you what to say

    Biden: ok boss thanks for helping

  7. I expect alot of moaning groaning some confusion with a splash of dementia put in there

  8. What to expect from Biden’s first summit? Incompetence. Embarrassment. Excuses, and praise from the media.

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