What To Expect From Trump Org. Indictments After Weisselberg's Surrender 1

What To Expect From Trump Org. Indictments After Weisselberg’s Surrender

Allen Weisselberg, the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, has surrendered to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as he and the company prepare to face tax-related charges. NBC News' Tom Winter analyzes what to expect from the indictments and the criminal case next.

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What To Expect From Trump Org. Indictments After Weisselberg's Surrender


  1. I don’t believe diapers are sold in commissary. Can’t wait for the mugshot. Get the popcorn

    1. I am afraid you will have to wait a long time… so keep the diapers for yourself. I would love to see the whole Trump mafia in prison… but I am smart enough to know it will NEVER happen.

    1. @Harold Moore WHOS hurt? You can’t find an ID grades are “racist” because democrats tell me that you can’t think smartly about anything

    2. @just me are you a bigot or is it true what democrats say about indigenous people and intelligence. You can’t compete in schools with “GRADES” democrats call you stupid BOY

    1. That’s because they’re at the border covering the wall! Why didn’t Trump visit the fallen condominium in his back yard?

    2. @A C Annie has no business being there he’s no longer president oh, he’s there because his entire organization in New York just got indicted and he’s trying to lay low, guarantee he don’t go back to New York New Jersey for quite some time, I won’t be too shocked if he just fly straight to Russia

    3. Our foreign policy is to divide and conquer. . This is what the gop has been doing for decades. They divide us into camps with fear against LGBT, migrants, blacks, abortion, public and private schools, healthcare etc., and they stay in office doing nothing yet increasing our taxes,

    4. @Dog Poo Fairy i get a kick out of you saying donny the con man has a good accountant. Your comment was 10 hours ago. Since then he was indicted ,taken to jail, and charged with felonies , fraud from lieing about 1.7 million in unpayed income. haaaaaaaaaaaaa. And FYI. Drump aint no billionaire.

    1. @B. T.

      Hes always going to be a millionaire, he doesn’t do his taxes at home with TurboTax dude, he pays people who assume the responsibility for tax corrections like H&R Block does for me

  2. Trump Organization is indicted the same day Bill Cosby gets out of prison. You’ve got to be pudding me on.

    1. @Sherry Jee The spelling was deliberate. I was referencing Cosby’s Jello Pudding TV commercials.

    2. @Sherry Jee Are you daft it’s a joke call back and watch TV from the 60s and 70s he sold pudding pops

    1. @AJ Tate
      “If my father is not re-elected, many of us are going to prison.”
      —Donald J. tRump, Jr., 2020

  3. Weisselberg’s still got to finish out the workweek. Those books aren’t going to cook themselves, and you know his boss can’t count.

    1. Don’t you morons Ever wonder why there’s been a million different things that were supposed to remove him or put him in jail for 4 years yet there’s never any actual evidence to get it done?

    2. you know nothing at all what books were cooked ,,you are a liar ,,they just reported ,no books were cooked or any fraud against trump

    3. Trump can’t spell either which is why he doesn’t use email, America had an illiterate fake president for 4 years that’s still astounds me

  4. “There’s more money stolen with a briefcase than with the barrel of a gun”. Woody Guthrie

    1. You got that right! They throw a kid in jail for stealing tennis shoes or a six pack but these crooks go free!

  5. In a world where Trump means ‘publicly owned’, Mar-a-Lago will make a tremendous Immigration and Naturalisation Center.

    1. Florida is populated with Hispanic and Trump residents is in the middle of it. I can’t make this sh*t up y’all.

    1. I can’t understand why not, because trump, as we’ve seen for the past 5 years, is a “control freak”, and everything has his blessing to achieve whatever he wants!!!! If these people that worked for trump are smart, they’ll give him up, once and for all. It’s the only way to move forward and insure, he can never run for any office, ever again, and shut him up for good!!!!!! I am sick of his whining and disruption to American’s lives!!!!!!

  6. He is paying for his crimes of corruption, greed, cheating, all the bad things people know are bad to do and yet he did them “for his family” … lessons for All the World to see that Jail comes for you, sooner or later.
    Lock him up! Lock them all up!

    1. @Eric Staples you must be watching fox because he got condos and schooling for his kids for free without paying taxes. Hello?
      Is that fair to you?

    2. @Nathan Juan That depends if he hangs all the decisions on Allen and if Allen is looking at jail time for those tax fraud decisions. … I’m sure allen’s not looking forward to retiring in jail.

    1. @Mike Cooper They have all of Deutsche Bank records pertaining to Trump and his business, plus Mazar’s accounting firm records. Both are fully co operating with investigators. Some months ago the Manhattan DA received Donnie’s tax returns.

    2. @Mike Cooper
      trumpy will release his tax statements when he shows us his health plan. It’ll be ready soon

    1. Properly, it is the Republican Fascist Party, with direct ties to Putin and Soviet Russia, and Putin’s plan to annex the U.S. into his new Soviet Union.

    2. ​@John O Fair but like I just feel like blanket saying all republicans is kind of harsh I want to believe there are some good republicans.

    3. @David Lee Fascism is strong statement but when DeSantis pass legislation like HB 233 (Indoctrination Bill… questions faculty, staff and students on they’re ideologies at universities and colleges) HB 1 and SB 90. Makes for a persuasive argument that they might just be Authoritarian Fascist.

    4. @EternalRecurrence just look at the productive stuff Dems are doing despite cynical republican gridlock. Republicans are the problem. Republicans are dysfunctional, too extreme and way far right

    5. *_THE GOP HAS GOT TO GO. They lie, cheat, promote racism and a Russian agenda, allow us to die needlessly and protect organized criminal activity, and are openly destroying our freedom and system of justice for all. How long are WE THE PEOPLE going to let a minority of hate mongering traitors control our country? THE GOP SUPPORTS TRUMP. They ignore the will of the people in favor of their agenda which serves only themselves and the wealthy._*

    1. Nonsense. What about Bill Cosby the molester? The new saying from fake news is, “Only TRUMP doesn’t pay taxes in US, without any evidence at all”.

    2. @geff mburu
      Your incredulity is only a part of the problem.
      It seems willful ignorance is at the root.

    3. @Moon Shoes no evidence….they keep claiming that even though people keep getting thrown in jail.

    4. @Six Kidlets
      And “whataboutisms”. The Cosby argument demonstrates they don’t understand that, despite Cosby being awful, there was good reason to overturn his conviction based in our system of law.

  7. Donald Trump’s financial empire has a foundation of hot air and the Statue of Liberty is going to give the Trump empire a cold shoulder.

    1. People are taking mexican visa to visit usa. I didn’t know thag usa and Mexico has open border.

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