What To Expect Of Grand Jury In Trump's Criminal Probe 1

What To Expect Of Grand Jury In Trump’s Criminal Probe


Adam Kaufmann, who served 18 years as a prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office, joins Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss why witnesses are granted immunity when testifying before a grand jury in New York and what to expect of the grand jury in the criminal probe of Donald Trump.
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  1. Nixon’s ghost can finally rest in peace, because he is no longer the most corrupt president in American history.

    1. You are calling the uncorrupt the most corrupt , you will be treated the same way you treat gods anointed.

    2. The Fake News Village Idiots, are truly mentally corrupted and mentally Sick…. It’s time to take fight back and put decades of corruption to and end… Shut down the fakenews industry as they are the real enemy from within.

  2. We are in the middle of a bizarre situation! Yup! Maybe so. It’s a train wreck situation in dc. Grand juries are fascinating though. Goody kids… popcorn for everyone else! Movies? Yup.

    1. You believe that? Let me tell you what would happen if the Democrats put hand cuffs on Donald trump.they would have a armed revolution that would completely destroy this country.ive already talked to a lot of used to be Biden supporters and most said they don’t even believe he was elected in an honest election and most say he has dementia.

    2. @Harold Counts Russian troll. You people so desperately want a civil war in the US, but there’s not a whole lot you can do to foment that from behind your keyboard in St. Petersburg

  3. It’s funny how they say all of this…but have no identified crime. It’s just panic.

    1. Tax fraud and bank fraud, for starters. You see, when you tell the bank that your hotel is worth X amount, but tell the IRS it’s worth Y amount, that’s a crime. You’re welcome

    2. No identified crime? Not that YOU know of. They already have plenty of evidence that he inflated the value of his properties for the purpose of getting loans and deflated them for tax purposes. He also claimed a 22 million dollar loss for choosing not to make one of his properties, a mansion, into rental apartments when he didn’t even have a permit to break it down into apartments. Also, he claimed non-existent offices in different cities as an expense. Don’t be blinded by the fact he advocates things you believe in, the man is incompetent and a fraud. Dems did the same when they ignores the awful things Hillary did. Tribalism pure and simple.

    3. @Greg Bors Tax fraud? You mean he used the tax loophole when before he became the President? If that’s a crime then every Billionaire, Politician and Hollywood celebrity should be rotting in jail. But you braindead liberals ignore the crimes of Dementia Biden family and Biden using his power to help his son Hunter get a job in Ukraine.
      Dementia Biden forced Ukraine government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son’s corruption by withholding the aid.

    1. The one that detailed ten potential instances of obstruction of justice by Trump? Yes, I have.

    2. @Greg Bors bruh, u write a report about someone you hate. “we have no evidence but he could have done this”. this wasn’t trumps buddy, this was trumps enemy. he couldn’t find anything. so after two years of tax paying for this investigation, the best they could do was he could of done x,y, and z. just smoke screen, same as the attempt to indict him. i don’t love trump but to be so prejudiced that you listen to one side of a narrative, and ignore the other. i respect both sides but these sides have no incentive to be honest about the other, and no motive to care about lying in order to better their parties chance of success.

    3. @Jack OK, the Mueller report means that Trump has never committed financial crimes Whatever it takes for you to get through your day. Maybe an indictment is coming, maybe not, but either way, your opinion doesn’t factor into it (unless you’re on the grand jury, which you’re not)

  4. What to expect? More smoke and mirrors to get you, the viewer to watch so the media can make money off of your stupidity. It’s all bait and no reward.

  5. I don’t know if I’m understanding this correctly if all the swamp Crooks want to go in and testify against Trump they won’t be prosecuted for anything if that’s true it sucks

    1. Yeah, you don’t get it. The grand jury is mostly going to be looking at Trump’s financial records (the ones he was so desperate to hide) to determine if he falsified anything to try to secure bank loans or avoid paying taxes (which, knowing Trump’s history, I’m 99% sure he did)

    2. @Greg Bors orchestrated by the person who should be investigating Kwahomo…playtime is over kiddies…

  6. Revelation 18:23 and 9:21
    “for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived”. Sorceries in these two verses, in the original Greek is pharmakeia which means a drug! What has all nations deceived right now?? What is the solution being offered right now??
    All thanks to the Most High God for warning us!!!

  7. I can tell you what to expect. More lies and less transparency. But of course orange man bad even hes proven right abt something new almost every day

  8. I swear TDS has done more damage to our country than covid. Literally millions of liberal brains have been turned to mush due to their hatred for one man. It’s fascinatingly sad/hilarious

    1. God’s anointed king , the world hates christians , but trump even more. The demon possessed are going crazy. He will be back shortly as president of the republic in his 1st term. (act of 1871 dissolved)

    2. Trump has a long history as a scam artist and crook. It predates his political career. Do a little research on the Trump Foundation and Trump University

  9. Where is the investigation into the big guy and his 10%? What about Ukraine and biden admitting to withholding aid in exchange for the termination of a prosecutor looking into him and his sons dealings? These we all have proof.

  10. Trump will get away with it like everything else. He is a perfect Mobster and knows how to keep control.

  11. Shame on American politicians!! This continues attack on one of the greatest Presidents ever is a full horse and pony show! We The True American PATRIOTS know what you are doing!!

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