What to know about Donald Trump's mounting legal troubles 1

What to know about Donald Trump’s mounting legal troubles


The Angle on America panel discusses the charges expected against the Trump organization and what it means for the former president.

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    1. @Shane Swanson if u cant see what the liberanos are trying to pull u have no clue whats going on… Proves not everyone should be permitted to vote

    2. @Shane Swanson libs are shady asf on the regular had libs in charge of bc for a long time lots of scandals and back room deals.

    1. This is the internet, you get to choose whatever news you want. Why bother with news you aren’t interested in?

    2. Our Chinada run by Jokster…always point finger at President Trump..
      Meanwhile…look at the dust bunnies under our corrupt politicians beds….

    3. @Wunderin Wynd Feather aka Skjeren Right don’t even compare to kkkanada we’re just as horrible. we’re getting to our revolution. It’s almost here

    1. Well when Trump is back as President, Trudeau will be very scared since his name is on the Jeffery Epstein Island list!!

  1. It’s been well over 5 years of “The end is near”, “beginning of the end”, “final nail in the coffin”, “bombshell developments” and on and on.. This goes absolutely nowhere.

  2. Did she say that the government going after individuals and corporations is a new precedent ?
    Um…she might want to read a history book.

    1. You got it. Anyone can be investigated for crimes; that’s just called the legal system.

    2. He not even rich in comparison to the top 1% they don’t pay taxes as they should. Open this can of worms and let them all pay there fair share not just reap off the backs of regular folks.

    1. @Geordan Lucio Investigations? Hard to have an investigation when the Republicans won’t allow facts to be heard. Trump should be in jail. Hopefully sooner than later. Loosen that chin strap on your tin foil hat.

    2. @Patty Gould NO the audit proved that Biden and the Democrats are losers and Arizona is going to be given to Trump just like Georgia and Pennsylvania will, Anyone that thought Trump lost are the Jokes and those same jokes took the vaccines and now they are living their last 0-5 years. Isn’t great how things all work out!!

    1. @Stewart MacLean oh wow insults , that’s it ??? That all you got ?? No facts no evidence just name calling not only are you wayyyy……. out of your depth in this conversation, but you attempting to tread water with lead boots on
      Try again soft lad

    1. Shawn
      They will say he deserves jail for this…
      Still, for the residents, it doesn’t cost a dime to dwell there either…

    2. @underfire987 Sure bud, keep going on the copium. TRUMP LOST! No evidence to suggest otherwise. I’M sure you have “mountains” of evidence but you will be too lazy to present any and funny enough none of it has made it to TRUMPS own lawyers hand to be presented in court.

    3. Wait until your hear about Hillary’s emails or Benghazi. Conservatives are the kings of the witch hunt.

  3. Hahahahaha it’s sooo funny everyone that hates trump is happy about him getting charged Dahli.

  4. we need TURDEAU to be in legal trouble for stealing taxpayer money. And all his shady money laundering from the TURDEAU foundation.

    1. @DGamerPrince i partially agree trudeau has not done anything. Albeit, he is by far the worst pm ever

  5. Politics over justice. Guilty before innocent. It’s turning more and more like the Soviet Union. Sad to see.

    1. How ? He’s being charged and then he’ll fight it in court. That’s how the law has always worked. You’re actually a goof.

    1. @Francois Leveille you look exactly how I figured someone stupid enough to write that would look interesting.

    1. @Cc6574 why are you still talking about him? seriously? who asked? who cares that you think he’s “shitting” himself lol

  6. Canadian “news” ratings started dropping again, time to talk about Teflon Don to get the ratings up.

  7. why not report the dirt on the current president. i know i know its a big mountain to dig through, but u gotta start somewhere. i suggest starting at the fact he met his current wife while she was babysitting for him. not a crime but definitely a moral conundrum wouldnt you say?

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