What to know about NY Gov. Cuomo's resignation and who will replace him 1

What to know about NY Gov. Cuomo’s resignation and who will replace him


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation Tuesday over a barrage of sexual harassment allegations.

The 63-year-old denied intentionally mistreating women and called the pressure for his ouster politically motivated, but the entire Democratic establishment had turned against him, with U.S. President Joe Biden joining those calling on him to resign.

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    1. GIRLS and their tasteless videos on Tik Tik killed the ‘me too” movement… yeah you know who you are girls!!!

  1. He the fallguy eh smoke and mirror Mike the Pillow guy showing how they steal the show Uknow Nursing scandal still ongoing hehehe…

    1. You had me at Mike the Pillow guy. You must be very intelligent to quote such a prominent figure, as “Mike the Pillow Guy”. I bet your IQ is at the very least in the high 60s!!

    1. What for ? He should get sued by the 11 women, COVID related deaths due to stupidity of putting recovering COVID patients in residences. Corruption, bullying , ….

  2. Lol Biden calls for him to resign over sexual allegations, oh the irony. Maybe he should take some of his own advice. Justice for Tara!

  3. Ok now they should sue him for putting COVID patients in residences, corruption, and damages to women that were abused by this bully.

    1. Better yet just name the few non corrupt politicians in the dem party and I’m sure republicans have a few too , most of them become so entitled it makes you sick

    2. @Dean Nicol after the last year there’s proof that requirements for republican party status inckude being corrupt the whole party is a dumpster fire

  4. Democrats have more honor than Canadian liberals who have cultishly stood by Trudeau with all his numerous scandals. A democrat president would have been kicked out, had they been involved in a fraction of what Trudeau has been involved in.

  5. It’s time to admit, we are ruled by phsyco paths. Every last one of them. Elections are selections.

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