What To Know About The Resignation Of A Top Deputy Investigating Origins Of Russia Probe | MSNBC

What To Know About The Resignation Of A Top Deputy Investigating Origins Of Russia Probe | MSNBC 1


The resignation of Nora Dannehy, a federal prosecutor probing of the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, is triggering concerns over whether Attorney General Bill Barr could be pressuring the team to release information that could give President Trump an advantage in the upcoming election.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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What To Know About The Resignation Of A Top Deputy Investigating Origins Of Russia Probe | MSNBC

87 Comments on "What To Know About The Resignation Of A Top Deputy Investigating Origins Of Russia Probe | MSNBC"

  1. Bill barr should be jailed

    • Emotions don’t count, thankfully. The hammer of justice will still fall with swiftness and lethality. Put a helmet on.

    • Bill Barr should be behind bars.

    • Hahaha 😆🖕

    • Prison rations will probably lessen his pot belly.

    • marc matthias Please provide information as to the exact crimes that Barr committed. At least he never made a statement such as former Attorney General Eric Holder who said that he was Obama‘s wing man. A wing man protects his/her partner. Obama reciprocated when he protected Holder from possible criminal prosecution by classifying all information pertaining to the Mexican gun running scandal that killed at least one American and countless Mexicans. This gunrunning scandal was called fast and furious.

  2. Sometimes…..Silence speaks volumes….Good for her…!!!

  3. Uncle Tim's Kitchen | September 12, 2020 at 12:32 PM | Reply

    Next thing you know he will be executing dissidents with a howitzer!!! (sound familiar) Or better yet, poisoning them. This is a true dictator in the making!!!!

  4. The Zombie Whisperer | September 12, 2020 at 12:34 PM | Reply

    Blu Tsunami 2020
    Blue is the color of calm
    Red is anger and hate

  5. Barr must be Arrested, as a Russian Spy . And destroy Democracy.

    • @Maria Y., so?

      That just shows you how our media won’t cover that story. As I could not find their source for that story. That’s because they didn’t cover that story.

      And it IS a story. It DID happen. So the source be damned. It also backs up my point that I had to dig to the third page of _Google_ just to find that story.

      There _are_ other sources that did cover that REAL story, but not a SINGLE American corporate outlet did. Why do you suppose that is?

      You can’t just slam the source if the story is correct, bub.

    • @Edwin Semidey, but that’s just it. They never _did_ find anything “more damning.”

      Also, it’s legally called “fruit from the poisonous tree,” when an investigator uses spurious avenues to get information that was faulty but then finds other stuff that could be _more damning._ Because those investigators LIED to the FISA court to gain some of that information. That’s also been established in a court of law, by the way.

      Those investigators whitewashed Carter Page’s working for the CIA in Russia in those emails as to gain a warrant after the _Steele Dossier_ was released.

      So you see, your take is moot.

    • @Edwin Semidey, read what I wrote to her in my rebuttal.

    • Pence is not innocent either

    • @Catherine L You’re a moron Katy and you know it

  6. Nora Dannehy: Time to testify to congress. You’ve got a story to tell.

  7. The AG is protecting the Russians. What a disgrace. I’m so fed up.

  8. last winter, when Barr announced the Durham investigation, anyone with a brain could see it was just political theater designed to help trump. Barr is perverting the role of Attorney General to act as trump`s personal lawyer and fixer.

    • I like your term “political theater”. That exactly what it is. Helping Russia is it’s secondary effect. This post, also serves as a legal notice, that I will be using this term, myself.

    • @yurei8 feel free, i stole it myself.

    • Claudia Nuss Schulte | September 14, 2020 at 9:29 PM | Reply

      perviting the past he is living blaming thangs he can not chsange this is enmeys i find i then hurt then for telling the truth comes retrubition from baby lover bill baby barr cant take the truth chasing the past looking for some one to hurt to save his baby lover trump uh poor baby wipe change him and keep living in the past you will corrupt it just likr you corrupt baby lover bill still living in the past to look back is a wast of all time but is his baby lover he needs to find to hurt and hate then blame and clear his lover baby trump

    • wow…the corruption begins with those who paid for a dossier or deleting thousands of emails, erasing drives or destroying phones…noooo they don’t have anything to hide.

    • @J Keilman The Dossier was defined by those who obtained it, as “opposition research”. It was not revealed until after the election. Thus it was not use to influence public opinion, in the election itself. This is an important legal distinction. Because Trump’s paying off women, with who he had affairs/ sexual liaison, was done within days of another sexual scandal, reaching the public; his Access Hollywood tape.

      But more importantly the major point of the Dossier was a tip, that Russia was intervening in the US 2016 election. This is in fact, a crime. And this crime has been documented, in Part One of the Mueller Report, and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Report on “Russian Active Measures” related to the 2016 US election. Mueller’s report stated, that Russia interfered in “sweeping and systematic fashion”.

      The Hillary email controversy, was officially closed, without a criminal indictment. But even if was not closed, no ‘crime’ justifies any other crime. Each act has it’s own consequences, legally.

  9. It’s a criminal waste of the nations resources to unprove what has been proven and continues to be the case, Russian interference in the US democratic process.

  10. Are we Living in America? 😣

  11. they are shaking November around the corner FINALLY OUT WITH THE OLD WELCOME THE NEW……..

  12. Never did most of us think that there could be so many corrupt people in the highest levels of our democracy’s government.

    • John DiGiacomo how come if a pregnant women is killed it’s considered a double homicide life starts at conception Covid is only serious for people with co-morbidities and a complete country lockdown seems like he took it serious and China created The virus and unleashed it to the world but Blame Trump because no facts will persuade liberals

    • John DiGiacomo rally? U mean peaceful protest

    • J, first that is a law only because it gives the lawyers another count because it assumes the mother intended to carry to term. Regarding Covid, the fact is co-worker morbidity may be a factor in some deaths, but not all, and many of the other factors are brought on by Covid, not pre-existing conditions. Survivors suffer permanent heart and lung damage vascular and lymphatic neurological problems, children suffer brain damage and Suzuki’s disease. Are you trying to use pre-existing conditions to justify Trump’s knowingly lying to the public and actually mocking and eschewing masks making them a political statement and holding crowded indoor rallies with full knowledge of the consequences? Are you really that stupid or just brainwashed?

    • John DiGiacomo it’s the double standard that riots are ok but whatever Trump does is wrong it’s called Freedom u can choose to wear a mask and hide in your house and others can choose to do what they want to do deal with it

    • John DiGiacomo abortion still murder

  13. Barr wanted her to fabricate “evidence”.
    Entire Trump administration deserves to hang from a high branch.

  14. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing to stop it.

  15. Why all the verbal gymnastics? Call it what it clearly is: Another attempt to cheat and to rig the election by casting doubt on the integrity of anyone who dares question the legitimacy of Donnie’s supremacy.

    • This is the complicity or intentional fecklessness of both the media and the Dems to take seriously their missions to tell truth to power or hold a check on power. These two groups have both played softball with Trump and always corrupt, sometimes criminal minions who support Trump. Neither the media corps, nor the Dem establishment have suffered under trump, nor would they suffer. Trump is good for ratings and fundraising. Defending the country and constitution has to be measured against the primary goal – self enrichment.

    • @Lord Vader What can the Democrats do other than impeach trump? Impeachment didn’t get past Republican enablers.

    • @sk8queen Although the impeachment was destined to fail, it very much needed to be fought. There were many many other fights for which the dems were destined to win, fights where they could not be defeated by republican opposition. What did they do in those moments of certain victory – they conceded, because trump was not quite tired of winning yet. I will give you just one example, though it concerns me that you don’t already have examples of you own. On the funding for security: Trump wanted a certain amount of money to fund the building of the HIS wall, more detention facilities, more money to ICE and a partridge in a pear tree. The democratic base wanted ABSOLUTLY no funding for trump;s wall, a reduction in detention facilities, less detention time, no separation of families, more over-sight of ICE and a comprehensive immigration policy. The congressional Hispanic caucus wanted those things and the abolishment of ICE. The dems controlled the House (and the money). The American people were horrified by the conditions at the border. The dems had the public support and the power, so naturally, they conceded. Trump got his money and flexibility to spend as he saw fit. The dems got nothing – no safeguards, no over-sight. The house actually passed the Senate republican crafted bill with no debates or amendments. In announcing the passing of the build in the house, she complained about senate republicans ‘bucking traditions’ (eye roll) and she vowed to CONTINUE TO FIGHT TO PROTECT CHILDREN. WTF does that even mean? Will she contract her congressman, start a immigration blog? What does this say to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus or to Latinos in general? The dems could do MUCH more; they choose not to for individual political calculations.

  16. William Barr should have been behind bars a long time ago.

  17. I never thought this could happen. This is like watching bad movie.

  18. Fat Himmler will protect Orange Hitler…its how he sees his position

  19. To quote a great statesman: “Don’t boo – VOTE!”

  20. Barr can only be compared to the cabal that surrounded Hitler & taking over law enforcement in Germany!

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