What To Watch For In Pennsylvania: Where Is The Outstanding Vote? | MSNBC

What To Watch For In Pennsylvania: Where Is The Outstanding Vote? | MSNBC 1


Steve Kornacki breaks down Pennsylvania at the big board and what to expect. Aired on 11/05/2020.
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What To Watch For In Pennsylvania: Where Is The Outstanding Vote? | MSNBC

91 Comments on "What To Watch For In Pennsylvania: Where Is The Outstanding Vote? | MSNBC"

  1. ASeasonedWitch | November 5, 2020 at 1:51 PM | Reply

    A tiny seed of cautious optimism is germinating in the soul of America . . . We might be rid of the bone spurs in January. Might

  2. Arizona and Nevada 🙏

  3. did y’all notice that right after election day…….. no more trolls around here? they used to overwhelm the post within the first 20 min.

  4. I am only partially relieved. This election should not have been this close. I blame the other virus going around –brain rot brought on by Qanon virus

  5. The election isn’t a game of basketball. You don’t stop counting legal ballots just because it’s the next day.
    Maybe someone should explain how our elections work to the current “president.” 🤔😅😂🤣

    • @Rino Ponce There was a 12,469 deaths and a vaccine within 8 months. Thats a lot less deaths than 235,000 covid deaths. But then Obama believed in science and listened to the doctors.

    • @Rino Ponce Our “Hatred” of Donald Trump is well founded. Look at the destruction he has brought upon America, its institutions and our standing in the world. As for the charge of Joe Biden having dementia, he has never spoken quickly and has always spoken in a careful way because that is the way he over came his childhood stutter. He is hardly a racist. The only folks I see making that charge are the hard core republicans. Hardly the standard bearers of racial justice. If anyone thinks that the US is going to escape a economic down turn, you’re a fool. Obama over extended our debt to try to bring us out of the Bush Great Recession. We almost got back even with the board for our national economy, but of course we then elected Republicans that gave away the economic gains we were making as giant tax cuts, primarily aimed at real estate speculators.

      In a normal administration, one man sets the tone and appoints knowledgeable people to run the departments of our government. He doesn’t make believe he is the expert on everything that happens in the world. I trust that Biden will appoint an administration that will return our Cabinet departments back to doing what they were designed to do: promote public education; protect the environment; the Justice Department will return to investigating wrong doing instead of protecting a criminal elite. The cabinet and the rest of the administration will no longer be stocked with millionaires and billionaires bent on destroying the industries they were charged to protect, or pillaging those department for their friends and their own gain.

      And lastly, If Joe Biden does in fact reach a point with his mental faculties that his decisions or conduct become a cause for concern, his ego won’t drive him to hold relentless power and he will avail himself of the 25th Amendment and pass the reigns of power to his Vice President.

    • @Annie Garza your’e comparing another virus to the coronavirus really? Are you that dumb? If you want to play that way nobody died from Ebola when Donald Trump was President.

    • @cdjhyoung Trump divided America how? Is it because his pro-life against killing babies? Is it because Trump is for the 2nd amendment. Is it because Trump support the police?

  6. RomanK FM T.V. | November 5, 2020 at 1:55 PM | Reply

    #BernieWouldveWon this with the independent ex-republican and ex-democrat vote!!!!! xoxo

  7. Georgia is just about to flip ya’ll

    • Pennsylvania is trending Biden and it looks really good. This might be a bigger win than we thought.

    • @Javier Bonilla Like, concede the election before every vote is counted? I grew up Republican, and voted Republican up until this year. I challenge everyone to look into what voter suppression is (not to be confused with “voter fraud“). Dr. Carol Anderson of Emory University is a good resource on learning about this issue. There is also a new documentary called “all in“ with great visuals on the issue of voter suppression.

      After learning about all the dirty tactics Republicans have used over the decades since the civil rights movement, I will never vote Republican again. There’s a lot of other issues within the Republican Party that I can no longer stand with. Unfortunately, they are the party of chronic liars and covert bullies.

    • DaughterZion Ros | November 5, 2020 at 4:03 PM | Reply

      Mail-IN BALLOT was an evil-driven peoples’ plot/plan to mess up Election & to Divert the Truth; I Pray to the creator of this universe/my Father in heaven that Truth & justice be revealed🙏 (1 John5v19)

    • @DaughterZion Ros If you believe in God, it seems like you are forgetting God is sovereign and is in control of everything. Or, do you believe he’s in control when things are going your way, and then conveniently blame the devil when it’s not?

      My husband and I both have BA’s from conservative, fundamental Baptist Bible colleges, and we are baffled how the evangelical and fundamental Christian communities have ignored Trump’s gross immorality, and lies. The list of Trump’s offenses are an embarrassment to this country.

      You shall know them by their fruit. Right? Trump’s “fruit” exposes his bad “root.”

      The number one mistake the Christian community ever made was “marrying” themselves to the Republican party. This has set them up for deception.

      Appealing policy without true character backing it up is nothing more than bait. Trump is the wolf in sheep‘s clothing. He’s not really even in sheep‘s clothing, the sheep just need to trim the wool from their eyes and their ears, which has been instructing their senses for far too long.

    • @DaughterZion Ros I hate to break the news to you that the US has used mail in voting since the civil war. I learned that in historic class in school and I am from Europe and not from the US. The creator seem to be rather fine with mail in voting……

  8. Stop testing for alcohol, it might lead to more drunk driving arrests. Stop testing for the virus, in might lead to more sick people. Stop counting the votes, it might lead to TRUMP going to JAIL…

  9. May God bless the courts to act with integrity and not the corrupt complicitness that seeks to influence their actions and dignity

  10. Nightcore Beater | November 5, 2020 at 2:09 PM | Reply

    As European I can’t wait for the next episode of This show 🍿

  11. The US hasn’t been this divided since the mid 1800’s. And we all know how that turned out, unfortunately.

  12. Steve is probably drinking a gallon of coffee to stay afloat the poor man.

  13. I have a little glimpse of hope today come on Pennsylvania. Fingers cross!

    • Don’t worry the Dems have the cheating well planned out. Good mail in voting election Scam, well played. Once it finally gets to the SCOTUS, they will vote 5 – 4 on the right side of the law!

    • Eric Echols Sr. | November 5, 2020 at 6:13 PM | Reply

      @Bill Wilson – If you are stating that SCOTUS should be partial & bias for Political reasons, you have just invalidated the “Law & Order”, along with the “Justice is Blind”, arguments…. You have nothing left of morality, nor argument 😮🤦🏽‍♂️

    • People voted for Biden because of they’re hatred for Donald Trump at the end of the day if Joe Biden wins they would realize it was a mistake. They put a 78 year old man with dementia in charge of the land of the free United States of America. Who has done nothing in 47 years and a racist to black people. Our economy will suffer and the United States will never be as it was.






    • It’s sad Democrats have to scratch for votes. It’s a miracle Trump is losing. The GOP benefit from foreign interference, voter suppression, conspiracy theories, party unity, and better political ads and messaging. The GOP moderates had to organize and form “Lincoln Project” and “Republican Voters Against Trump” because the democrats are incompetent. Liberals and progressives failed to unite for Hillary in 2016, handing the GOP Trump, Senate, House, and Supreme Court super majority. Tom Perez and democratic leadership should be replaced. A global pandemic to help Biden win is not a winning formula. Democrats don’t know what they are doing.

    • @Rino Ponce Trump is 74 years old, overweight, and probably a cheeseburger away from a heart attack. Have you seen his Twitter feed? If you want a textbook example of mental instability, just start reading @TheRealDonaldTrump

  14. The Associated Press has called Arizona for Biden. NBC is being cautious. I’m smiling.

    • Ugly German Truths | November 5, 2020 at 3:30 PM | Reply

      @Willem de Zwijger which now makes them overly careful to call Nevada too… cause that would put Biden “officially” at 270 and would get the News some egg on their face should anything unexpected happen.

    • @Willem de Zwijger *YES!!!! FOX DID that, & CoWards at CNN, Can’t DO that*
      *They NEED the Continued SUSPENSE!!!! to SHOW HOW HONEST that they ARE!!!!*

    • Optimistic…… but the governor of Arizona said there is still 400,000 votes to count. Joe has just about a 69,000 lead. Last votes have actually been favoring Trump. So, yeah Fox and the AP probably jump the gun on Arizona. Georgia and Pennsylvania are looking more promising.

    • AP is only calling states that mathematically can’t swing.

    • @byron2521 Interesting fact is that Fox and AP use different methodologies to predict the winner, so I don’t know but I feel very optimistic about the call.

  15. Now you know why Trump kept saying, “Get rid of the ballots!”

  16. Kick him In the face | November 5, 2020 at 2:26 PM | Reply

    I just can’t believe the election is this close after the mess we’ve been through in the past 4 years

  17. and they call dems whiners!

  18. Was looking forward to election DAY& STILL hve to wait bc of trump shenanigans!!

  19. We refuse to renew ur lease in our house, call ur proud boys to help u move, but u gotta go…….

  20. That there is even still a question who won the election, when Biden has almost 4M more votes, just shows how broken the US is as democracy. The 18th century system of the electoral college is a disgrace.

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