What Trump’s Taxes Might Reveal 1

What Trump’s Taxes Might Reveal


Rep Ted Lieu joins MSNBC’s Alex Witt to talk about what could be learned from Trump's taxes.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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What Trump’s Taxes Might Reveal


    1. @Alli P because he doesn’t have to it’s not a requirement why must you keep crying about Trump focus on all the good stuff Biden’s doing LOL

    2. @Alli P Not much knowledge of the law I see. Oh well, at least your gutter trash trailer will get indoor plumbing next year.

    1. I guess liberals support lifelong corrupt politicians and the establishment because they’re really really really really really smart

    2. *Liberalism only works if you’re trying to Destroy an Economy.*

      *Hence the Subprime Mortgage SCAM, and Obama’s Worst Economic Recovery on Record.*

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 awe, you gonna try to make me? You couldn’t. You’re terrified of me and knowing that makes me happy.

    2. @Smokey Mafia There’s no investigation of Biden or Pelosi, I think you’ve drank too much koolaid.
      None the less how do you bankrupt one casino, let along 3. No one in history has bankrupt 3 casinos but trump. And that was just in Atlantic city. trumps business history is just a series of failures and law suits. The reality show was his one success. And that is where 90% of his followers know him form.

    3. @reality LOL. I would never use the words liberal and male in the same sentence….or paragraph for that matter.

  1. I thought Trump said he was going to release his tax returns as soon as the IRS “audit” was finished? This is the longest “audit” in history! 😂😂😂

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Oh, I know. The IRS and his lawyers both said that being under audit in no way prevents you releasing your taxes.

      It was simply his excuse. And because he kept filing pointless cases in court he was indefinitely delaying the audit, so it never really even started.

    2. @Alli P In two weeks! In two weeks!

      And then they finally released the amazing super duper health plan… that was a massive book… with blank pages. Because people weren’t supposed to see inside it. But reporters managed to sneak a peak.

  2. Hopefully it’s a criminal offense to put him behind bar’s! Or at least it will be MADE so that he can NEVER HOLD PUBLIC OFFICE AGAIN!

    1. It’s mind boggling how much this criminal can get away with.
      Yet small people have to face harsh justice.

    2. @James Smith *- it’s a Political Hit Job, because there’s NO Evidence of any Wrongdoing.*

    1. @wendy macmullen *- Well SFB’s, on Feb 4, 2020 Trump’s Economic approval hit a 20-year high at 63%, and those were*

      *the Fake News Pollsters.*

    2. I’m in! But, we probably won’t see jack crap, unless Congress releases it, which they should…😳😳😳😳😐😐😐😐

    1. @West House That doesn’t make sense. Besides, those things are made up in your fictional conservative mind.

    2. @Aspect Productions made up, fictional, and not making sense. Sounds like some valid reasons on why not to look into those things.

  3. Ever since he sat on his fathers lap Trump has learnt the art of tax evasion. How to make money disappear through shell companies and fake accounts. It has always perplexed me how someone who has gone bankrupt 6 times and who’s businesses never seem to make a profit can amass the fortune he claims to have.

    1. @No Show Joe
      You’ve made almost a thousand comments, on this channel alone, in under 4 months. You don’t strike me as someone who thinks at all…
      I don’t recall stating that I was a liberal, but I will state that I’m against idiocy; so, you, for example.

    1. @James Smith Well actually JOE himself became a WAR CRIMINAL by aiding ISREAL on the bombings against GAZA

  4. Remember who Trump put in charge at the treasury department? How do we know that he didn’t access Trump’s record and alter it?🤔

  5. He will drag it out in courts like he normally does. I hope I’m wrong. He needs ro be held accountable…

  6. Anyone who steals his brother’s inheritance, gropes his daughter, dodges the draft and incites insurrection is sure as h*ll not paying his fair share of taxes!!!

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