What U.S. History Can Teach Us About How To Discuss Politics in 2021 | MSNBC 1

What U.S. History Can Teach Us About How To Discuss Politics in 2021 | MSNBC


NBC’s Joshua Johnson found lessons in U.S. history books about how to debate politics, even with those you don’t agree with. The trick? Kindness and attention.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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What U.S. History Can Teach Us About How To Discuss Politics in 2021 | MSNBC


  1. Back in the 50’s, a person who had a decent job used to be able to buy a new car, a house, and live comfortably. Now, a person working two jobs can barely afford to get a used car and rent a small apartment. And if you have kids, well, you’re just lucky to survive.

    1. I can’t wait for some Trumplican/republican to try and make a counter-narative (I am not american, but your politics are soap-opera GOLD)
      I do feel a bit sad that thousands of people have died due to you your poor choices of politicians, but I bet you’ll learns from it. Go US!

    2. You’re right, that’s a major part of the problem, actually your scenario was valid up to the 80s, when wages stopped keeping up

    1. I hear you. What difference will you saying this make though? just shouting something out into the wind convinces nobody, me thinks. Just a thought.

  2. History will show that Donald Trump was the first potus who used Twitter as a complaints department on a daily basis and soaked it in his tears

  3. The neo-seditionists should be expelled from congress. There should be dire consequences for those who would upend Democracy for political/financial gain. They are traitors

    1. @C A bull.. the true test is the 60 court cases with Supreme Court, conservative judges that he lost… Trump has nothing, you buy into lies. You should reckon with that fact

  4. “I’m gonna litigate this for years”. Biggest loser ever. Fighting against reality is the stupidest thing this administration has done to date. And that in itself is astounding and horrifying.

  5. OMG – Joshua, thank you for this informative and insightful report, without being a fear-monger. Well done, sir.

  6. These seditious clowns aren’t honest, well meaning or uninformed, so we’re left with the lock them up.

    1. No, but some of their voters probably are. Tens of millions of Americans have been let down by an educational system that is inferior to that of Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and even Israel. These people were looking for answers in all the wrong places and got sucked into a cult-like movement.

  7. Where I disagree with the founders is that some people run headlong towards misleading information. There is a hunger to be deluded that can no longer be dismissed. Refusing to acknowledge hard facts requires consequences.

  8. History: “We will not be kind to t’rump and his attacks on democracy.”
    t’rump supporters: “Joke’s on you nerds! We don’t read history!”

    1. @Fat man Does anyone? School history books were fudged. Even Michael Jackson said that – before he died. I’m also not defending Michael Jackson, but it’s easy to defame people after they’re dead and have no defense. :/

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