What Ukrainians learn from downed drones used by Russia


    1. @Lettuce Salad can you site when and where Russia said that they will used nukes if Ukraine is supplied with long range missile? the true hypocrisy is when you try to implement to someone or condemning someone which yourself violated it many times.

    2. @Zain Zoala if only those drones are used in the battle fronts, not targeting civilians on purpose. That’s the difference

    3. @Nameless Oh, BTW my previous reply was meant for another post in an entirely different thread! As for you? If you don’t think this thread isn’t rife with paid trolls and bots that are emanating from St. Petersburg (and I don’t mean Florida), then you are living in a dream world. That is all I have to say on this matter.

  1. As an Iranian, I couldn’t sleep the first few nights of Russia’s invasion to Ukraine, remembering the sound of red siren from my childhood during the Saddam’s invasion of Iran in 1980’s. I feel ashamed that my country’s officials forgot the Iran’s “sacred defense” (what they called), and are now helping the invader break the Ukraine’s sacred defense. My heart is with the Ukrainians all the way, and hope those inflicting this much pain to the Ukrainian families will face justice and pay their fair share of the price soon.

    1. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani Yemen‘s army is not that big, Somalia has a bigger army, and Libya has no army anyway. They have „popular defense forces“.

    1. @Trading Wizard Let’s hope they don’t make the drones smart enough to realize that drone on drone violence on behalf of humans is not the way.

    2. Barrage Balloons and nets like WW2.. make physical obstacles in the sky to reduce the angle of attack they can use. It worked for German fighters and bombers.

    3. An iron dome should be installed in Ukraine 🇺🇦
      Better yet let Ukraine join NATO. ..there’s no fairness in war.
      Am praying for 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

  2. Okay, wherever these infernal things come from, the major question is what we’re going to do about it? It seems that as far as economics go, drones cause massive damage and cost much more to take out. What implications would this have for future battles?

    1. @Kenneth Bryan yes of course, it is always fine to supply someone defending itself against some bigger invading coward and never fine to supply someone that tries to get more territory by invading a smaller neighbour.

      It is also ridiculous when you think you have the 1st or 2nd army in the world but it turns out you got stuck in a smaller country you try to invade crying for help in other countries.

    2. @anuvis raa I cannot remember Ukraine flatten a complete city over there, like Mariupol, Grozny, Alappo etc. it is the Russian trademark.
      Even if as usual in this case you count all losses, civilian and soldiers from both sides since 2014, even than Russia has killed more Donbas civilians in Mariupol and other shelled and flattened places if we in this case just count Donbas civilians.
      Comparing that to the Russian shelling is ridiculous.

      Anyway, they started a civil war and shot at the Ukrainian army, what do you expect anyway. This invasion is started by the Russians, completely different.

    3. @Silver Wolf yeah right, like the propaganda machine that faces fifteen years of prison for inconvenient news is reliable.
      And the hard facts say the opposite, Russia never overthrew the government in a couple of days, Russia is mobilising what proves Russia is losing lots and lots of soldiers, Russia is shooting rockets at civilian targets what shows Russia is losing on the battlefield.😂🤣😂

  3. If being against the war in Ukraine (which I’m not) makes you “pro Putin” than can you just admit to becoming the party of “pro war”?

    1. I used to be an engineer for shuttle. Trace to a source? Why? Eliminate the source. The shame is that some of the components may trace back to countries and firms that should know better.

    2. The processors are from US, but they can get them from other countries too. They probably have thousands of these in stock.

    3. Every sophisticated weapon system, and drones are such, is made of thousands of components. Many of them are home-made and many are imported. Russia is having hard time to build new cruise missiles because some of the components needed for them are produced in other countries and the sanctions make it hard for her to put the hands on new ones. Knowing that for decades now, for imported components Iran wisely designed its drones and missiles to rely on components that are very simple, very cheap, and are produced and sold by many. It’s basically impracticale to prevent Iran from buying these components. They are sold everywhere and they are mostly use for civilian purposes. Any Afghan student can buy 100 GPS systems for $10 each in neigboring China and get it into Afghanistan without any need to explain why did he buy them (and it’s very easy to give reasonable explanation – for instance, that they are spare parts for car GPS), then to get it into the border with Iran. Just an example, in reality it’s even 100 time more simple than that.

      Iran is living under sanctions for decades, they are expert in how to pass them. Mind you, they are operating a squardon of F-14s though the US is not selling them spare parts for nearly 40 years. Large part of them they learned to produce themselves, the other part they learned how to buy in the black market.

  4. I remember when Iran emphatically denied downing a Boeing 737-800 with not one. but two surface to air missiles. “What is obvious for us, and what we can say with certainty, is that no missile hit the plane,” Ali Abedzadeh, head of Iran’s national aviation department, told a press conference. Russia similarly downed a Boeing 777-200ER with a Buk SAM system from their 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade, and denies it to this day. The current drone supplies from Iran to Russia is the exact same case of denials = truth. Russia is attacking with swarms upon swarms of these drones, so this clearly isn’t a one-off or a few smuggled in by an intermediary. This is blatant, and Russia and Iran have been caught lying again. No surprises there. It’s hilarious that Russia, which considers itself a world power, has to rely on drones from Iran, artillery shells from North Korea, and feels the need to lie about it, too. The shame and humiliation.

    1. @Kevin Choi So, who do you suspect it is? You seem to have some idea, with your little laughing emoji. Do share!

  5. I like the reports from Clarissa so much, she approaches her work so professionally, being at the epicenter of incidents despite all the danger in our country now, she knows foreign languages, well done!

    1. not necessarily, Iran has been buying commercial Laptops/PCs from neighbouring countries in small batches and stripping out the CPUs, they’ve been doing this for a very long time. They’ve already built a super computer to aid nuclear development based on AMD CPUs from several hundred laptops smuggled in from the Gulf states.

  6. The problem with export bans is that countries may have 6+ months worth of inventory to burn through before the ban actually has an effect on military manufacturing capabilities. A ban on components used in Iranian drones now means drone inventory won’t dry out until March-April next year. Rinse and repeat with Russia’s next back-channel drone supplier.

    1. We heard what countries produced the parts for this Iranian drones. Talk to those companies! Show them the tools of torture.

    1. I’m going to go ahead and guess the answer is “weapons fire”.

      Besides that, you have to remember that most drones are really basically kites, not high speed interceptors. They actually could be brought down easily and get easily caught, intact, in a tree.

    2. @tim the skeptic Not quite. Drones are a small version of a single prop plane powered by a a lawnmower or small bike engine….using GPS for a 1 and done target. Not a kite…they are more rigid than than…… complete pos, but still very dangerous.

  7. You needed to show the women being released. They did not just walk back to the Ukrainian lines, they marched. Incredible show of spirit.

  8. So he said they shot it down with a missile, and all it had was a hole in the engine, no sign of explosion damage? And when it crashed it didn’t do damage to the body of the drone? That doesn’t look like its even been in combat. And it’s an Iranian drone owned by Russians and all the lettering is in english? Only thing in Iranian was on a part that was sitting on the table. All sounds legit👌

    1. I’m glad you’re here as an expert in aerospace forensics to tell us how this stuff works. I hope you’re being paid well for your contributions as a member of the scientific community.

  9. Tu-134 and in fact right now, a Tu-154M has been in flight over past 72 hrs within at most 150-250 km from Eastern Ukrainian border . So an obvious question: would it thus be possible to integrate and launch various type long-range attack drones, via unsuspecting air-launch points ??

    1. Ukraine must get weapons that can target long range targets, especially the air fields and bases that are launching aircraft against Ukraine. Any military target and power station INSIDE RUSSIA must be attacked immediately.

  10. Russian and Persia have had a mutual defense treaty since the Crimean War. The Iranian Revolutionary Council quickly announced that treaty would be respected. Nothing has changed on the score. BTW, we only have the word of the Ukrainian version of the CIA that the small piece of debris, about the size of ashtray, came from the drone in the background.

  11. The international community must stop hobbling Ukraine’s defense and enable Ukraine to attack similar power stations in addition to military targets INSIDE Russia and Belarus. Fighting those that are destroying your country cannot be done with 1 arm tied behind their backs.

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