1. Is it a coincidence that the day it’s reported trump will be leaving Florida to spend his summer in NJ that NY announces a criminal probe into the trump organization? Curious to see how this news affects trump’s travel plans? πŸ€”

    1. He can’t live at mar a loco over a certain number of days due to his zoning agreement with the county. It’s a private club and not a residence.

    2. @cervellone I think they have to leave as well. Mar a loco is not classified as a residence, so he can only stay there so many consecutive days in a row. I’m sure this includes the rest of his family. There is info online about his battle to fight the zoning.

    3. @Sarah F. 4.1
      Right. But you don’t hear anything about Melania and B has to go to school. That’s what I was wondering. But them getting kicked out of there is OK with me, and the neighbors as well.πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Wake me up when there is actual charges. I have been hearing about this for years now. Nothing sticks to this slimeball. The hamberders will take him before the system.

    1. @Victor MauricioΒ  that’s because you gotta be a stupid person to vote Republican. These trump lovers were all brainwashed by FOX NEWS and the QANON b.s.. I feel sorry for these people that refuse to live in reality. They rather hold onto the hate, bigotry, white supremacy, racism and think of themselves as the IT! “first class citizens”. It’s funny though to think that most of them are the first in line to get DEMOCRATS passed benefits, healthcare, pandemic package relief checks (without a single Republican vote might I add). SHAME ON YOU INSURRECTIONISTS.

    2. This company has said for now five years that Donald Trump is going down oh yeah they got them this time on a form that he didn’t fill out for his taxes in the early 2000s he’s going to behind prison bars they should give him the death penalty

    3. @hasslefree rental and you’re saying this in a Rachel Maddow form which I think most people left and right know that she is a tin hat-wearing conspiracy theorist

    4. @Jbro Mclawdog
      It always amazes me how the willfully ignorant consciously choose to advertise their ignorance.

  3. Just looking at your strap line “This is who we are”.
    That ought to be the Trump quote relating to the criminal probe announcement!
    When asked for comment regarding the newly announced criminal probe, Trump responded “Hey, this is who we are”.

    1. @Guy North agree, the past 4 years prior to our current divider-in-chief taking office WAS unbelievable. Historic progress made on so many fronts, much of which has sadly been reversed in 5 months of chaos.

    2. @Bryan
      400,000 dead Americans because Trump didn’t want to admit what he knew about Covid and you call it progress? SMH

    3. @David Cat ….when was the last time you paid attention ? Deaths from the corona virus are now more than 580K.

    4. @David Cat covid deaths skyrocketed by 50% under Biden’s watch in just 5 short months. And that was with vaccines and a distribution plan he inherited from President Trump.

  4. Cohen saying Trump will flip on his accountant and his own kids is hilarious. He may be right.πŸ˜€ Take them! Not meee….

    1. Guess we just have to wait and see. Loved the secret recordings his niece made of Donalds sister…The Op Ed in Atlantic George Conway penned was awesome. Left Drump speechless.

  5. they need to investigate sitting Republican congressmen/women who are trying to change the narrative.

    1. Trump was the greatest president of my lifetime. Pre-covid our economy was the best in history!

    2. @Louis Tully Bill Clinton left the nation and incoming president Bush with a budget surplus. That August President-Elect Bush ignored a DB titled “bin Laden determined to strike within US”, and the next month, under Republican watch, 9/11 was allowed to happen. Bush and the Republican majority immediately invaded multiple countries and created the Department of Homeland Security behemoth. Clinton’s Budget Surplus was a moot point by then.

      As Bush left office, he presided over the “Bush Recession” (yes, it was named after him). At the height of that Recession, when Obama/Biden took office, inheriting the horrendous Republican economy, the US was bleeding 500k jobs per MONTH. It took a while, but the Obama/Biden RECOVERY was ultimately so robust that the incoming Trump administration desperately tried to take credit for it. Louis Tully is STILL doing it.

      Addressing 9/11, the Navy SEALS, under the direction of Commander in Chief Barack Obama, tracked and killed Osama bin Laden. When Bush left office, he was asked about bin Laden being At Large 4 years later. Bush claimed he “didn’t think too much about him”.

      It seems that Democrats are regularly tasked with cleaning up all manner of Republican failures.

    3. @Chard O’Mania – No one disagrees with you about Bush and neither is Louis Tully. However, don’t lie and give us this Obama BS. He bailed out big banks and wall street which led to millions of people losing their homes. Please don’t talk about wars, We bombed more countries between 2008 and 2016 that we actually used all our bombs before their expiry dates. Yes credit is deserved where credit is due, we did not have to recycle our bombs thereby creating zero waste. BTW since you mentioned Bin Laden….Uncle Joey voted against the raid. I know you believe in the truth not the facts.

    1. @R. G. Biv what is a Q. And why is it a lie. Run to the end of the rainbow and message me back.

  6. All I know is I won’t believe anything until the lingering orange fart is put into handcuffs.

  7. The cognitive test was too easy. I bet when I’m cleared of the NY investigation they’re going to say…’How did you do that?’

    1. He probably had someone else take the test like he did with his college entrance or sat tests. What a crook.

  8. “Consulting fee” is the key. He has been using this category extensively in many financial disclosures, from the disclosure to the Congress at first, then the campaign financing disclosure to the FEC, and more among his kids. Also he has been using this category of expenses to make the “internal circulation of money” between his LLCs look like plausible. The FEC record as of the end of October showed that the total $8.1 million of funds had been transferred from the TRUMP campaign funds to this personal businesses, which, if it was audited, could have proved to be a false statement. The FEC is keeping silent about this fact, not even initiating the investigation.

  9. Waiting With Bated Breath…😳😳😣😣😣
    For An Actual Charge 😳😳😳

    1. I’m from the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks Mr Michael Wayne πŸ‡±πŸ‡·

  10. So the orange fart cloud paid a “consulting fee” to a salaried employee, his daughter-wife, and the consultation was for what she already did for Eric’s dad. Seems legit.

  11. I Hope this is real and not a tease!
    I have been waiting since the 80’s for Donnie to be in handcuffs!

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