What Went Wrong With Security At The Capitol? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

What Went Wrong With Security At The Capitol? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


NBC News' Julia Ainsley joins Morning Joe to discuss new reporting on what went wrong with security at the U.S. Capitol on the day pro-Trump rioters entered the building. Aired on 01/08/2021.
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What Went Wrong With Security At The Capitol? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. If this was anything other than a tRump mob the national police would have stopped this. Disgusting. They let this happen.

    1. @black feel Not satisfied with fomenting this in the first place you are now agitating with a new demonstrable untruth. What is your source? Matt Gaetz? He got shot down by the very company he cited. He belongs in prison for incitement.

  2. yeah no, thats bs everyone predicted this was going to have violence, there were forums and posts, rallies that spoke about protesting, civil war and calls to arms, heck look at the hotels and shops that closed in predictions of the mayhem that happened, an hotel in dc that usually hosted the pb literally closed because they didnt want to be involved that day, they refused money. that should tell you everything.

  3. You forgot to highlight why they did not want the federal bodies … it’s because they report to Trump and his cabinet and it could have been worse with a real coup…

  4. They turned it down because they’re apart of the Trump cult! They’re on camera removing barriers and letting people in!

    1. @MsV M Just wild…off duty police officers, military personnel, politicians all so confidently showing their IDs exposing themselves because they know they’ll get away with it… Pure trash.

  5. Oh ok. They did not think twice when deploying them to a peaceful protest of BLM though? How Fuc’ked up is that logic?!



    2. That’s the ‘side effect’ of pointing out and ‘correcting mistake’ : Only the ‘next’ candidate ‘benefits’ from the correction. And the problem of pointing out ‘this time’ is that if BLM is on the street ‘next’ week, there will be a ‘stronger’ show of force. And, we will be again like WTF !

  6. There would have been a stronger, and more violent, response from the Capitol Hill police if a black guy had jaywalked across the street.

    1. @55 mouse house of mouse You’re another delusional troll. Get a life you braindead twit. You do nothing but lie.

    2. @random nameIt’s already been proven that ANTIFA broke into the White House. God you people are stupid. You’re a low information twit.

    3. @The Truth Is Out Now 777 My unicorn is sad that you deleted your post. Are you sad too? Do you want icecream?

  7. name the person in charge of the security, interview him on tv, investigate why he failed and sieze his emails, expose the trump coup

    1. There is no one person in charge.
      You got Capitol police. who work for Congress.
      You got the DC police. Who work for the Mayor
      You got 30+ Federal agencies. Most work for the DoJ.
      Secret service work for the Treasury.
      You got the DC National guard that is controlled by DoD.
      The other national guard are normally under their governors, but still need permission from DoD (so in the end, Trump) to deploy.

    2. @Tree Hugger with 55 days of sick leave he plans on using. When I resigned from my state job I lost my sick leave. And if I need to take longer than a week I need a doctor note. And if it was longer than 2 weeks they would put me on short term disability. Plus they capped how much sick leave we could carry over. With the amount of experience he claims to have he should have known better. His resignation should be denied and fired for gross incompetence.

    1. Cestui que vie 1666, strawman. Professional looters using everyones withheld estate or bonds of equity to hurt children and make homeless for profit WORLDWIDE. Wanted WORLDWIDE too.

    1. One capital policeman died, and another is on life support. As for the one taking a selfie — fire him.

    2. Anyone with a half a brain would have known the crowd would get out of hand. I thought it would have happened after dark however. You knew the proud boys were going to start something- never mind everyone else!

    1. @joboygbp …you don’t mind trump’s constant name-calling and full-blown projection as well as the trump family’s bank ACCOUNTS, MILLIONS of dollars in TRADEMARKS, and nearly a BILLION dollars in LOANS to the COMMUNIST CHINESE government, right, crybaby?…

    2. @Deborah Freedman … aawwwww look it’s a “white woman without education”… the only voting demographic of women that still supports Old Treasonous trump…

    3. @Deborah Freedman …no different from the REPUBLICAN lawmakers that joined the treason and sedition of you insurrectionist traitors…

    4. Uh, it was BLM Mayor Bowser who turned down the request for more assistance. Did you even pay attention to the clip?

    5. @Nancy M Yea- when you try to break in when the Senate and house are in there with the vice president, you get shot. That is what happens! Terrorists get what they get!

    1. “It’s _our house_ !”
      “American is a democracy, not Communist!”
      “We are sick of the violence! We want peaceful protest!”
      “We want respect for the flag and for Blue Lives”

      Said the people who proceeded to trash the house in the most undemocratic and communist-minded manner before costing a police officer his life and unpeacefully and _violently_ trying to subvert an election.

  8. Authorities : Let’s play a game. First we will let all domestic Terrorists to flee from Capitol Building then public need to identify them.

  9. “They did not see intelligence that indicated that we would be looking at a situation like this.” Do they want to say they were lacking intelligence?

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