What will happen with your mortgage during the COVID-19 pandemic? | Coronavirus Conversations, EP6

What will happen with your mortgage during the COVID-19 pandemic? | Coronavirus Conversations, EP6 1


How will the CARES Act will impact your mortgage, what are things like in Florida and where can you buy the essentials?
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30 Comments on "What will happen with your mortgage during the COVID-19 pandemic? | Coronavirus Conversations, EP6"

  1. Covid19 is a great marketing ploy. It’s a nice coverup and distraction from currency worthlessness and the ultimate wealth-grab by the bankster oligarchs.

  2. Why don’t you informed them that with everyone in “lock-down” and unable to work and earn money… and if they don’t want the bureaucratic nightmare of millions of defaulted house mortgages and car financings….they must impost a temporary TOTAL FREEZE on the financial system. The bank informed me that my plan has been implemented and all payments are on “hold” until July (for starters)! Wow! Some good has come of all this. The freeze should be worldwide and apply to all rental flees and a large portion of utilitiy bills as well!!

    • Trump’s incompetence and neglect isn’t her fault. Why don’t you just talk to your representives.

    • The bank will require you to pay all past due bills with interest. So even if you’re not being evicted / repo’d, you’re still going in to debt.

  3. thanks for video

  4. what are you going to do when this is all over it’s going to be so many evictions and people are going to be stressed from now until that time

  5. Freeze the Rent… Freeze the Mortgage

  6. That’s why you save your money!

  7. Thanks

  8. Mr. Cooper (formerly NationStar) is a servicer of mortgages. They are violating federal mandates during this and evicting people.

  9. the ART of LaPierre | April 10, 2020 at 9:34 AM | Reply

    awesome, 6 young woman experts….

  10. 🙉🙊🙈

  11. Megan has a really nice house 10/10 !!!

  12. Put a hold on it or wave it completely

  13. U look like u been lost in the 70’s with that ugly style u got

  14. So so BS. Banks are not putting loans off

  15. I called my credit card (discover) and they are currently offering a lower interest rate, however you are not able to use the card while you are on a lower monthly payment.

  16. cooked books for their LIVE EXERCISE! the gov is allowed to experiment on it’s citizens WITH OUT CONSENT and without KNOWLEDGE! the media is weaponized has been for decades! people better wake up, they are letting us know that life will NEVER be the same! is that what you want?! you like THEIR VERSION OF YOUR FUTURE?!!

  17. Wait!,…a room full of women talking?, hold on, before you start let me put this noose around my neck.

  18. A lot of these millennials just need a spanking…

    Tie there hands to a fence, then get real close to their ears, and whisper:

    “Are you going to start saving money?”

    If they say “no” then take off your belt, pull their pants down, and spank them! If they say “yes” untie their hands; economy fixed!! 👏

  19. Honkytonkified | April 12, 2020 at 12:39 PM | Reply

    A govt. backed 5-year-2nd mortgage should be part of this option to lessen fear and stress about the policy of making deferred payments due all at once.

  20. Brock Madigan | May 9, 2020 at 8:31 AM | Reply

    government will cover banks loses, banks will foreclose mortgages and take possession of the properties, properties will be resold, bank will sell bad debt to vulture lawyers who will sue you in small claims court. Is this the story??? Been going on for decades.

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