What will Ont.'s vaccine passport look like when unveiled this week? 1

What will Ont.’s vaccine passport look like when unveiled this week?


Ontario Premier Doug Ford is meeting with his Cabinet to finalize plans for a vaccine passport, according to a source.

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  1. It took just a huge chunk of promised Federal money and a few days from Ford’s certain “No” to “Considering”, and now a definite “Yes” lol.

    1. Yah that’s how it should work…
      “You wanna do what? No”

      More experts weigh in…

      “Ok, I’m considering is…”

      More experts weigh in, more data presented…

      “Ok, I seen the data, let’s do it.”

    1. If Ford, mans up and respects the charter of rights and Canada and put a stop to this madness then ill vote for him

    1. He’s not allowed to talk till the federal election is over. Every time he opens his mouth the Cons hemorrhage votes in Ontario.

    1. I won’t support businesses that enforce this.

      If big box corp tries it I’ll cancel my respective credit cards aswell.

      Looks like Jeff bezos is about to make a tonn of money.

    2. @ARK CON Look at what? Most of the country getting back to normal. As Anti-Vaxxers sew yellow stars on their clothes and pathetically act like holocaust victims?

    1. You can just go for a trip somewhere that has it….issue is it’s not in the recognized list…..I actually looked into this as a way of rebeling against my employer.

  2. When will Canadians take a stand?? We need to stop this now it’s almost too late look what we allowed to happen!! Walk out stop working and take to the streets! We need to take over

  3. There will be plenty of business owners that are going to reject this passport. Just look at B.C. Last i checked, 2500 different business said no to this passport. We can bring our money elsewhere. No problem here.

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