What you need to know about Ontario's paid sick leave program | COVID-19 in Ontario 1

What you need to know about Ontario’s paid sick leave program | COVID-19 in Ontario


Colin D'Mello breaks down the Ontario government's paid sick leave program, and says that it's going to be complicated to access.


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  1. Of course it will be complicated to access. Ford doesn’t want paid sick leave programs. Essentially, unless you’re literally dying you don’t get it.

  2. Why can’t these idiots simplify things? You still have to deal with two different programs if you need to isolate and get paid while staying at home if you caught Covid for 10 days. This needs to be streamlined as there will still be a delay getting paid after 3 days.

  3. Complicated! It shouldn’t be employee calls in sick employer pays them employer send bill to government. Destroying small business bringing a province to its knees implementing inconsistent covid lockdowns that don’t work now that’s complicated

    1. And you actually think employers won’t abuse this? Sure, pretend 100% of your employees were off sick for 2 weeks and send the govt the bill. CEWS has been rampant with fraudulent claims, even with massive employers getting in on the action, raking in a few hundred million in CEWS taxpayer paid benefits which companies then used to provide executive bonuses and distribute dividends to shareholders.

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