What you need to know about the new mortgage stress test 1

What you need to know about the new mortgage stress test


Real estate agent Davelle Morrison discusses the mortgage stress test, which begins June 1st, in an effort to cool the hot housing market.

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  1. Let me guess. If it’s a new policy by our Canadian government it will be against the citizen. Our government is only slightly worse than Zimbabweans.

  2. The banks are grifters. House building prices are the same in Toronto or some tiny town are the same. Its just a grift that the government should regulate.

  3. They’re trying to hide the inflation and increasing worthlessness of the monopoly money by talking about bidding wars and ignoring the “100,000 – 200,000 over asking” part lmfao

    1. finally someone who gets it. housing is almost inline with construction cost/value due to insane inflation in almost all aspects of building a home

  4. Why interview a real estate agent. They will have the most biased opinion. Why not get someone in finance who can explain what happens when someone defaults on their home?

    1. We did a For Sale by Owner a few years ago and saved thousands of dollars on a real estate agent.
      With some research you can see what the homes in your area are being sold and do it yourself.

    2. @Nicky Namey that’s a great point! They may be able to sell it faster because of their agency but putting a few ads here and there is the same.

    1. That probably won’t happen. Mass hyperinflation is coming. You should be happy if you can your wage can catch up

    2. @Shellx_ Vendor the rich are doing amazing with the hyper inflation while the renters burn, i recommend you move north to something you can afford now

    3. @Shellx_ Vendor you enjoy your dream world. Take a look at 1932 Germany and you will have an idea of what is about to come.

  5. “Most likely to have more money after five years” or lose their jobs? What a biased fact from a real estate agent that wants more money from gullible homebuyers!

    1. Exactly. Real estates agents love setting up tactics that create blind bidding wars. If she really cared she mention how in Australia they have auctions to you know what bids are in.

  6. Double-end deals that realtors are doing are causing this. Houses should be sold like they are in Australia, by bidding on them so there everything is out in the open.

  7. Could the interviewer say, “ Wow, really? 1.79 5 years fixed? Could you tell me which Bank and which mortgage specialist? I need one of those, myself!”

  8. You want to cool housing ? Then put the risk totally on the banks in case of systemic failure. Remove the amount of money printing that we are doing that is driving interest rates down. You will see true market operating then

  9. Just wondering where these women are from because in bc west coast almost all homes are over $1M

  10. Spoken like a true real estate agent. Shills. Near zero rates have jacked up the house price for 10 years. The BoC has to raise rates closer to normal. No one is asking the hard questions…Look to the BoC as to why houses are so inflated.

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