What you need to know about the political landscape in 2020

In 2019 the Liberal Party was reduced to a minority government. How will Trudeau work with the other parties to move forward?

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  1. The economy has been great for years and were heavily in debt..wait till it slows down.. were doomed under Mr MORE ..NO!!!!

  2. I now think Craig Oliver is one brainwashed gigantic FOOL……..I think he needs to travel outside of Toronto once in a while.

  3. YouTube is unsubbing me from all my subscriptions, I think Its some sort of pressure campaign to make me turn on notifications, which I do not want to do.

    I come back again and again, and each time they have unsubbed me.

    This is happening with big and small channels alike. I don’t think this is about the channels, but about a big push for getting pple to turn notifications on, which I won’t do.

  4. 3:25 Why would anyone expect anything either fair or helpful from our PM? He is divisiveness personified. And Craig talking about a booming economy? WTF??? Out west the economy is dead…and soon the east will start to feel the pinch as soon as those deficit chickens come home to roost.

  5. justin trudeau makes me gag. can’t bear to listen to his swill. much like george bush jr. all b.s.

  6. decades of mismanagement same old story from either liberal or tory and the brain trust rants on and on what is the utility of this

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