What’s Actually Happening in Portland, Oregon 1

What’s Actually Happening in Portland, Oregon


Portland, Oregon has bore witness to some of the longest and most destructive demonstrations in the nation over the past year. The right-wing media would have you believe Portland is a dystopian Hell-hole overrun by anarchists, lawlessness, violence, and vandalism. On his recent trip to Oregon, Ali stayed in downtown Portland and got the scoop from people who actually live and work there to get the truth about what is actually happening in their community.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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What’s Actually Happening in Portland, Oregon


  1. I left the area because of the high cost of living. It was either move someplace affordable or become homeless.

    1. @Philoctetes i sold everything I had to barely make it out of Portland. Its been almost 3 years and I still haven’t financially recovered.

    2. @Neeley Nonya If only, life was that simple. Obviously, you’ve had options this year. Others lost their jobs and their homes in a matter of days or weeks. Already struggling to make ends meet, since no one can afford a place on their own at minimum wage. Portland relies heavily on the restaurant and food service industry which crashed. Most of those folks have little to no back up.
      If you can move, you’re not homeless – yet. Just as the original person said. They had to move or be homeless. They had enough resources to leave before all their options ran out. Good for them.
      Takes more than one tank of gas, to put you somewhere where you can begin again and that’s if you have anywhere where you can go. How do you go to a completely different place and start again, unless you have connections, and in a pandemic?
      You think you can just put out your thumb? Don’t you know that’s illegal? To say nothing of the fact you could end up dead.
      Stop blaming the victims.

    3. @B Management That was me leaving Houston. My niece paid$1600 for an apartment in Dallas till she bought a house. Cheaper and better.

    4. I have always been fascinated with Portland… So many gifted people but they use to work more towards innovation and creation. Since,,,,,,,,,,,,we have found so much division. Not all but a few were raised with manners,,bump free speech. Kindness matters, compassion matters, love matters, respect for fellow citizens matters, helping the elderly matters, they have paid their dues..patience matters, kind words matter, empathy matters. This is the America I want to live in,, But everything is a cycle, maybe we can succeed, i sure hope so.
      Portland it is in your cards,, you can recapture the esscense of Portland. Show the country what you all can do….

    5. @carey jernigan the complaint of the Left for the last 200 years is that capitalism doesn’t provide the opportunity for everyone to achieve, only a certain number of slots for a certain number of people for 200 years has de-incentivized the entire workforce. When people can be born into wealth or retire early from a few lucky investments, it destroys the will of those left behind to hold up the system for the well-off to enjoy. Everyone blames the poor but nobody blames the businesses who make us compete for limited opportunities.

  2. An ugly truth can become beautiful, but like a certain gelatinous blob said, a lie will remain a lie

  3. I know several people all over Oregon. None of them of agree with the right wing view on it.

    1. @Rodney Short my thought exactly. Quit enabling the drugs. Conservative run cities do not tolerate it because they are not enablers. There are stray needles all over Portland in parks where children play, found them multiple times myself.

    2. @Spearlradness The moment you cross the river from Vancouver, it’s overwhelmingly obvious you’ve entered Portland. The trash city…

    3. @TheDiamond2009 you don’t know but it could be possible that Jesse Flores is referring to people who are older and wiser.

    4. @jessie flores it’s trash. I just moved to Milwaukie from Portland. Portland is a literal dump.

    5. @Rosanne Green You’re right, there are a lot more Democrat run cities with a homeless problem.

    1. Ask about it in any state. Most major cities. Ask you local government how they let this stuff happen.

  4. Good 👍 story, sad 😭 to see Portland like this, as a young GI stationed at Ft Lewis, WA, my bestie’s and I back in the early 70s, traveled to Portland Oregon during our time off and rent a room at, ( I can’t remember the name) now but it’s a beautiful City, Plus My Grandfather was stationed there for a while during the Big war, anyway, I Had a Play sister that went to college in Astoria Oregon, so Portland was a mini vacation for me, great scenery, bar’s, food and friendships, best days on the planet were in Portland, the boat racing started from Portland and then make their way to Seattle WA and I followed the Miss Budweiser Crew, I Had a friend who happened to be the lead boat mechanic, talk about being a young black soilder with the Hook Up, Yes life was good then 😷🇺🇸 look at us now 😔

    1. I moved here 33 years ago. This last year has destroyed the city, I used to love. Glad you enjoyed the dragon boats.

    2. @Deborah Freedman I’ve lived in Oregon since 1980 and it’s a crying shame how much it has changed for the worse especially with the influx of people moving here. Never cared much for Portland even back in the day. Kinda surprised it became a destination point for so many. 😔

  5. Elected officials should also have to live in the cities they represent. Many of them don’t live anywhere near where they represent

    1. @TheDiamond2009Yeah, I find it funny how most people think the west coast is very progressive, even those who live there, when in comparison to the small New England towns and cities (with the exception of Boston). One thing that I think helps is mijorty of the town’s and cities electoral potions are all volunteer – non paid. And if you are elected you are committing yourself to two years of meeting once a week or two weeks a night deciding everything from the budget, taxes, approving zoning, school curriculum. By doing all that stuff and not getting paid it really weeds out the people in there for the right and wrong reasons.

    1. Portland is no better than its people…..when you place no expectations on each other you get nothing. yours is a dumb comment.

    2. And then there’s that. It came down to that. Difficult to draw a line when you have a ton of people stealing from and beating the innocent in retaliation to an innocent man losing his life at the hands of humans given explicit control. There is no mercy. I don’t know… If I died the way George Floyd did, I’d be pretty freaked to know this is how it would turn out. That man sitting across the street from his business and then lost his life… Your statement is so true, it’s frightening.

    3. Right because the little white kids of Portland oregon have suffered so much ” abuse ” poor babies

  6. Dems: this is just a stepping stone, if we can only make our whole country like us.

    Portland loves homeless, keep that in mind in your travel plans.

  7. According to the Republikkklans Russian president, Portland has been burning for 20 years straight.

  8. They couldn’t bother to reveal the dollar amount of property damage. Good job having 3 people to water down the situation.

  9. ANTIFA, yes we are seeing the rise of fascism in the far right. But initiating protests as “anarchy,” kept me away from the start.

  10. The media will never tell you about the uprising in chillness in the city, it’s an insurrection of joy and community. It’s on fire alright 🤣

  11. isn’t this the same ” reporter ” who said in front of a burning building that the ” protests were mostly peaceful ” ?

  12. Why do they not attach the label “Antifa” to the trouble makers. Antifa does not care about other peoples lives.

  13. Just recently met someone who lived a block away from the riots. She said it’s not as bad as you think it is.

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