1. Canada needs to start following suit to USA. Wakey wakey..trump knowa wjat this is all about. Put aside his charateristics and look at what he has done for USA even since covid hit..

    1. @Tracey No Matter What laugh at those who just had theur debts written off and paid for…. lets start there lol

    2. @J B haha yeah i saw that. You should listen to other stuff though and undersrand that. He hasnt worn one till that video

    3. @Tracey No Matter What if you think its funny..i bet you are one who loves face masks then ans will get vaccine. If not..then you would be in support of trump

  2. If they don’t have to wear a mask indoors either do I. How about regular Canadians tell public leaders and politicians WHEN they are ALLOWED and HOW they can live their lives.

  3. We supposedly elect our leaders to SERVE not DICTATE. When ordinary Canadians slip up we might get sent away for sensitivity training. I believe that when most of these jokers are elected they must go away for arrogance training.

  4. Does that include allergies hay fever . Dust in the air from construction , auto exhaust , coughing from choking , inhaling foreign debris. Etc . What is truth and what is lies . ???

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