What’s different about Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox News | USA TODAY

Dominion Voting Systems is suing Fox News for $1.6 billion. Media expert explains why this defamation suit could have a different outcome.

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In the wake of the 2020 presidential election, once it became clear that then-President Donald Trump had lost the race to Joe Biden, allies of the former president began claiming without evidence that the election had been stolen.

Dominion Voting Systems, a private voting machine manufacturer, became central to those claims, which asserted that the company conspired with Democrats to rig the election against Trump.

In 2021, Dominion filed a series of defamation lawsuits against key election deniers, suggesting their unfounded claims caused “severe damage” to the company. “These lies also have threatened the personal safety of our employees and customers,” Dominion CEO John Poulos said after filing one of the lawsuits. “No amount of money will repair the damage done."

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  1. That’s the equivalent of your harasser inviting you into their home to present your case. That would be harassment on numerous occasions.

  2. “Privately questioning” something does not mean you actually know something.
    Dominion has nothing and this is propaganda.

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