What's happening with Africa's vaccine rollout? 1

What’s happening with Africa’s vaccine rollout?


CNN examines the challenges facing Africa’s coronavirus vaccine rollout and how COVAX– a partnership between World Health Organization and Unicef– is focusing on getting vaccines to these vulnerable nations.


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  2. Would there not be accountability against the big pharma if they gave to third party distributions and they screwed it up? I believe that’s maybe why they haven’t done so. I do wish there was some coalition who would be looking to expand to different factories with careful examination. I’m sure they could come to agreements on cost and percentages

  3. This country in India got hit really hard by this virus what has me kind of Jumpy is that I hope it doesn’t want to make a second Return To America

    1. pro tip: watch series at flixzone. I’ve been using it for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.

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  5. *From the vaccine consent form:* “I understand that the long-term side effects or complications of this vaccine are not known at this time.”

    1. Of course they ‘re not known. It’s an expetimental drug. They’ “re giving them the Astrazeneca jab that has been suspended in many European countries.

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