What's Lost If Biden And GOP Reach A Deal On Infrastructure? 1

What’s Lost If Biden And GOP Reach A Deal On Infrastructure?


The White House is still working with Republicans to try and reach a bipartisan deal on infrastructure, but will the compromise alienate the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. We discuss with Philip Rucker of The Washington Post.
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  1. Internet access for all, the expansion of high speed internet in poorer communities. This country doesn’t want its citizens to have access to real information that could actually change elections. They don’t care in the end. Keep the public dumb and ignorant, the rich keep theirs. It works every time, especially in a democracy.

    1. @Jake Roberts

      Chinese rice is a staple food there, it’s pretty cheap. The foreign stuff is expensive. Stay ignorant and dumb.

    2. @Jon Passow not any more not for the past 200 years, and besides we were supposed to be a constitutional republic with Democratic election’s meaning everyone has the same access and right to vote so long as they are legal citizens and not currently incarcerated. With all the trillions wasted the government could have just given everyone an identification card right along with the birth certificate and social security number.

    1. @Cadre Deux Snowflake, traitor trump won the electoral college in 2016 but lost in 2020. Facts over feelings.

    2. @Viva La Raza! So you were lying when you said he was the only President to do so. Stop making stuff up.

    3. @Viva La Raza! Maybe you should talk about your President
      Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Mexican history and leave American History to the people that know about it.

    1. @Joseph ozturk yea exactly I didn’t know he got his job back. Last I remember he got in trouble.

    2. “My chopper took RPG fire…wasn’t the one I was in…but it was really close…like I felt it was directed at me…so i’m not lying…” – Brian Williams

    1. @Joseph ozturk Trump caused the virus to spread by lying to the American public, claiming his administration had it under control. 591,000 dead Americans later, I think we can both agree he did not have it under control. Trump caused the virus to spread by failing to encourage mask wearing and by failing to model good behavior like a true leader would and wear a mask himself. Trump caused the virus to spread by holding super spreader campaign rallies with no social distancing and no masks. Trump caused the virus to spread by undermining emergency measures put in place by governors to limit transmission of the virus (example: his idiotic “liberate Michigan” tweets).

      Somehow, under Trump, the U.S., the wealthiest, most advanced nation on earth managed to rack up 17% of the world’s COVID deaths from only 4% of the world’s population. You tell me, how does that happen in the United States of America with competent leadership?

    2. I wonder if any of y’all are ever embarrased when you quote the New York Post, but think CNN and MSNBC are fake news. The fundemental lack of understanding the difference between writing articles that are blatantly false and adding a slanted opinion on a story. “10% for the big guy” crowd backs the blue, but doesn’t believe in the criminal justice system, shouts about “sheeple,” but only when its what Tucker or Donny tell em to be upset about. Its disturbing

    3. @Joseph ozturk “its says that it’s optional, I won’t be wearing one.” “It’ll be like a miracle. 15 cases will be down to 0.” Didn’t let a cruise ship full of Americans dock, because “i like the numbers where they are.” Allowed American citizens to travel from China without quarantining, even after implementing his highly touted travel “ban” from China. Waited to put a ban on European nations, which led to mobile morgues in New York State. Undermined medical experts. Never once held up a medical face mask to explain that its more effective than cloth. Did not fund small business so they could close their doors, but still pay their bills, which forced them to stay open, which then spread the virus further. He held campaign rallies with no mask requirements, which created super spreaders events all across the country. His COVID policy resulted in himself getting and being hospitalized with COVID. Yes, his own policies on COVID sent the most powerful person in the world to hospital. He pushed for 1, 600 dollar check while american families were lining up at food banks to feed their kids. His admin was warned by a mask manufacturer pre pandemic that America had outsourced most medical mask manufacturing and the supply chain would be interrupted if a disaster struck, which it did and the supply chain was not sufficient. He, instead of using his power from the excutive, made states negotiate and bid against each other for PPE. One does have to wonder how the guy who makes the best deals would not have jumped on the opportunity to get all of the US a great deal on PPE. Very strange. He essentially did the same thing when it came time to rollout the vaccines that he had cut so much red tape to get ready. He handed it off to the states instead of using the power of the executive to set up vaccine distribution and administration. Took a random drug and told people it worked to stop COVID, which proved not to be true considering he got and was hospitalized with…. COVID. The state of Oklahoma bought thousands, if not millions, of dollars worth of the hydroxy-whatsit because Trump said it works and now has a stock pile of a useless drug. It is what it is

    4. @Taylor Bray …. You small-minded idiots always do the same thing like you are taught. Even though you can never name a source for any of your BS, the typical Democrat thing that you are taught to do is to tell somebody.. proof, where’s your proof, you can’t prove that,….. And all you’re really trying to do is water down the subject knowing that regular people don’t have access to government information on exactly where money is going to go. But you’re actually stupid enough to go the extra step and say… define infrastructure… That is a very typical Democrat thing to say. And if you want me to define infrastructure in Democrat terms it would be…… BUILDING UP DEMOCRAT LEADERS BANK ACCOUNTS…. Because that’s exactly where most of this money is going to go. The Democrat money grab makes me sick to my stomach. An idiots like you defend it while they keep you in the poor house too.

  2. Corn Pop says this deal will go through at the edge of his straight razor if necessary.
    Corn Pops motto is Making Biden Better!

    1. There’s only one thing that both parties can agree with, and that is Corn Pop was a bad dude.

    1. Whatever I turns out to be- it will be for the betterment of the citizens, the smooth running of the country and take into consideration the damage humans have done! And the GOP will be front and center taking credit for acts they would not support!

  3. What’s lost? Pelosi pork ; Kickbacks to donors and benefactors, raises for themselves and money to DNC special interests none of which have to do with infrastructure. This journalism stuff isn’t hard.

    1. The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.
      – Oscar Wilde

  4. Why dont they do A open meeting of this Bi Partisan meeting they keep saying they are trying for cause i clearly dont see dems trying to seek input from the other side of the isle. Lets be open and do it live so we can acutally witness them trying

  5. 30 Years ago you took what top Media Anchors said as fact. It is shameful that Brian Williams is now a liberal water boy.

  6. Republicans, counter with an offer thats like 50% what they want

    Democrats: “no you see, we want our plan. Compromising isnt a thing”

  7. We can’t trust these guys for the truth! Making things up to only later to be proven to be lies!

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