1. Since we are talking about requirements, how about they require any one that runs for president has to read the Constitution AND know how the US government works.

    1. @SoNotDown – “The Orangeins of Covfefe: I Are #45″… 📙
      Available soon…in ‘Dollar’ stores all across ‘Murika. 🤣

  2. Pelosi should not limit the scope of the Impeachment Inquiry, nor should she set artificial timelines! Let all the committees do full and thorough investigations and follow the evidence wherever it leads!!!

    1. Sun Wukung No it does NOT! The investigation went ahead as planned nothing President Trump said or did affected it. If Trump had obstructed justice and it was clear in the Mueller report the Democrats were seized have on that We would’ve already had an impeachment inquiry and process.

    2. Yup Clinton started as a real estate deal…and ended with a female intern….Mueller could have also expanded his inquiry, but either chickened out or was partisan.
      But let’s see how the Republicans handle it in Senate.
      The people will judge in 2020!!!

    3. @GORGEOUSGEORGE Well, Mueller was working under Barr towards the end. I’m not convinced closing the investigation was Mueller’s idea.

  3. I see dark clouds over this presidency. Wilbur Ross should contact the national weather service and threaten to fire them if they don’t change the forecast.

    1. @CynAnne1 unemployment at historic lows… Stocks at unprecedented highs… millions of people lifted off food stamps and into the middle class…
      Yea unemployment is “flailing” alright. It’s “flailing” at some of the lowest levels since the great depression HAHAHAHAHA

    2. @CynAnne1 Hey do you know what other sector is having lots of layoffs? The Leftist media. LOL They’ve laid off hundreds of people, including CNN.

    3. @CynAnne1 I love it when Leftists can’t defend their arguments. Makes my job so much easier for future readers who stumble on this thread.

    1. @Logical Conservative – as if ANYTHING you’ve spewed in these comment threads amounts to anything more than a small pile of bovine fecal matter…

    2. @Amber Uh oh, majority of independents now say that are more likely to vote for Trump than Democrat. Looks like your lies are not working Liberal. LMAO!!!

  4. Why do U.S. Republican Congressmen and Senators still continue to support Trump?
    70 million registered voters did not vote in the 2016 presidential election
    He wasn’t duly elected by the people, he lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes
    The Electoral College assisted by Republican gerrymandering helped elect Donald Trump

    1. Douglas Barton look at what is in the WH..,pls watch and share.. NETFLIX 5 HOUR SERIES

    2. Douglas Barton: Gerrymandering had been covertly happening for years all to assist Republican vote. For my money it was done knowing Reps were never going to win popular vote so their route was gerrymandering of swing states in a way that presidential selection would fall to the electoral college.

    3. We need to get rid of the electoral college. They dont even have to follow the people in their districts votes. EVERY VOTE SHOULD COUNT PERIOD!

  5. If this president gets away with his personal relationship diplomacy without any oversight we are no better than the Russians where organized crime is part of the system.

    1. Morey Cohen he’s wanting that! See this ASAP.. NETFLIX 5 HOUR SERIES

  6. As a citizen that doesn’t own any weapon whatsoever, I am very terrified with all of Trumps tweets about Civil War!😣God Help!

    1. @ARTHUR SEA
      No. Just…no.
      In his Sunday night tweet storm, Trump quoted a pastor Robert Jeffress,
      “It (impeachment) will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which this Country will never heal.”
      Word for word, random capitalization and all.

    2. @5657889 Adbskad Are you a Russian? It is tRUMP’S team of corrupt Repubs that are responsible for the family separation scandal. Stop watching FOX news already and grow some brain cells.

    1. #45’s *cheated and lied to* his partners, both in business *and* marriage, for decades.
      He even *cheats* at golf, the ‘gentlemans game’. ⛳
      #45 – *So* embarrassing for America… 😒

  7. We Americans must send back all of Putin’s ” boy’s ” American sell Outs to their mother land russia… 🇷🇺

    1. @CynAnne1 It’s not whataboutisms if it’s calling out blatant hypocrisy. Try again. More like “We can do it, but we can also pretend you do it.”

    2. Oh, Logical. 🙄
      “Let’s pretend”…?
      *That’s* been #45’s ‘modus operandi’ for his *entire life* …
      #45’s *cheated and lied to* his partners, both in business *and* marriage, for decades.
      He even *cheats* at golf, the ‘gentlemans game’. ⛳
      #45 – *So* embarrassing for America… 😒

  8. If ONLY the reading of the Constitution BEFORE one enters office be a preliminary requirement. Trump is like a short order cook who’s been hired under false pretences to prepare a royal banquet for the queen’s jubileum.

    1. Linda Casey Linda it’s worse than that..watch this..even subscribe if you have too. There’s no contract. Share it far and wide. This is a Political Coup! NETFLIX 5 HOUR SERIES

  9. The White House is trying to ban Crypt Keeper Wack Job Giuliani from speaking on the talk shows! I think they should let him speak over and over and over and over as long as he wants too! Giuliani is money in the Democrat Bank! 😂

    1. @T Z – Dear Leader’s done enough to be impeached dozens of times over. We don’t need to add “using a Sharpie to lie to the American people” to the charge sheet.

    2. @Logical Conservative – this isn’t about Brian Stelter. This is about your Dear Leader. Try to focus, shitstain.

    3. @Tom Ogden – As we said earlier, regarding ‘Logical’…
      “Whataboutisms *are a favorite tool* of trollollollers, both domestic *and* GRU-financed.” 💱👎😏

  10. Pelosi has stated that the impeachment would be drawn from his violating his oath of office not a singular issue but a broad spectrum of violations of how he broke the law and thereby his oath of office under the Constitution.

    1. Give it time. The real process has started. As more evidence is acquired under this section of the constitution, more names will come to light.
      Why do you think McConnell has come out and said that he has to work under the law now? (that’s new) LOL
      Even he’s preparing the route to protect his butt.

    2. @Blondie SL Uh no. It hasn’t. This is a resolution to have a meeting about having a hearing about a possible future meeting. In other words, more nothing. Same thing that has happened for the past 2 years that democrats have been trying to invent fake impeachment claims that have turned out to be lies. The hearings are just a fake circus in order to generate sound bytes for the media to use, but continue to backfire spectacularly.

  11. After this president, Congress should make big changes on this democracy, it should never happen again ever in the United states 🇺🇸🇺🇸🌎

    1. @Eddie Orama – that’s my point. If it ‘s a law that a candidate HAS to show his tax returns, dopey donald wouldn’t have been able to run in the first place.
      As it is, New York is going to get those anyway and put that puta in jail

    2. Oh. Maybe they should actually make it a democracy so when Democrats say “we’re a democracy” they won’t be lying anymore?

  12. Great point about the true meaning behind, “High crimes and misdemeanors.” And how a crime isn’t necessary, just that he “lowered the office.” Can anyone disagree that Trump has “lowered the office,” by this point? The Oval Office might as well be in the earth’s core by now! Why is this the first time any show has pointed that out?

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