What's next for Kovrig and Spavor after U.S. deal with Meng? 1

What’s next for Kovrig and Spavor after U.S. deal with Meng?


Scott McKnight on what the deal between Meng Wanzhou and the U.S. government means for Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor detained in China.

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  1. We as a sovereign nation should maintain close relations with the South, as they are a neighbor and an ally, but not necessarily to the point where we just “take orders” from them bIindly. We should see things as it is, and try to not let our biases towards certain countries or parties overwhelm our ability to critically think and see the real facts. There is ZERO evidence of any wrong doing from either Meng or Huawei. In fact, you guys can search up that German intelligence found no evidence of Huawei wrong doing over the years, but has found many backdoors in products, such as ClSCO. The irony!

    Our treaty was taken advantage of for Hstage, and even Donald admitted. Hope the Micheals will come home soon with all this coming to an end.

    1. Hi dudes, do you wanna bet on Robert’s fate again? Death or Live? I think my prediction is more accurate than Justin.

    1. extradition treaty with USA. Canada didn’t really have a choice if Canada still wanted the ability to extradite criminals back to Canada from the States

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