What's Next For The Billionaire Space Race? 1

What’s Next For The Billionaire Space Race?


Billionaire Richard Branson made history Sunday when he and his crew successfully marked a new era in space exploration. NBC's Cal Perry joins Geoff Bennett, along with former astronaut and current senior advisor at the Intrepid Museum, Mike Massimino.
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    1. Who cares? You do what you want with your own money.
      Were you aware that Branson has given away half his wealth to charity?

  1. With all the good these men could do for the world with their obscene wealth, this is where their hearts lead them to spend it?

    1. What you fail to understand is, everybody is self absorbed in reality, at the end of the day, as much as I prefer government only space flight launches, this type of money making venture will lead to new innovations. Branson said himself years ago, governments weren’t interested in sending ordinary people into orbit or anywhere.

    2. @blender 3d ocean Please, enlighten me, Why do you think it’s so important that ordinary people be sent into orbit (or outer space) at a time when our planet is in desperate need of all the innovation we can muster in order to combat our current impending crises?

  2. The way this keeps getting thrown into algorithms I’d say a lawsuit with the blood on the hands of $CMCSA. $40 is ridiculous for a Spac

    1. How could you possibly know that? Oh that’s right, because they’re billionaires. All billionaires are unethical. Nobody can contribute that much labor in a lifetime.

  3. Let me see, Cali is burning and NY is sinking, but this individual spent billions to avoid gravity for 30 seconds. He is an a hole!

  4. Love the trend! This should serve to eventually decrease the overall life length of the super wealthy! The only way we are ever going to see any of their wealth trickle down anytime soon.

  5. “Cool story,” said the Amazon warehouse worker, who is prevented from unionizing and is forced to pee in a Gatorade bottle in order to make sure they’re not fired for “low productivity.”

  6. Hmmm. With the amount of money he spent on this project he could have helped to end child hunger and homelessness all over the world. Babylon priorities is wrong as usual.

  7. We now live in a society where mankind‘s potential is being funneled into pet projects for billionaires instead of furthering our knowledge of the universe and our species. We. live. in. a. society.

  8. Media cries over taxes paid by hard working people. At the same time..they promote a billionaire so wealthy..he doesn’t have to work. He can play with his space ship.

  9. I’m feeling torn between the pointlessness of the Olymbucks and billionaires pretending to be astronauts.

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