What's Next For The Kurds? (Part 5) | MSNBC 1

What’s Next For The Kurds? (Part 5) | MSNBC


The Kurds of northern Syria lost faith in the U.S. following President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from the region. Nishti Murad, a school teacher from Kobani, said America left them to die. Aired on 11/26/19.
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What's Next For The Kurds? (Part 5) | MSNBC


  1. Trump is compromised by Russia Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and it turned him into a war criminal. By the way, he still has supporters in America.

  2. Hang your head in shame America. Nishti is correct. The whole world wonders why you elected a crazy person for your president.

    1. I’m not from America but I don’t believe in shaming America for the election of Donald Trump. About 40% voted for Trump. The rest basically all want him kicked out of office for acting like a dictator.

    2. We can give as many excuses as we like. But the American system gave us Trump. If we didn’t want him, we would be in the streets until he quit.

  3. This is sad, it seems Trump don’t realize America hold the strongest hand in the deck, Turkey would have folded, can’t put a kid to play a man game.

    1. He doesn’t care. It was all about Russia. Same with withholding aid to Ukraine. All to cripple them fighting Russia. IQ45 is a Russian agent and there are sleeper cells in the White House!

  4. What a terrible sad sad inhumane situation trump left these Kurd people in, after they stood with American soldiers to help our country!
    Pootin got what he wanted, his forward goal for world power and trump can be the one person who allowed it to happen!
    He should be very ashamed of himself instead of boasting what a great job he has done!

  5. Trump got played by Turkey and Russia like an orange violin, if it wasn’t so devastating, it would be impressive

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