What's On Biden's Summer To-Do List? | MSNBC 1

What’s On Biden’s Summer To-Do List? | MSNBC


As families hit the road ahead of Memorial Day, it's also when the rubber meets the road for President Biden's ambitious agenda. A wide range of priorities colliding with the cold, hard reality of the ticking clock, and Republican opposition. NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell. and Politico White House Reporter and Playbook Co-Author, Eugene Daniels join Geoff Bennett to discuss.
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  1. Magats are ridiculously naive, _especially the rich ones who give their cash to a supposed “billionaire”_

    1. @James Smith Joe believes in a fair deal. Give the Russian pipeline for 3+M Hunter received from Russia.

    2. @Romance with the Past nice probably they’re all in it together with those hidden Trump Chinese bank accounts.

    3. @Benjamin Berlinsky Meanwhile, back in reality, Trumpyboi lost the election and Biden won the election.
      I’m not sure you fully understand what ‘loser’ means.

    1. Remember his name 1st order of business every day. Then not crap his pants. “Oops! I crapped my pants!” Joey B of the CCP

    2. Pompeo is an example of what is wrong with many Republicans: arrogance, denial, and outright lies he expects to be believed. I have seen Pompeo in action, a truly awful sight.

    3. Pompeo is the most ethical guy in all of Washington DC….. I’m a Democrat and I realize this

    4. @Joseph Lavigne and you know this how? Because he left for Israel right after he was appointed, he and his wife. They didn’t go for any particular reason except to visit holy sites. They went on our dime. But most of the Good Ol’ Boys Club is like that. They yammer on about Socialism then they take taxpayer’s money to do what ever they want and sit around with their chests poked out over their bellies and talk about Democrats running child trafficking rings. I remember when the Donald appointed Perry over the DOE and he didnt even know what the Department was responsible for. Just a bunch of Good Ol’ Boys.

    1. Remember his name 1st order of business every day. Then not crap his pants. “Oops! I crapped my pants!” Joey B of the CCP

    2. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle How’s it going in your basement in St. Petersburg? Or was it Moscow?

    1. No, America is doing a lot better under the capable leadership of the Biden administration.

    2. @James Smith By what metric?
      murder rates in major cities
      Jobs numbers
      cost of living
      cost of gas
      Cost of food
      illegal border crossing rates
      race relations
      National Debt
      Deficit spending
      Energy sector
      Taxes (planned)
      Anti Semitism
      What metric are you using to conclude the country is “a lot better” under the Biden admin?

    3. @Dora Dennis hahaha I know, right? I am happy to listen to a lucid opinion well reasoned with which I may not agree, but just spouting assertions is silly.

  2. Ah, I remember Gordan Sondland! Lmfao! Unqualified *”Ambassador”* to the EU. As well Sondland’s brave or *Ut~Oh* testimony at Impeach #1. I rec to watch and/or clips of. Okay, 1 min. Good~Day. Back to worthwhile beneficial *Indie News Channels.* Deserving to read the educated, constructive thoughtful comments/replies & questions, with potential to engage. =)

  3. Will this “to-do” list tackle is promise to relieve $10k student loan debt? He claimed it was on the books to be done immediately upon his getting into office. Riiigghhhht.

    1. You Wanna do push ups fatty. You better not go into that 7 eleven without an Indian accent because corn pop was a bad dude. Wanna see my leg hairs. If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black. Cmon man! They traded a person they were told was racist for an actual one. Sheeeeep!

  4. Spend more money what else. Billions housing immigrants. 1.8 billion for your security, while pushing to reduce ours.


  6. Donwhat he is told to do. This guy cant even lead himself to the bathroom much leas this country. Who is really in charge?

  7. Good for him!!!! Pompeo is his responsible.
    Is Pompeo still in the government workforces???
    What the heck!!!!!

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