What’s the deal with the 25th Amendment? 1

What’s the deal with the 25th Amendment?


There are just a few days left in President Donald Trump’s term, and following a mob of his supporters storming the US Capitol building, speculative talk of removing Trump from office using the 25th Amendment is everywhere. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains the reason for the amendment — and what it would take for Trump’s Cabinet to actually use it.


Pence has not ruled out 25th Amendment, source says

Several Cabinet secretaries informally discuss invoking 25th Amendment but Pence 'highly unlikely' to pursue

Second Cabinet member announces resignation over Trump's response to riot

The day America realized how dangerous Donald Trump is

What Is the 25th Amendment and Could It Be Used to Remove Trump From Office?

Calls to replace Trump via the 25th Amendment are growing. Here’s why it’s never happened before.

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    1. @Sasi With Leader McConnell supporting impeachment, and removal, and 4 others supporting resignation or the 25fth, easily 17 could flip. Many will follow McConnell’s Precedent and vote guilty, and good riddance to Trump.

  1. I remember one time my 4th amendment was violated, I don’t know why or how but I was compensated for it and got a year of therapy too.

  2. After four years of absolute shite they’re making a show of standing up to him NOW? I hear lots of barking but so far everybody is still afraid of trump.

    1. Explain what you mean by absolute shite?

      And it doesn’t need to be said Biden would have done everything much worse, it’s obvious from when they tried to spread the virus more in the beginning

    1. That assumes that there are good men that are doing nothing. The ones that are doing nothing are NOT good men. They don’t care about the United States Constitution. They only care about the lies their Dear Leader told them there was a fraudulent election. It’s like saying last year’s Super Bowl was actually won by the SF 49ers and the game was stolen from them. It’s not true. When you lose, you LOSE. End of story. If you’re not man enough to admit it, STFU.

    2. @Gopher Baroque You and your brethren didn’t seem to have that attitude after TRUMP WON in 2016. Funny how that works. Bumpkin.

  3. Susan Collins says that she thinks that tRump has learned his lesson “again” . “Rolling eyes” ……………………

    1. I have banned friends and family who spew this BS. Each and every one cannot have debate and have become less of what they once were.

    2. This is the most naive comment ive ever read, and it shows you fundamentally don’t understand trump’s base… it’s going to continue to exist as long as we continue to do nothing to support downtrodden middle america. Throwing their leader in jail while continuing not to help them will exacerbate the problem (although he 100% deserves it, my issue is based on your implication that putting him in jail solves the cultural issue).

    3. @William Levine Some large portion of that cultural issue stems directly from the accurate perception of unequal justice; and it affects both sides in terms of grievance. On the one hand, the Trumpets believe the law doesn’t apply to them, and on the other we recognize that the law does not apply to the wealthy. It needs to change and change _demonstrably!_

    1. @newbalance you have been lied to, manipulated, and miss lead by the dems and their media. Watch trumps speech today, all will come to light today.

  4. It’s about powerful men who want control of our country, they fight over something that doesn’t belong to either of them. But to the people. President Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris will be sworn in January 20, 2021. We will have a new Administration.

  5. There is a caveat, the 25th amendment does cover “mental illness”, but does it cover “bat sh#% craziness”? I don’t believe so, he stays.

  6. Disaster or is it just people don’t like what he’s done so they are just trying to make sure he will never run again lol this is a big joke

  7. This is propaganda, they know they can’t use the 25th or impeachment against trump. Once he signed the insurrection act he is protected from it. Tune to see trumps speech today and you will learn why they hate him, silenced him, and what the media has been hiding from the public.

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