What's Trump’s Next Move Following Indictments? 1

What’s Trump’s Next Move Following Indictments?


Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber, and former assistant U.S. attorney for SDNY Daniel Goldman discuss Trump’s likely next moves following the indictments against his company and top money man

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    1. @Jeffrey Snipes So all documents signed by trump he didn’t know what he was signing? Kind of like Sgt. Shultz”I know NOTHING I see NOTHING” or like trumpvid19″I take NO RESPONSIBILITY”.

    2. @Jeffrey Snipes I suppose then, that you haven’t committed a crime if you don’t get caught. Talk about making no sense…smh.

    3. @Pat Doyle you havemt committed any crime just by assumption… Know the fking difference in reality and projecting…
      Maybe you don’t care unless it happens to you, but I’m not you.
      I understand this concept can work both ways.. I choice use common sense rather than push politics only..
      Y’all hate trump so much , you can’t even understand my comments include you and your political beliefs also.
      But yeah keep hating cause it’s cool to look savaged..
      Even In public opinion a person isn’t guilty of any crime unless you can provide evidence. It’s not that difficult to understand, there is facts then there is assumption.

    4. @Julian Rivera you really don’t understand how business works..
      Owner of company doesn’t sign every document, especially in a organization like trump’s .. where there are multi business under one umbrella..
      People are literally hired to overlook certain aspects of a company.
      I know you all want there to be crime he committed but again until there proof, all you all are doing is talking.
      Again it’s called reality.
      Crimes arent caused by your feelings or projections..

    5. @Cody Russow Have you ever listened to your Miranda Rights? You know ‘you have a RIGHT to a SPEEDY TRIAL?’ Most folks are asked to ‘waive time’ so that their attorney can better prepare their cases! Probably means most will and thus are stuck until their trial, or they can make bail! What’s hard about that? You don’t know your rights??

  1. Another Trump associate indicted. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “law” & “order” candidate.


    1. @Ann Van De Kew So you’re BRAGGING that he might get away with his crimes? So much for the law and order party.

    1. @BC stargazer … I don’t want to “Like” your comment, but it is indeed clever. 👍

    2. in his renowned diaper, lol! They probably don’t have the better brands in the prison commissary.

    1. Trump: Can you give me political asylum in Moscow please
      Putin: Nah. Your use-by-date has almost passed.

  2. Twitter really put a muzzle on that worthless SOB and every day is like a breath of fresh air because of it.

    1. @Cody Russow
      the Supreme Court held in Norwood v. Harrison (1973), that the government “may not induce, encourage or promote private persons to accomplish what it is constitutionally forbidden to accomplish.” That’s what Congress did by enacting Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which not only permits tech companies to censor constitutionally protected speech but immunizes them from liability if they do so.

      Congressional Democrats have repeatedly made explicit threats to social-media giants if they failed to censor speech those lawmakers disfavored. In April 2019, Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond warned Facebook and Google that they had “better” restrict what he and his colleagues saw as harmful content or face regulation

      Consequences of what?
      You clearly don’t understand the magnitude of all this…
      It’s not as simple as private companies can censor and do the government job for them…

    2. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe Hunter’s laptop Is is a forgery manufactured by the republicans in tandem with the Russians. Are we to believe that hunter Biden left his computer with a lot of sensitive information with some little computer store? How ridiculous. I thought he had “a billion dollars from the Chinese.” LOL you conspiracy nutjobs SMH

    3. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe Where are those evidences? If they were real, they would have been shown by now. You rely on a blind man who said that someone sounding like Hunter Biden gave him a coumputer. You know sometimes,voices can be imitated. You never thought about that possibility, did you? On top of that of all persone a blind one, very convinient.

    1. @dozzer009 meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s laptop had evidence of money laundering, doing hard drugs in a hotel, soliciting prostitution’s, doing business with Russian and China using daddy’s name ..etc

    2. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe Oh, poor “No content channel” Joe, illegitimate indeed.

    3. Yeah he will wear down the court system losing along the way. It’s what he’s always done. His cult will be broke for giving their money to him.

    1. @David Gray well if trump cult is stupid enough to give their money too….what do they call him? A billionaire? Yeah let them do it. As long as they get a stimulus check for their kids they can give for trump defense on his big lies,

    2. I predict that he is going to run again on a law and order platform and he’s going to get all those tax cheaters, especially democrats . He always deflects whatever you charge him with back on the accusers.

    3. @Gordon Lynn can’t run when your a felon. Lying on a loan application to misrepresent your worth is a felony.

    1. He had that young man murdered for killing one of his supporters! That man’s family needs to sue Trump. It was cold blooded murder and shame on the media for not covering it everyday!

  3. The DA said in their press briefing today, explicitly, that this was just the start – not the end of it. The end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end, if you will.

  4. It’s t-shirt time!
    “I lied, cheated, and stole for Donald Trump and all I got was indicted and a prison sentence.”

    1. I’m going to make and start wearing a “TRUMP 2020😂🤣😂🤣😂” T-shirt, emojis included.

    2. @Kevin Turner I thought y’all were the party of law and order. I guess y’all were faking that too.

    1. Up to the last minute, Wiesselburg is still not singing , wait till he gets his sentence. Trump only thinks about himself .

    2. Not paying taxes on gifts? Is that it? I was under the impression that Trump was for the high jump? Anyone??

    1. @illawarrior hill I read that they cuffed one hand but not the other “at his request.” OK, he’s not dangerous but he’s still a criminal – however, white, wealthy and privileged.

    2. Better enjoy that bit of glee because these people are protected by Trump’s mob of corrupt attorneys because this leads directly to Trump he’s they are all going to put out the big bucks to get this squashed and I mean big bucks because they can’t have this effect Trump’s ability to run again because if it does the rich people gotta pay taxes. All this drama our country is being dragged through is because we have a greedy ex President and a money thirsty bunch of politians in our republican seats and we have big corps not wanting to pay taxes on their monies. This is how the rich keep getting richer and the poor get poorer this is the cost of voting republicans in. No programs for the homeless or help for the children or housing or help for the elderly or disabled but a big F.U. for anybody needing help. Don’t expect to get wage increases they will block every avenue possible to keep Americans from getting ahead it’s called communist control.

    3. @Max Power lmao. I hope you didn’t really expect him to answer question. They never do.

  5. Indictments today, people walking away from his last rally in boredom, his Alabama rally canceled because of partisan political concerns, and Florida trying to cancel the next rally due to the collapsed condo tragedy, things really aren’t going great for Donald Trump this summer.

    1. Cancellation of any of Trump’s rallies is the most satisfying news! Most people won’t want to listen to his rambling.

  6. I think Trump’s next move is to ask his followers to attack the government trying to bring him to justice, maybe?

    1. I totally I agree another episode ND alot worse but I’m sure our government nd all that apply are most likely prepared way better so people that would even attemp are psycho’s the more reason to lock all them up

  7. This man’s book on The Rump Roast, ” It’s Worse Than You Think “is really really good from all that I gather……. Hope it’s on an audio book.

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