1. By far the saddest Wheel of Fortune moment was when an Indian guy was solving the puzzle but they didn’t count it. It wasn’t his fault, his accent was just so heavy that it came out sounding wrong.

    Guy looked so crushed.

    1. It was guy from Indiana. He was freshman at university who was competing against contestant of other universities

    2. @Rocky ROCKS it was a middle aged Indian man. This was about 10 years ago so I can’t remember many of the other details.

    3. @Ferocity Rocket oh. I would love to see that video if available. Indians speaks English so weirdly and they mostly use the big words that aren’t on dictionary.

    1. I’m not even American and I knew what the answer was. “Feather in your cap” is an idiom that is rather well known by anyone who has learned English or read English lits.

    2. @Chris Albert these folks were indoctrinated by Common Core. Common Core is the most evil indoctrination ever to be implemented on this planet . It also tells kids that ” Thou shall not kill” in the 10 Commandments is racist and misogynistic. So, this is why you see high crime in every city right now. They’ve turned Gen Y & Z into unruly petulant children with no life skills..

    3. @Luminary Harris HA HA HA, what a load of crap. Thanks for the laugh though, that was really absurd.

  2. ‘If the feather isnt in your hat, where the heck can it be?’

  3. I’m so glad to see you and a report by you. Normally, I have a smile at your reports. Here I had several and several laughs. You’re like a good wine. You only get better with time. Keep up the good work.

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  4. This would have largely been prevented had the red player not been unfortunate with his spins. Usually when one player doesn’t get it, another player does. In this case, the red player hit one bankrupt and one lose a turn in trying to get more than the minimum amount for a correct solve.

  5. This could have been even funnier if the last guy would have answered “Another feather ON your cap”

  6. I’ve always said that Wheel of Fortune is for conservatives or other people who are too dumb for real game shows.

  7. It’s not the fact that she couldn’t think of the word “cap” that gets me. It’s the fact that T and H were already up there.

  8. Well that’s a real “black eye” on that lady — and a high school dean no less. Maybe one of her students can loan her a copy of Catch-22 for the weekend.

  9. Hilarious! I’m not American and English is my third language but this saying has always been familiar to me. Then again, it’s not surprising when a lot of people think “brakes” are “breaks”; “lose” is “loose” or “disinterested” is the same as “uninterested”.

  10. “‘Another feather in your cap’ is an English phrase derived from the custom in some cultures of a warrior adding a new feather to their head-gear for every enemy slain.” Sheesh, who knew?!

  11. I missed that episode i was gone to Rupp Arena to see the Kentucky Wildcats basketball game it was a devastating 2 minutes of puzzle pain

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