‘When Children Are Going Hungry In America, Suddenly We Don’t Have Enough Money’ | Stephanie Ruhle

‘When Children Are Going Hungry In America, Suddenly We Don't Have Enough Money’ | Stephanie Ruhle 1


  1. Bernie has always cared about average people. If this man was president and got a progressive majority in both chambers, this country would be so much better

    1. That’s soooooo true!!!! Should be our national motto!!! Print it on our money and post it on every federal building!!!!

    1. Not really. Look at what McConnell has done to Obama. Look how he made possible the Trump fiasco. The power is in the senate. The President gets a boost only when his party is the majority. What we need is Bernie right where he is but supported by a democratic majority. Biden in office will also give more power to Bernie’s proposals.

      Right now, not Trump, but Mitch McConnell is the most powerful man in the world.

      I’m all for socialized medicine. While everyone deserves decent health care, my own personal experience is doctors get paid too much even when they are wrong. It’s cost me 6 figures in copay over the years to get the wrong treatment seven times. I don’t expect socialized doctors to be any smarter, but I sure could use that $100,000 right now.

    2. No, the people elected Joe Biden and that’s who should be, and shall be the president of the United States I like and respect Bernie Sanders but the people have spoken.

    3. @Jacqueline Radney People elected Biden because media told them he was the only safe option against Trump. Later polls told that only half of Biden voters actually liked him but wanted to vote against Trump. Still he is the president and maybe he will suprice us and actually correct many of the problems that led to Trump winning 2016. With Trump there was only downward spiral so any improvement is a good thing?

    4. @Elizabeth Morris 3 times and fails all 3 😂🤣😂 and what exactly has he done in the senate ? I will wait

    5. @Jacqueline Radney: It’s nice how the Democratic party treated the independent Bernie Sanders during the debates, also including him and his opinions in their news. In all reality, what Bernie Sanders describes is what Canada and other socially responsible countries are like. As far as the people of American now, they are angry, and I hope that isn’t used to attack and hack another country for their wealth and oil, to give them more relief.

  2. The super rich must have it all.
    They believe it is god’s will.
    Suffering American children are on their own.

    1. @Elizabeth Morris Religion has also inspired peace and education and literacy, and giving to the poor, maybe read a little history once in a while.

    2. @Elizabeth Morris it was added In the 50’s or 60’s i think before that it was E Pleribus Unam a much better statement these it should be Corruptus in extermus.

    1. And even for those clearly with no empathy, it only makes sense economically. Should’ve been distributing monthly checks since onset.

    1. @Christopher Biddle Bernie Sanders ner worth is $2,000,000. He makes $174,000 a year from being a Senator (praise God) and the rest from book deals,etc. He’s been around a long time and still ain’t no billionaire! 👍🏾👍🏾

    2. @Patricia Jones
      However, until it became public knowledge that he was a millionaire, he preached that millionaires were evil, and should not exist. Since his net worth became widely known, he now preaches that being a millionaire is just fine, and that billionaires are evil, and should not exist. Additionally, while trying to turn the United States of America into a communist nation, he gets rich off capitalism. Bernie Sanders (BS) is a hypocrite.

    3. @Italjute I don’t think she even cares she’s ready to spend her retirement money in 2022. She should walk out the door when trump leaves.

    1. @Tidbit Agreed and it doesn’t escape my attention that every time in the last few decades that republicans are in charge we have to place democrats in charge to fix things again.

    2. @Tidbit I see what you mean. It’s hard for me as a Swede to relate, because we don’t have that many conservatives around here, and those who are, would be considered like Biden or Obama if they were Americans. Over here, the vast majority of us see Republican Party as crazy far-right extremist town (with or without Trump).

    3. @Johan Nilsson Yeah, the best way that I’ve heard American politics described is that in the 1970’s a lot of think tanks came into existence, and these think tanks found that democratic party policies were generally good for the country and republican policies were not. So the republicans had a choice, to change their policies, or, and this is what they actually did, they made their own “think tanks” that started with a policy and worked backwards to justify it, whereas the previous nonpartisan think tanks developed policies based on facts and data. In most countries all the political parties are for the country, and the people, but since the 70’s in America you have one party working for special interest groups like the oil industry, or the pharmaceutical industry, etc. and not for the average American. And then we have the democratic party that is not perfect, but for the most part they want what’s best for the American people and for the country as a whole.

    4. Because she’s rich, and loves Hillary, and is still bad about 2016. Nothing new. She will never give Bernie any credit, nor sign on to ANYTHING he supports, even if it hurts people she claims to care about. It’s a disease called “Partisanship” and both parties have it bad these days.

    1. @Out of Business I have and it’s filled with the bloodiest, violence ever perpetrated on the earth, so what’s your point snowflake

    2. @Lettuce head deal with it !! This is the environment we have lived in , continue to live in, and will be the future if not worse….you’re not the first nor shall you be the last. So stop your BS

    3. @Out of Business I do live with it, the problem is YOU PEOPLE hate when someone points the truth out, just like the fact I pointed out the truth concerning sanders

    4. That is how capitalism works.
      It built by Capital, big company/enterprise. When economy is down, gov tends to bailout the big company first not the small or workers. Cause Capitalism believed in Trickle Down Economy.
      Dont complain. Americans had chosen their economic model. Good or bad, it is what it is.

    1. @janeen harris what are they thinking? Kickbacks.. what else would it be.. free and easy money that no one asks about. EVER. This great nation of ours has been turned into a private cash cow with trump sucking every penny through its teats.. its humiliating to watch.

    2. In Canada if you FT you get benefits paid sick leave Mat leave, family leave. You even get paid for having children up to the age of 18 to help with cost of living college fees etc. COVID hit, people got 1800 to 2000 a month and still are. America needs to catch up.

    3. And so many in the US seem proud of their sheer ignorance. They think they’re better than everybody else just because they’re Murican.

    4. Paid sick leave is only given by employers, not the government, and most employers don’t give this and the ones who do give, on average, 3 days a year.
      If you get seriously ill or injured and use up those days, as well as vacation days you *HAVE* to use while in the hospital or recouping at home, you’re screwed and you lose your job along with your health insurance.
      Then you have to fight the state you live in for help.

      My son-in-law had prostate and colon cancer. He lost his job, so of course, lost his health insurance. On top of being seriously ill and worried about his health, he had to fight the state for help to get Medicaid which is “welfare” health care.
      However, to get that, he had to sell his property/home and have less than 1,500 dollars in the bank with no other assets. It took a few months to sell his home, (which he was doing anyway to pay hospital bills and afford chemo/prescriptions). Meanwhile, he went without and suffered greatly.

      Within 20 months of diagnosis, he died. If he’d had universal health care and paid leave, he may have lived. He surely wouldn’t have suffered as much.

    1. More Joe appointments but I feel bad for Bernie, AOC, and their crew….they were played like fools by Joe’s corporate machine😷

    1. A reporters job isn’t to throw softball questions, but to ask the questions that the adversary could be floating. She asked a lot of questions that were on the minds of people against Bernie and Bernie answered them beautifully. You do realize she’s a Bernie supporter through and through right?

    2. Putting a graphic up about the number of bills he got passed is ridiculous, and was meant to undermine his authority in discussing the issue. The fact is that MOST bills that are introduced do not make it into law, and she and MSNBC know that. Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, has the same track record as Bernie. For most senators it’s similar. Being effective is about more than how many bills you pass. Many of the issues that are at the top of the agenda today were put there by Bernie in his two presidential campaigns. We talk about these issues differently because of him. MSNBC does not like Bernie Sanders. They showed it plainly during both presidential campaigns, and they are showed it here.

    3. The devout may not like it but it’s 100% true. Bernie talks a lot but gets very little done. None of Amendment King Bernie’s amendments have ever gotten even one of his policies enacted as law.

  3. I love you Bernie. He truly cares about the people. Love how blunt he is talking about crap. Did anyone else notice?

    1. This guy is great! The Madman Republican majority leader from Kentucky just evil and bad he don’t care about the people when asked about helping he just laugh and smile

    1. Yes and Tupac was right it’s the reason that we have the poor and why have all these endless United States wars accomplished absolutely nothing

    2. @Ce_Oso QRO fact is all the red states are supported by all the blue States and I think a piece of s*** like you would be in favor of low-cost labor more and more children to I don’t know maybe we should just start up sweatshops again (sarcasm ) don’t take it seriously you piece of s*** Republican oh wait we already f****** have those anything less than $15 an hour is a sweatshop

    1. @elroy the great is that what they call him? Sounds like an insult. JFK feed the poor with food the military had been dumping in the ocean! Yeah! Welfare for the poor both blacks and whites! And he’s right we need free healthcare for everybody!

    1. More Joe appointments but I feel bad for Bernie, AOC, and their crew….they were played like fools by Joe’s corporate machine😷

    2. @Education is key Played because they, like 81 million other Americans agreed that kicking disaster Donnie to the curb was the most important thing for America’s survival? Yeah, sure they were ”played”. Not a one of them gave up their core values in order to support Biden over Trump. I agree that Biden is giving the middle finger to progressives, and that we’re going to have to fight him for what’s right for the average person and not the corporations, but we knew that going in.

    3. @Education is key We needed “someone” to defeat Trump and Trumpism and Joe Biden (whom I voted for) was considered too liberal as it it, I don’t believe Bernie could have won the presidency. We needed THE candidate who could defeat Trump and this election, that was first and foremost. Once Joe stabiilzes the country after criminal Trump perhaps we can get into office even someone more progressive than Joe — I live in hope — but Joe Biden is a good beginning.

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