When the Taliban took Kabul, Hosseini knew the life she knew was gone | USA TODAY 1

When the Taliban took Kabul, Hosseini knew the life she knew was gone | USA TODAY


"It was time now. I had to get out of Kabul." Journalist Fatema Hosseini describes her escape from Afghanistan as the Taliban closed in.
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Fatema had never lived under Taliban rule and didn’t intend to now. Her family left for neighboring Iran when she was 3 months old because of the group’s persecution of Harazas and its abhorrent treatment of women. She returned at 10, after the 2001 U.S. invasion ousted the Taliban from power.

She later interviewed Taliban fighters and reported about women's lives now and then – then being a time of moral darkness when women and young girls were excluded from public life and education. When they were beaten publicly for daring to venture outside without a male guardian, for wearing nail polish, for listening to pop music. She has reported from remote, rural areas where the Taliban never really went away.

Her hashtags on Twitter alone were enough to get her killed.

Virtually no one expected Kabul to fall so quickly. The Taliban promised to honor women's rights, but their bloody track record suggested they would not.

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    1. You forgot the basics like having sun on your skin, or freedom to leave your house. Screw having a car, can I sit in the sun and breath air? No? Tyranny.

  1. It’s amazing that Biden pushed the false narrative to accuse border patrol of “strapping Haitians, yet not one work about the Taliban actually whipping women in the streets. Very telling!

    1. Oh it’s a very simple concept, let me help you

      You see, Haitians on the southern American border=AMERICA’S PROBLEM

      Gender affairs of a country we’ve officially pulled out of=NOT AMERICA’S PROBLEM

      The news can report on Afghanistan as much as they like, but unless Biden’s planning on making some sort of diplomatic action, or even putting some troops back in the country, he doesn’t have to make a statement about Afghanistan at all. We’ve left that country to its own devices. Period.

    2. @adambomb30
      That is exactly why it should be reported on.

      What we saw is American government omitting/disregarding actual atrocities by enemies (that they knew would become rampant) abusing and killing their innocent citizens,

      while Biden administration invented false narrative accusations on their oWN people who were doing their work properly/ethically to protect our borders from ILLEGAL entry.

  2. “It’s not about Freedom or Personal Choice.” – Dr. Joe Biden
    “No one requires me to do anything.” – Dr. Joe Biden
    That Steele Dossier still is not true to this day. It is a crime against people the media or the dnc does not like. Since your news organization promoted the Steele Dossier even though Pelosi and the Hill knew it was a “nothingburger” before Muller investigated without a crime being mentioned, or without any evidence of a crime.
    You are lying USA today. Everything you publish is false.
    This woman isn’t even from Afghanistan, and it did not fall. Dr. Joe Biden and Mark Milley gave Afghanistan to the Taliban and the CCP, all to make President Donald J Trump look bad.

    Schumer and Biden both voted for Afghanistan, which lost the taxpayers $2T and Mark Milley and the State Department gave the Taliban over $90B USD. Mark Milley published a book, proud of his sedition, treason, fraud, and inability to protect America and tell the truth.

    Why would anyone trust the democrats who voted for a way, they lost on purpose just to make their political opponents look bad? This make Schumer et al, into hypocrites who despise the US Constitution. War is a joke to them because their families do not serve, they are so far removed from reality, her suffering means nothing unless they can profit from it.

    The Steele Dossier Conspirators like Schumer, Pelosi, MilleyObamaClinton et al, committed a crime against America, and all you can do is protect the people who commit those crimes, cover up Ed Bucks crimes, and now promote insanity as your political party willingly lost a war the Pentagon was never serious about. The Borders are wide open, and the Pentagon is too busy segregating US soldiers, promoting election fraud, and selling drugs that the manufacturers cannot take any legal responsibility for.

    Schumer et al cannot take any responsibility for his own actions, why should the DNC be rewarded with more money they will launder to their allies like China and the Taliban?

  3. Joe caused this. Then let his top military officials who suggested leaving 2500 troops take the blame.

    2024 is going to get messy. Keep it up and American will fall like Rome.

    History tends to repeat itself

  4. Once upon a time there was a British colony, founded on the principles of religious freedom that was under the boot-heel of oppression. The people of that colony stood up against their oppressors and a whole lot of them died on both sides, but in the end, we had a new country and a new understanding: THAT FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.
    Now, for some reason, every other country demands that freedom be free for them, and that the US pays the price. That our children fight and die for decades, generation after generation, for your freedom.

    Afghanistan: you had the weapons, you had the training, you had the infrastructure, you had everything you needed to fight off the Taliban, and you HAD to fight them off. You knew this. You chose cowardice, you chose to lay down your arms and wave the white flag of surrender, and when you did, you also chose oppression. You were given every advantage you could possibly ask for, but in the end you decided you weren’t willing to pay the price of freedom.

    1. I don’t like blaming or anything but it’s true to be honest. The United States would back them up and help them train. The situation does suck :/ allies have their own problems but the United States shouldn’t always be a super power. Other countries should help too

    2. @Moses yeah. The UK and the EU and Canada and Australia all criticize the US for how it withdrew. All of them had the option to take over the permanent occupation that was required to keep the Taliban from taking control.

      Even now they could go in and wipe the Taliban out, but they won’t. Its greed that keeps other countries from helping and the knowledge that despite their bitching, they wouldn’t do any better.

      But to be clear, I was talking about the Afghan defense force, which easily had enough resources to hold off the Taliban but instead immediately rolled over and surrendered.

      People don’t understand what cowards they were. When I was there and from everyone else I’ve heard, the Afghans would just routinely abandon their posts and even more routinely abandon their responsibilities. Usually we had an outer perimeter of Afghans checking vehicles coming on installations. They were supposed to check every vehicle to make sure it wasn’t full of Taliban or IS or just plain explosives. They never did their job and our perimeter of soldiers or marines always had to stop every “checked” vehicle to make sure it was really clean.

      Gets old. GTFOing Afghanistan was the right call and there was no way to do it that wouldn’t result in the shitshow that followed. To be honest, the speed that the Taliban took over actually lessened the violence that would have happened had we pulled out slower.

  5. Biden did not give anyone any thought. He is unfit for office. Heaven help the women of Afghanistan and the Americans Biden left behind.

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