When will Canada lift the mask mandate on planes?

The federal government says they will continue listening to the experts on when the mask mandate should be lifted on air travel in the country.

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    1. What Trudeau has to do with coronavirus … It these were conservatives, you would have them needing to do what is necessary as well

    1. Nothings unreal with Turdolph in office. Imagine being one of the 30% that voted for a substitute drama teacher…. tools

  1. I’ve been in Europe for a small few day trip, the quality of life compared to Canada is night and day, I feel cheated on for having lived in that shiihole so called Canada


  3. I respect anybody that wears a mask or not. I also respect anybody that want 6 shots , 4 shots or none. Let get on with life.

    1. @Curtis not being fat should be a requirement for flying on planes. I don’t want 20 love handles touching me or smelling ur BO.

  4. No when will I be allowed to go to the USA I’m unvaccinated and I never had covid 19 and I’m fed up of being in safe Canada want to live dangerously and travel

  5. I didnโ€™t even know we were in a sixth wave lmao. Stopped watching the news months ago and been feeling much better ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    1. It’s looking like there will be more waves than all the bodies of water on the planet combined . ๐Ÿ˜’

  6. When canada realizes corporate canada has been destroyed already.
    Or when they are paid to leave with their last meal for crimes against humanity
    Stand up men and women.

  7. Someone should tell this person that airline air is probably the safest in the world. The last thing the airlines want is for all their passengers to get sick. That air you breathe in an plane is filtered and cleaned fifteen ways from Sunday.

  8. I will wear a mask on planes for a while. But it should not still be a law. We cannot keep curtailing rights and think there is no cost.

  9. What a ridiculous and tiring conversation this is. I think it should be evident by now to those who have even a little awareness that the only science the governments in Canada, especially the province of Quebec and the federal government, are following is POLITICAL science. The way to do real science is to continually question it.

  10. never since that would entail admitting complete failure…which they do not want to do regardless of it being an absolute failure two years in. it is like holding on to something for as long as possible so to not having to deal with admitting guilt and incompetence. thus the charade must be maintained, the curtain veiled, the stage still a show.

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